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Asteroid Osiris

Asteroid Osiris( 1923) has a very sad story. He was chopped into 13 pieces by his brother. When I heard this story, I knew that I had Osiris somewhere, prominently. Indeed, I had him conjunct my Saturn. His story is one of overcoming . He does get resurrected as happens in myths. In real life, one must simply press on in one’s own way of transformation. Osiris conjunct Saturn may make one obsessed with healing trauma and overcoming. Saturn cools what it touches and makes it obsessive, also. The drive for anything which touches Saturn is the drive for self expression of that asteroid. I have seen this many times with asteroids touching Saturn. The native is, literally, obsessed with pulling the asteroid out of Saturn’s shadow as if Saturn is a domineering father who won’t let the child play beyond the child’s yard.The good part about Saturn is that he allows maturity and transformation with persistent effort. I think that Osiris is the asteroid of a hero. He was victimized yet he endured. That is the true hero’s story.Please, look for your Osiris and comment on my Comment Form or FB page. I have a special affinity for him and would love your help. Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Asteroid Osiris

  1. amiannDL

    i havent commented here in a long time XD

    this is a good article but im finding it hard to understand the effect of this asteroid in ones chart

    also…..i have osiris conjunct moon in the 7th but have no idea what it means 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      LOL I wrote a separate thread to you in Personal Readings as I thought of you. How close is it to the moon? What are the orbs? Did you hear I am going to get a tattoo across my chest saying”What are the orbs?”
      Well, this guy had huge, huge overcoming. You popped into my mind.If it were conjunct the moon, closely, that would be the hardest position 🙁

      1. amiannDL

        wow XD

        are you going to do the tatto across the whole chest or just a small part?

        also i wrote in the thread you made me in LL so feel free to jump in and give me you opinions and interpretations

      1. amiannDL

        ami i wrote back to you on osiris on LL and il be glad if youl read it (i decided that writing on LL would be better cause i visit the site more often)

          1. amiannDL

            im glad you see me as this kind of person 🙂

            but there is so much in life i have yet to experience and many challanges to overcome….

            now i want to do something new in my life… to mark the changes im going through every day….

            thank you for putting this article ami ^^
            for me it was a sign of new begginings

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            How sweet DL. You reminded me of something I forgot. I was on my way over to the Asteroid Forum to make another prediction for an Osiris.I have been right every time so far. Will I still have my perfect record 😛

  2. amiannDL

    omg! XD

    i just discovered with some research that my moon, osiris and karma all conjunct in the 7th house

    what does adding karma to the mix tell you?

  3. amiannEileen

    I have Osiris conjunct Sun in Aries in 7H. My life has been one big struggle, mainly with myself, how I view myself, my thoughts about myself, and the reactions I have to others. I have overcome a lot, working on healing myself in God’s light. I am my own hero, fighting to save myself from myself. God is with me at all times. I seek His healing. Even though I have grown and evolved a lot, there is still more to go. At times I wish to at least take a break from the struggles, and just enjoy being alive. Thank you for your post.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so very welcome, Eileen. Your comments give me a great boost! How close is the conjunction between Osiris and the Sun? Have you had a great desire for marriage/committed relationships but have found it to be very hard?

  4. amianngggurl

    i have osiris conjunct my scorpio moon in the 10th house. this aspect hurts me everyday. almost excruciating at times. will the pain ever heal? thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Gurl
      What a cute name. Hmmm_Osiris is the hero who overcame and overcame until he did succeed in the hero’s journey. Please, tell me about yourself, Friend. How has your life been that you have come to ask this question? xx

  5. amiannLuckyStar

    My current relationship his Osiris conjuncts my Pluto + midheaven exact. How does that play out.
    I had a past relationship where Osiris conjunct 4 of my planets. Actually, my moon/jupiter is conjunct his Osiris exact and two other planets are within a degree.
    I feel both men are my soul mates but there is more…both have psyche/eros conjunction with me and venus conjunct north node ( current relationship I am the venus, past relationship I was NN).
    I assume with the current man I am to facilitate a transformation, am I searching in the underworld (since it’s my Pluto)? The other man I have not seen in 17 years but I did and still do think he was the love of my life.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome LS!
      The love of your life may have been Moon/Pluto. Check it out and see. His Osiris conj your MC—-Perhaps, YOU will save him from destruction too and it may be public, if it hits the MC. I am thinking YOU will bring him strength, especially with your Pluto conj your own MC. You are a powerful person. Please, tell me how that Pluto conj the MC plays out for you.

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