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Welcome to Soul2Soul

I am offering Astrology Charts for my valued clients. I think that God allowed us to have the charts because it is a personal and individual picture of us. I honor astrology as I believe God. I look forward to hearing from you. I love doing charts!

E mail me with your choice and I will send you an invoice and we will begin.


A Single Question Reading for 89.99

In this option a person can ask a single question, such as “What is going on in this relationship?”  for a professional fee of 89.99.  I specialize in natal( birth) and relationships(synastry) That way the client does not need to purchase my 3-5 day chart reading which is more expensive due to the time involved.

The Natal Chart–complete for 349.99

This option includes all 300 or more asteroids and a 3-5 day focus on you from all the chart vantage points. I am VERY detailed when I do this and very honest, so buckle your seat belt because we are going for a ride 😀

The Synastry Chart–complete for 449.99

This offers the same detail as the natal but is for the relationship. I take a brief look at the Composite, too, but I trust the synastry more, so I focus the bulk of my time on the synastry.




80 thoughts on “Welcome to Soul2Soul

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Anna
      I would need you to make an appointment for a private reading, Sweetie. I have the options listed. The e mail one is very reasonable for most people.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Carmen and Welcome. If you would like me to do a natal chart for you, I would be more than happy. However, I do charge, as it is an intensive endeavor, Sweetie.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi There Israel
      Come on my Forum and I will start a thread for you. It will be in Personal Readings.You are a Capricorn. I will put a great( I think 😀 ) article up for you. Do you know how to make up your chart wheel?

    2. Amiamiann

      Welcome Friend. If you can generate your chart on and put it up in my Personal Readings Forum, I will be delighted to look. I can tell you the steps to generate and post your chart, if you would like. Time constraints make it such that I ask people to post their own charts and then I am delighted to discuss it with them and try to answer questions!

  1. Amiscorpiomama

    Hello Amiann. When my finances improve a little in about a month, I would like a synastry chart reading between me and a potential. I do not know his birth time though, so I understand some things will be left out. But I would like asteroids added to the synastry, not just the planets. Like Chiron, Nessus, Anteros, Eros, Pomona, Persephone, Karma,Lust, Psyche, Aphrodite, etc. If that is too many asteroids to add to the analysis of the synastry, just let me know. Mainly Nessus is a concern for me as both of our Nessus oppose each others Sun with a tight 0 degree orb and some change. Will we beat each other? lol. I had asked a similar question a couple of days ago but cannot find the forum to it anymore.

    1. Amiamiann

      When I do a synastry, it takes me 7-10 days.I do every asteroid on my list. By the time we are done, you will know yourself, him and the relationship, as if you have an X ray. I think you will be very happy. Everyone seems to get more than they expected. I never heard of Pomona. If you are interested in certain asteroids that I don’t have, I will study them, now. I am , always, up for adding to my list. I will link you to the ones I use, at present. Have you read about name asteroids. Often, people who have had a big influence in your life( for better or worse) will have their name in a prominent place on your chart. Yes, Nessus is like fire. One must not ignore it! You are wise to get a chart done, if you are serious about the person. The chart shows everything, the good, bad and the ugly. If there is a bad Nessus aspect, I would want to see closeness in the Moons or some tender aspects like Valentine( selfless love) to balance it out. Later, you should do a Composite, too, but this would be if you were to get married or live together. Until that time, the synastry plays out. I look forward to seeing you on the Forum 😀

    1. Amiamiann

      Yes. I don’t judge anyone. If someone wants to be my friend, Forum member or client, I see that person not any outward manifestation which includes sexual preference, race, gender etc

    2. Amiamiann

      On my Forum, I have 3 gay men and 1 bi woman. I don’t even think about it, until they will ask me a synastry question about the same sex and then I will be surprised because i forgot about it lol

  2. AmiVikki

    Hi Ami! It’s Vikki, Bob and Mary’s daughter:) I love your site! Just wanted to drop by and say hello and tell you how great the work you’re doing is! xo

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Vikki!! I am so glad you stopped by.Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed talking to you, so much. I could feel that kindred spirits vibe of 2 Geminis 😀

  3. AmiArt

    Meaning to see a local psychic in person, I printed out three birth dates (month and day only, no year) on three identical scraps of paper and balled them up and put them in a jar so that they would not be in any particular order. Intention was to see what a psychic, if a true one, could tell me about each date. Can’t do that online, but my heart is catastrophically torn between two ladies. I don’t do flings, I am a faithful man, and yet the heart cannot be denied. To offer me some guidance, what do you recommend? (I am NOT rich, not yet anyway.)

