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Are We “Just Friends”?

Everyone has asked this.The charts could save one a lot of pain and heartache. How does he feel about you, you ask? Check the charts. The chart will show you, if it is to be friends. Truth be told, there are some relationships which could be friends with benefits, but not soul mates. Why bother, is my opinion. However, if you must, at least know what you are dealing with.The synastry for friends will NOT have soul mate aspects. You may have some aspects for attraction such as Eros conjunct your Ascendant. You may have Mars conjunct your Venus, which will feel dreamy, but you will not have angst, ‘I will die without you” aspects, such as Venus trine Pluto or venus conjunct Pluto. These are the stuff of Romeo and Juliet. You will NOT have Moon/Pluto. This is Healthcliff running through the moors, calling Kathy’s name. You may have some attraction aspects such as Venus conjunct Mars. You may have Lilith oppose Sun. You may have some attraction, but it will not be undying passsion. Why bother? Things are meant to be, or not? Capiche

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