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Asteroid Deprez( 9795)

SW orange girlMy dear friend Gabby  told me about the asteroid Deprez. I am going to be talking about her insights. I wanted to share it with you because I think it will help all of us. I asked on, in the Asteroid Forum,  if there was an asteroid for depression. I wondered if one could see it in members of the same family. I wondered if it was passed down as certain conditions appear to be.Gabby shared wonderful information with me. There are her findings but I feel they will help all of us. I hope so. With that thought in mind, these are Gabby’s discoveries.


I will be back

20 thoughts on “Asteroid Deprez( 9795)

  1. amiannLesley

    Hi, To start things off, I have the Deprez asteroid in exact conjunction with Nemesis in my first house. Doesn’t sound like a very happy, joyful combo.

      1. amiannLesley

        Hi, the Yoga is going great! I love the ana/ravi dvds and feel stronger after doing them. The breath of fire is very aerobic, my heart is beating like crazy during it. Ana and Ravi are the best. And to boot, the dvds are a great workout. I love these as much now as I do my belly dancing. They kind of complement each other. And I enjoy that I don’t have to jump up and down to stay fit.

  2. amiannLesley

    That’s really funny that you should mention the Body Flex program. I used to do it every day when we lived in the States. I got it from HSN and at one time, owned a few copies in VHS. Between giving some away and losing some, I don’t have one copy left. I have been trying to locate it, as I would like to do the breathing again. I felt it very aerobic and good for toning. I also owned the advanced version of Body Flex, and laughed hysterically when first attempting to do it. Do you feel it benefits you aerobically also? Is the entire workout on You Tube?

      1. amiannLesley

        I used to see her on the Home Shopping Network once a month about 10-15 years ago when she was in her 50’s and thought that she looked great.(for her age or any age!) I didn’t like the super blonde hair, as I think that more natural colour enhances someone’s features and makes them look younger. I’ll be honest. I don’t think anyone looks good with facial plastic surgery, as it never looks natural. It always looks, to me, not human. Greer must be well into her 60’s by now and I haven’t seen many pictures of her, but she would probably look VERY plastic. YUCK!!

  3. amiannLesley

    Now you’ve got me thinking that I want this program again! I hadn’t thought about Body Flex in years. I really enjoyed it and all the weird faces I had to make. Off to amazon!!! And btw, there aren’t a lot of pictures of Greer in the present, at least, not without quite a bit of filtering of the camera. I googled her.

      1. amiannLesley

        Was she 60 back in the original Body Flex days!? WOW. Like I said, I haven’t seen Greer in the present, I just think that plastic surgery is nearly always detectable and never natural looking. I am going to u tube, I just can’t remember exactly how to do the breath.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          yes, 60 in the original. She looks totally natural, no plastic surgery. I reviewed the breath and have it down. I have lost lots of inches and my pants are falling down. I had wanted to lose 5 pounds and did it w/out even noticing

          1. amiannLesley

            I found my original VHS tapes of both the original and advanced Body Flex workouts. They are both still viewable. Have you done the advanced breath where you don’t let go of the breath, but connect them? Instead of releasing the breath after holding it, and starting again, you immediately inhale. The release or exhale comes after you have finished all of the reps of each exercise. You hold the exercise for the duration also. This is harder, and brings the results to the next level. When I tried it for the first time years ago, it was so difficult that I burst out laughing.

  4. amiannadele

    haha how unlucky is this..
    I have ‘deprez’ conjunct my ‘child’ asteroid, ‘dejanira’, ‘cupido’ in aquarius 5th house.
    also square my pluto scorpio….
    Ive suffered depression from a young age, it took me untill i was 21 to realise this, and im still learning ways of coping with this, such as your amazing website, anyways nobody really knew why, i didnt know why, i just am prone to it, im a cancer and i know they can be easily hurt, but i got sagittarius moon so i know how to stay positive, im a proud loner and have to teach myself to not give into my social phobia… most people who know me dont know about my condition or surprised to learn of it. :p xxxxxxx

  5. amiannadele

    haha! yeah amazingly it does, but im okay! it’s not my be all and end all, got alot of pluto in me so im a fighter 😉 :p 😉 xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank Goodness for it. I am very sweet–Libra ASC and cancer Moon. It takes a lot to get me to attack back. I usually ignore but if someone won’t stop, they will regret it 😀

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