    1. Amiamiann

      Hello Friend
      I would not do the kind of thing you did. I would talk to you and meditate on the subject and then give my opinion. If you don’t have a reading with anyone, I suspect that your heart knows the answer. Try to find a person who will juts let you talk and talk and talk or else write, and write and write. I bet you will see that you have your own answer.

  4. Amineha singh

    Could you please give some information on compatiblity ,
    also please tell us if we should go for this marriage or not.

    boy’s detail:

    Name:Swwapnil Paatil.
    DOB:09 sep 1988.
    time of birth:09:15 am
    place of birth:hated(distt=jalgaon,maharashtra,india).

    Girls Detail:

    Name:Neha Singh.
    DOB:16 feb 1988.
    time of birth:00:40 am
    place of birth:secunderabad,(andhra pradesh,india)

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome, Friend. I have a Forum where you can post charts and ask any questions you may have. I will be very happy to look but I ask that you generate the chat at It is free. You have to save it to a Photobucket kind of place and then upload it onto my Forum. You are VERY wise to look at a synastry before marriage.

  5. AmiMaria Clarissa

    Hi Ami,

    I would like to know what possible career paths are best for me. I was born on August 1, 1997 in Malaybalay, Philippines, at 2:13 a.m.

  6. AmiKay

    Hi I’ve been reading the blogs and everything you talk about. And I’m very intrigued. The further I study into marriage indicators and relationship synastry the more questions I develop about a potential of mine who I met at work. Unfortunately I do not know the time of his birth. Examples: (1.My midpoint conjunct his sun/mercury in Gemini . His midpoint conjunct my moon in Leo. (2. My vertex conjunct his Sun/ mercury in Gemini. (3. His north node conjunct my sun/Venus in Aries, and his south node conjunct my ascendant in Libra. My north node conjuncts his mars in Capricorn while my south node conjuncts his Venus in cancer. ( my ic/mid heaven is in cancer/ Capricorn as well.) (4. His north node also conjuncts my Juno and Eros in Aries. (5. My POF also conjuncts his Venus in cancer in my fourth house. I also just read about lilth today. My lilth conjuncts his Venus in cancer, while his lilth conjuncts my mars in Pisces. Which explains why I can’t get him out of my mind!! And again I do not know his time of birth so I’m not sure of the degree of these conjunctions. But yeah I’m pretty obsessed right now and usually I’m not like that. And after reading over synastry articles I’m starting to wonder….

    1. AmiKay

      Ps. My question is does it really mean anything? We also have negative and destructive connections in our chart so I think they just cancel out

      1. Amiamiann

        Welcome Kay
        You have some very, very powerful things in your chart with him. Tell me what your Moons do with each other? Tell me about Nessus/Dejanira? Tell me about Moon/Pluto? Tell me about Venus/Pluto?

      2. Amiamiann

        Welcome Kay
        You have some very, very powerful things in your chart with him. Tell me what your Moons do with each other? Tell me about Nessus/Dejanira? Tell me about Moon/Pluto? Tell me about Venus/Pluto?

      3. Amiamiann

        Welcome Kay
        You have some very, very powerful things in your chart with him. Tell me what your Moons do with each other? Tell me about Nessus/Dejanira? Tell me about Moon/Pluto? Tell me about Venus/Pluto?

      4. Amiamiann

        Welcome Kay
        You have some very, very powerful things in your chart with him. Tell me what your Moons do with each other? Tell me about Nessus/Dejanira? Tell me about Moon/Pluto? Tell me about Venus/Pluto?

      1. AmiKay

        Venus/Pluto–My Venus is in Aries Inconjunct his Pluto in Scorpio, while his Venus in cancer trines my Pluto in Scorpio. Moon/Moon– My moon in Leo square his moon in Scorpio. Moon/Pluto—His moon conjuncts my Pluto in Scorpio. While my moon in Leo squares his Pluto in Scorpio. nessus/deja–his Nessus falls in Leo which conjuncts my moon. And my deja falls in Gemini conjunct his mercury/sun. Does that mean he is my abuser and I’m his victim according to the stars? Anything thing else I can let you know to get to the bottom of what all this might mean as far as compatibility or relationship fail.

