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The Moon In Synastry—25 Aspects

lovers kiss My most popular article is the North Node in synastry. Hence, I wanted to make another article in the same vein. I love the Moon so much because it is one’s deepest heart. One does not show one’s heart  to everyone. One shows it to one’s lover, one family, one’s pets and God. It is very private and very precious. Lets look at what happens when  planets and asteroids  touch your Moon.

1. Moon conjunct  Sun

This is a best friend’s aspect. The Sun will feel protective of the Moon person. The Sun will be the stronger one. The Moon will be more submissive one  but it will be a lovely and warm connection, all around.

2 . Moon conjunct  Moon

This is a true simpatico. You understand each other like no other. You are so very close that you can read the mind of the other. The only possible problem is that there would be no one to step back as you will both experience things the same way. I like Moon trine Moon better than Moon conjunct Moon for that reason.

3. Moon conjunct Venus

This is a lovely pure kind of connection like beautiful art. The Venus feels the heart of the Moon person is beautiful. The Moon person finds the  Venus person to be just his type.

4. Moon conjunct Saturn

The Saturn may hurt the tender heart of the Moon. The Saturn person may criticize the Moon person. The Moon may get discouraged and feel like he lives with a strict parent whom he cannot please.

5. Moon conjunct Uranus

These two may not get beyond a fling. There will be instant attraction at first sight. However, if there are not strong, compensating factors for a soul connection, this will likely be a fling.

6. Moon conjunct Neptune

This may not get off the ground, either. There may be too much fantasy and not enough grounding. If there are not other compensating factors for grounding, I expect this to be a fantasy relationship which does not last.

7. Moon conjunct Jupiter

This is pure magic. This is the ultimate feel good aspect. The Moon person will feel as if she walks on air, as if in a musical. The Jupiter person will want to give love, joy and happiness to the Moon person. This is lovely in any relationship.

8. Moon conjunct the South Node

This would feel very familiar as if you had known the person your entire life. It would be like your most comfortable bathrobe and slippers.

9. Moon conjunct the North Node

The Moon person will bring heart and soul to the North Node person.

10. Moon conjunct the IC

This will feel very familiar as if you were childhood friends.

11.Moon conjunct the DSC

The DSC person may be able to feel his own heart and soul  more via the partner.

12. Moon conjunct MC

The Moon person may have his status in life elevated by the MC person.

13. Moon conjunct Nessus

The Moon person may be abused by the Nessus person. The abuse may go very, very deep.

14. Moon conjunct Dejanira

There will be a simpatico between these two. It will feel sweet. The Moon person will understand the deep pain of abuse that the Deja person feels.

15. Moon conjunct Child

This is purely lovely. These two can play as if they live in a world of their own. They may even have their own language, as do children.

16. Moon conjunct Apollo

The Moon person will worship the ground on which the Apollo  person walks.

17. Moon conjunct Echo

The Echo person may try to mold himself in the image of the Moon person. The Echo person may be a people pleaser to the Moon person.

18. Moon conjunct Narcissus

The Narcissus person may take over the identity over the Moon person. The Narcissus may demand emotional and mental allegiance such that the Moon person may lose his reality. If the Moon person does not submit, the relationship may be over.

19. Moon conjunct Sedna

The Sedna person may severely break the heart of the Moon person by a severe betrayal.

20. Moon conjunct Medusa

The Medusa person may be very vindictive to the Moon person such as to cause severe emotional or physical  damage.

21 Moon conjunct Don Quixote

The Don Quixote person will always see the best in the Moon person throughout many circumstances which would break the idealism of another person.

22. Moon conjunct Ceres

The most tender of loves will be the result of this one. Pure and unconditional love of the highest order.

23. Moon conjunct Vesta

The Vesta person will have an sacrificial love, in the highest sense, for the Moon person.

24 Moon conjunct Lilith

This is raw sexuality at it’s finest. Raw sexuality meets soul. What more could be ask for?

25. Moon conjunct Eros

The erotic meets the heart and soul. Pure magic of which romantic novels are made( steamy ones)



22 thoughts on “The Moon In Synastry—25 Aspects

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Very curious that the pictures are becoming EVEN MORE PROVOCATIVE if that
    could be possible! Does this have to do with the change of the web design? Or is it a
    backlash against that woman you mentioned the other day who ran riot about the sexy
    Before you just had semi-pornographic pictures of the girls. Now, you actually have them
    proceeding to get unclothed, i.e., the woman reclining with one hand on her underwear
    about to pull it down, and the above photo of the couple AGAIN about to pull down the
    undies! There IS a middle ground you know!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I guess it was a backlash against that woman. These small minded people make me want to lash out. I have led many people to Jesus. I have all sorts of people on my site–gay, transgender, all races, all religions, all manner of thought. She probably lives in a small cocoon gossiping about people.

