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Asteroid Picks—Pholus

milk girlPholus explodes what it touches. Hence, one would see the planet or asteroid Pholus explodes, not Pholus per se. I have taken special note of Pholus because I have seen him at work in my own chart. I have Pholus conjunct Chiron, exact. If you know me, you know I explode pain. Am I proud of it? Not really? Is it that bad? Not really.

Pholus is kind of a strange bird because he explodes things, so people can heal. Sometimes, he just explodes things. One must be fair and say that. However, when something explodes, one can face it and heal it.

With Pholus conjunct Chiron, I will explode pain. This helps me deal with it, obviously. However, it allows others to deal with their own pain. Most people will not share their pain. I, probably, would not either, if Pholus did not conjunct the planet of pain. Pholus is kind of like diaherria, not to be gross. However, Pholus will do what Pholus wants to do. One goes along for the ride. So, for a person with Pholus conjunct Chiron, the pressure cooker lid will be left off Chiron.

Now, Pholus can be conjunct many things in the natal chart. I will share some I have seen. Pholus conjunct Ceres is pure magic. Ceres is unconditional love. I know someone with this and he explodes a kind of unconditional love. It is very warm.

Pholus conjunct the Sun may have poor impulse control. The native may explode before he thinks. This is not something one would choose. However, knowing about it should help.

I have seen Pholus in synastry. It made me laugh. I was kind of reluctant to ask the girl about it. There was Pholus conjunct the North Node, double whammy. A Double Whammy is an aspect that is repeated twice in synastry.

I asked the girl if the relationship felt explosive and out of control. She said yes.

If I see a person exploding something, whatever it may be, good or bad, I would think P-H-O-L-U-S with a capital P. Pholus’ number is 5145.


39 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks—Pholus

  1. amiannBiblea

    awwh <3
    here are some more pictures*MKYQtXb37CT6VYPdr5Xm9CHLHKSmxHuxhF0jMFzxnbMz-X37ZFLrbzl7TEH2MIhjV0jMuuGX4iqvShf5gwXCPhEdKon5N/carlosnunez0.jpg*aBPApdT9MpqdQ9M4/carlosnunez4.jpg*42mbmcrTM4N43USrT2Wf4q7*GgwlZMeniboo9VwOiAICUVmW9pV1Ha2uZOwil-D/ABorisovStudio01.jpg

    you may or may not want to use them*Ve7m-UnVPyboCsuSFK*K2AmhsHq1*C0xqvH8yOEY8wchbRwxOjy5zGwqvdJTHdedfHIsWTgl/LaurentSeroussi1.jpeg

    just an FYi*stFQ9PJIwvt92sgsz209JkbwgoWDApBO8XPwMibIuwW9RdpsQuu*MyBOLagckFoXy7ICXu/RachaelKoscica9.jpg*YMAz86IxHJG1s9327yhs2uL-wUZV6**ZxxygDLVfYKwDVi/diego2.jpg*cQnO0tC*rRSbHSqyE*WCVnymyz3XcMAykvfifLQ-Jl-8Ixo8EpLQqjKQLTFP*ZRLbooNZ1ycMQD/diego.jpg*1TT08T5TKGf5nrXtwDbO3kaXf42EdsrkxhyTt92VzeBIpAz8q8vTl*UvPAfsXR6yMOwFc6Bm*RHbHzJaUfdYcDlCnx8_/3.jpg*QYsS5daPJdnhl3VH1Yt6JA7mMgm4niZAZNDsLq6JdtJMbF0T3V7SLGy*CXIsK0r5b2r6jPqYrZOgBsS/doutzenkroes5.jpg

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh My Goodness B

      These pictures are amazing. I am excited to write articles when I get new pictures. You are right, I was recycling.

      Anytime you see ones you think I would like, please pass them along!

      This deserves a big thank you and I should let you win at Scrabble :/

  2. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Now yes (at age 39) very much so. But when i was younger i didnt want marriage. My pholus and Juno are both retrograde. So perhaps something to pick up there with progressions.

    BTW Interesting that i made a baby with a man (on impulse) under explosive chaotic circumstances without even getting married to him. His pholus was exactly conjunct my Ceres. That is not all. The baby’s (my Son) Pholus is exactly conjunct my NN. Since he was born my life has been nothing but CHAOTIC.

      1. amiannferryleaf

        This is with my best (platonic) friend of over 20 years. 🙂 The one I made mention of before, with whom my major planets & all mostly seem to make “a tangle of squares and oppositions”! lol

        I wrote that I couldn’t figure out based on our main synastry aspects why we were even friends! xD LOL

        Well, this may be an interesting little exception to that. Who knows?

        Interestingly, I just found a post by iqhunk on Lindaland where he wrote:

        I have Valentine conjunct True Node double whammy with the love of my life. We have so many negative synastry aspects but this one placement seems to be erasing their effect.

        …and I find that possibly relevant to me & my best friend’s situation.