  7. AmiPsyche

    Good day,

    Where can I find your fees. I have complete birth information for synastry and/or composite. My astrology knowledge is only a little more than basic. Our charts in synastry and composite dont look very promising. Im perfectly fine with that. Just need to know that. What are your fees for theses services.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome Psyche
      I tailor my charts and the prices to the client’s needs. I don’t like to do comps because I trust synastry more. One usually is good and one is not, so I have decided that the synastry is a better indicator of the relationship. If one marries, one could look at the Comp for some basic insights but I would still trust the synastry as the foundation of the relationship. I can do a super detailed synastry if you wanted to pay for a 4-6 day chart with all the asteroids. That would be 400. If you wanted a more bare bones opinion, I would charge 250. I would look up some select asteroids such as Nessus, Deja, Eros, etc but not all. I would not do the natals as thoroughly. I would just try to get a sense of them and would focus on the relationship/synastry. At the end, you would have a good sense of the relationship.

  8. Amisoliloquy

    The man I am currently with has his Lilith opposing my Sun and Juno and conjunct my Ascendant, Jupiter and Psyche, while my Lilith opposes his Venus and Juno and conjuncts his Pallas (all small orbs) in synastry. In addition, my Moon is conjuncts his Ceres, my Chiron opposes his Pallas and conjuncts his Venus, Juno and Valentine while his Chiron opposes my True Node. And these are just the asteroid contacts. What impression are you getting from these contacts?

  9. Amisoliloquy

    The guy I am interested in has his Lilith opposing my Sun and Juno and conjunct my Ascendant, Jupiter and Psyche, while my Lilith opposes his Venus and Juno and conjuncts his Pallas (all small orbs) in synastry. In addition, my Moon is conjuncts his Ceres, my Chiron opposes his Pallas and conjuncts his Venus, Juno and Valentine while his Chiron opposes my True Node. And these are just the asteroid contacts. What impression are you getting from these contacts?

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome Friend
      There are some lovely ones there like Moon conj ceres which will be a wonderful feeling of unconditional love.Chiron conj Venus MAY make for a short, close and very intense relationship that may not last. I would need to look at the whole chart to give an answer, though, and if you wanted a definite opinion, I would need to do a chart reading, my Friend.

  10. Amiplumb

    I met a person while working . I know this person .In my spirit I said, “There you are!” There is no chance that will be anything but friends but we definitely both felt instantly connected. This was the strangest but most absolute feeling I have felt and not being friends is not an option. I would love to know what is causing this pull to each other.

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome Friend. Put up the chart. I used to ask people to put charts in my Personal Readings Forum but if you have a quick question or one question, you can put it up here.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi, My Friend and Welcome. I have a Forum and I will look at people’s charts if they post them but I would have to charge if I generate the chart and look at it. You can find out your chart free at and put it in my Forum and I would be delighted to look. I am excited that you are all the way from NIgeria!

    1. Amiamiann

      I do an in depth one of your chart first and then his and then the synastry for 100. I raise the price if the person wants to really discuss it because these can take up to 3-4 days in that case but with this, the person can ask some questions,for sure, but not huge big counseling discussions. I use the important asteroids for this like Nessus, Deja, Eros etc but not the full 2oo-300 as in the 3-4 day reading. In the 3-4 day reading, I answer all the questions, put on my counseling hat and go over every part of the chart in deep detail. This is 400 and it is like a total birth experience lol

  11. AmiLouise

    Hi. This is a general question! What would you say are good transits for moving? Would it be more important to look at progressed composite or transits to composite in your opinion? Thankyou in advance. Love your work Ami

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome, Adrienne! I love that name! Eros conj the ASC makes you very sexy. Cupido conj the MC may make you look like you are in love with guys but you are really not lol

  12. AmiLouise

    I have just been looking at my natal Asteroids and I have Karma conjunct IC and Pluto and Destinn conjunct Uranus. What do you think these mean for me Amianne. Any insight would be wonderful. 🙂

    1. Amiamiann

      Karma conj IC may be your childhood having some big impact on your life purpose, Louise. I would have to see the House of Pluto and Uranus but I would say that your destiny may combine using your primal emotions in an out of the box way. I am thinking of a Dr Ruth kind of person as one example.