  2. amiannTina

    A (former) love interest of mine has natal Nessus conjunct Sun (orb 2 degrees), and my Moon is right between them. So we have this warm Sun-Moon conjunction, and it is maybe even “double whammy”, unless he was born in the morning. I don’t know his exact birth time, but I know the day and the place of birth. If his Ascendant is what I think is his most probable Ascendant based on what I know of him, then the Sun-Moon conjunction is double whammy with orb 1 degree in both of them. That should be rare. And at the same time, according to astrology at least, he has a desire to abuse me.

    Which one is stronger? His desire to abuse me, or the warm feelings between us?

    Should I run? Actually, we are not in contact any more, and maybe it is a good thing. This man also has natal Saturn conjunct Pluto (orb 1 degree) and some interesting things conjunct my DC in our synastry, for example his Nemesis (orb 0 degree). He also has natal Dejanira conjunct Child conjunct North Node (orbs 1-2 degrees between them). So maybe he has been abused in some way. And his North Node is conjunct my IC and Amor.

    According to astrology, what would my role be in this? Is it also to help him heal his wounds or something like that, or only to be his “victim” in some way? In real life though, maybe I should continue to keep some distance to him, but I’m still wondering what happened.

    1. amiannTina

      It has been easy to stay away from him now that we live in different countries. I don’t know what I should do if he comes back to my country again and wants to see me.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      WOWSER about the synastry. He would abuse you, in my opinion. The strength of that would play out. However, before it turned bad, the passion would be off the wall. Did you ever have a relationship with him like this? If so, how was it, Tina? Can you describe it to me?

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Vengence is counter productive! The haters are dictating to YOU how to respond!
    Don’t REACT to the critisams of your enemies! That could lead you to self harming

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, so true, Lon. Lon, did you see this? CM accepted Jesus as his personal savior. He is gonna need discipleship from you and me! I am so thrilled, Lon! I don’t know on which comment thread it was but he wanted me to pray the prayer of salvation with him.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    Catman will need to bear up to the inevitable come down from his “first love” state.
    When we first profess love for Jesus, we experiece the height of elation, but this
    europhic state eventually wears off and we have to return to “everyday concerns.”
    It like the affects of a passionate love affair that eventually wear off.
    Some do not recover. That’s what Jesus meant by the parable of the “Sower’s Seed.”
    Some seeds just bounce off the earth, (They fall by the wayside.) and other seeds take
    Catman will need on going encouragement when inevitable problems crop up.
    It’s just the result of being in the fleshly condition.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Obviously, the most important determinate of catman’s “Christian walk” will be
    whether he feels the love of Christ. As long as he feels that God loves him, he can
    stave off discouragement and produce the friuts of the spirit. I don’t know percisely
    how “social” catman is; I don’t know whether he is an intravert/loner type. If he took
    the ennagram test from the Ennagram Institue and came out as a #3, that would make
    him more on the extraverted side. If catman NEEDS social interaction then it’s probably
    best for him to find a church with fairly like-minded people to associate with. This
    social interaction will keep him from lapsing into depression when the road gets tough,
    as it eventually will.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Here is what I worry about with CM, that people will condemn him for being gay. God will deal with CM about this as God deals with all of us about who we are.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    catman gay? I didn’t know. Anyhow, “gay” is just a description or a label that people
    place upon themselves. It doesn’t have to be a “fixed” set-in-stone description.
    It’s just a description of a deviate form of activity that some people engage in.
    See why ALL sexual promiscuity is EVIL?
    Hetro is every bit as wicked as Homo. Tolerance of Hetro extra-marital sex paved the way
    for the depravity we see in the Degenerate States Of Ameica.
    But God is kind. He is suspending judgement-for now.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Right, Lon. TO me, gay, trans, bi are just labels. I don’t worry about things like that. They are superficial. Once a person finds God, God changes what needs to be changed.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    It’s so sad that people live in SELF IMPOSED prisons!
    Like those unfortunate women who have “bowl shaped” haircuts and have fierce expressions
    on their faces. So angry! They are so livid with rage, and ready to strike out. Their face is a
    scowl! They feel they have something to prove. How sad!
    They should lay their burdens down. But they are afraid to, because they think they would cry
    for three weeks straight! And they’ve allowed to bring CHILDREN into the mix?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, my son calls it “self affliction” My son really hears from God. We hear from God for each other. It is very cool. He came up with some good ones like “Don’t afflict yourself lol

  8. amiannLon Spector

    The Bible says: “This too shall pass.” And that’s the key. Let things pass. Don’t
    hold on to them. Don’t engage in reviews.
    The reason why nothing seems to bother “Old Man River” is because he “just keeps
    rolling along.”

  9. amiannRaina

    Hihi Ami.
    How abt moon conjunct valentine? This is the only moon conjunction I have with him(aww..) so Im curious to know what this aspect means, thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is lovely Raina. Valentine is the kind of love who would die for the other, as in jump in front of the bus for the other. This is true soul mate!

  10. amiannKay

    Hi ami!!

    How about a moon conjuct ASC at 10 degree orb. Is this to wide to be felt? And if so what connection would result from this

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