    1. Amiamiann

      Jupiter makes “good” planets like the Sun and the Moon better. It may make “hard” planets, like Uranus, worse. Hence, Jupiter conj Cupido may make you more of a player type. Jupiter conj Sun would make for a really positive vibe. Jupiter conj Pluto would be something I would need to see in the chart in order to comment, my Friend.

  13. AmiV

    Hello Amiann,
    How would you interpret Chiron opposite Chiron in a Sinastry chart? He has Chiron conjunct the ASC. I’m afraid that I might bring him suffering…I’ve researched about Chiron but I haven’t found much about it in sinastry.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hmm That is interesting. He prolly was bullied if Chiron was close to his ASC but with Chiron oppose Chiron in synastry, I have never seen it so don’t really know, my Friend

  14. AmiNici

    I purchased an EMAIL reading, paid, and have yet to receive my reading. This was almost 2 months ago. I have emailed you several times, checked my spam and nothing….but the money was paid through pay-pal and I have the receipt.

  15. AmiDee

    Hi Ami, I’ve been following your posts on and would very much like for you to examine my natal chart. What exactly do you mean by a 3-5 day focus though? Can you please clarify?

  16. Amikyle

    Do you use whole sign while interpreting charts? I’ve found when I’ve switched to whole sign, more things resonate with me (example… Saturn in 1st house as opposed to Saturn in 12th house – placidus). Very interested in a chart reading with asteroids though! I’ve already looked at many… and all I can say is, WOW. Explains alot, especially the 0-1 or conjunctions.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. AmiJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne,

    I was born on August 19, 1988 at 1:55pm in Elizabeth, New Jersey USA. With my finances, I want to get my chart done around April to July of 2019. What do you sense from my chart so far? Thanks.

  18. AmiJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne,
    I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you this in my previous question but will I truly be able to forgive my mother and many others who abused and hurt me badly and heal because I do have the asteroid Angrilli conjunct my Moon and Pluto in house 12 all in Scorpio? I do want to overcome the curses and cycles in my family of abuse, neglect, manipulation, swindling, and mental illness. My mother and grandma’s sister are very prone to swindling and cheating the system especially my mother. My mother has bipolar and the narcissistic personality disorder. I definitely need to have a healthy and peaceful mind myself because both Nessus and Dejanira are conjunct my Mercury on my Midheaven along with the asteroids Maniac and Lilith, so I’m a victim of abuse, can be more prone to it, be more aware about it and it’s up to me to make good choices in my life. I don’t ever want to be evil or a narcissistic person. I don’t see how people can live like that. I’ll be miserable hurting others and would rather be dead than be utterly depraved. I know none of us is faultless though. I truly want to grow into a better person. If I have to save at least $50 every month until I have enough to pay for my natal chart from you so be it. I’m ready to hear the positive, face my demons, and finally get to the deepest core of my issues. I’m sure your honesty is blunt but sincere, funny, compassionate, helpful and straight to the point because I faced extremely harsh critical people in my life who acted and had thoughts worst than white supremacists. If a person wants a reading from you, they have to be mature and honest with themselves. To be honest even I would of gotten upset a few weeks, months, years, or decades ago but I’m strong and wise enough to handle the good with the bad. (Sorry if it seems like I’m writing an essay or book to you, I can ramble on and be too reflective or perceptive sometimes. LOL!!)

    1. Amiamiann

      That is so sweet about saving your money. I wish I could do it for free but by the time I do it, you will prolly be ready and I will do the absolute best I can for you, Janay! Question, is Jesus your Lord and Savior? That is all that really matters in life, not astrology, not anything else!

  19. AmiJanay Matthews

    Yes, Jesus is my Personal Lord and Savior. I love Him and I’m eternally grateful for what He done for us and continues to do daily.

    1. Amiamiann

      SO happy about this, J. He is coming back soon. If you or anyone does not get a chart done, that doesn’t really matter. Having Jesus as your Lord is LIFE and EVERYTHING <3

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