        1. amiannferryleaf

          Also, I *should* add that, although we’ve been best platonic friends for such a very long time, I am a bi girl and I did start out pretty darn smitten with her, as well. I felt I should add this just in case anyone thought this couldn’t or wouldn’t be a romantic aspect.

          And indeed, our friendship has “romantic” qualities…but now more in the platonic sense of the word “romantic.” (Think, “epic” instead of “romance,” I guess, now.) I think we pretty much consider ourselves friend soul-mates.

  3. amiannMarble

    I have Pholus 17°05′, Amor 15°35′, Juno 13°35′ and my current hometown’s name asteroid 16°31′ in Leo. ^^ Also Chiron is at 20°46′ Leo, widely conjunct Pholus..

  4. amiannIo_juno_spirit

    Someone really crazy and powerful has Pholus conjunct my MC. It is madness for me to be around this person with Pholus-Jupiter in my MC!

    1. amiannIo_juno_spirit

      It is madness, and I achieved a lot around her.

      In addition, she also has asteroid Nessus conjunct my ASC (me with Nessus/NN conjunct in natal chart). I realized that I don’t want to confront her because I have many things to achieve through her, but the battles have been ridiculous and endless.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Yes, Nessus conj your ASC would make her really nasty to you and she prolly could not help herself. One girl has Nessus conj my Sun and I feel she can’t stand me even though I have been nothing but nice to her. The charts WILL play out. There is a time to run. That is wisdom, in my opinion, Lo

  5. amiannMimi

    I have pholus conjunct hebe, the asteroid of youth. And many people think I look like 13 when I’m actually 16. It’s embarrassing. :/

  6. amiannJamma

    I just noticed that on the April 15 lunar eclipse transiting Pholus will be at 24 Sag, adding his sextile/trine to the 25 Libra/Aries party — as if the situation weren’t explosive enough!
    This is personally significant because my natal MC (Spica/Arcturus) at 24 Libra sextiles Juno at 24 Sag …
    I’m widowed, so I don’t have an actual “marriage” to break up (btw, my experience is that natal Juno in Sag isn’t that keen on being legally wed) … However, a recent romance may be under the gun, as his MC/IC axis is nearly identical to mine …
    Plus, having ignored Pholus in synastry before, I decided to have a look … natally, his Pholus conjuncts my Pallas and my Pholus conjuncts his Eros …
    There are many more very tight-orb conjunctions in synastry:
    his Sun to my DSC
    our name asteroids
    his Saturn to my Mars
    his Pluto to my Psyche
    his Psyche to my Chiron
    his PofF to my Moon/Merc
    his ASC to my PofF
    his DSC/Merc/Venus to my Uranus
    his Vertex to my Saturn
    And don’t get me started on other aspects or midpoints!
    So I guess what I’m wondering is, will the eclipse entirely blow up this relationship … are we toast?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Jamma and great question. I am really not that well versed in eclipses and what they do to synastry. If you want to research it and come back with some ideas, I would love to talk about it!

  7. amiannDawnblue

    I’ve been following your stuff for a while now… Thanks for sharing your asteroid insights! Very timely!

    I’m compelled to comment finally because I just discovered…

    A CRAZY amount of pholus aspects with my relatively new partner *who is such a gung Ho committed cancer… even through the absolute MADNESS of this past week (our composite features several planets at 13 degrees in Cardinal signs…)*….

    pholus conjunct composite North node

    my pholus conjunct his IC

    his pholus conjunct his child, both of which conjunct my Eros, all of which is conjunct our composite IC.

    It almost feels too private to post! 😉

    Holy crazy.

    His Lie is on my MC. His Nessus in Leo squares my Scorpio Pluto but I feel like my Scorpio Pluto can win. We have some loving stuff like his Jupiter on my ascendant and nice Venus stuff and definite spiritual learning happening but…. Holy, this pholus explains a lot. I’ve been considering ending it because I’m afraid if it continues that I’ll never have any peace! Do you think that’s the case? Can we reach an energy plateau or will things keep exploding? seems like we’ll fall off the cliff as many times as we will reach the clouds.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Dawnblue!
      Your kind words made my day 😀
      I don’t think the Pholus effect will stop. Is there enough good to overcome it would be a better question imo

  8. amiannDawnblue

    I’m looking at my chart in relation to our composite and there is definitely some Saturn stuff on all sides to explain why this relationship hasn’t been blown out of the water by the near hel that’s been stirred up! Not just due to his QUADRUPLE cancer and my Pluto ruled mega Scorpio chart 😉

  9. amiannDawnblue

    Hey I didn’t see your comment before i posted my last one. so pleased that i was able to contribute to your site and your day! I think I will try to mitigate the pholus factor by taking lots of time out if and when I can to re group and find peace

  10. amiannDawnblue

    I’m starting to feel like Pholus is really Uranian. I missed your content as well, ami, somehow, when I posted my last comment.

    Well… Pholus in my chart is almost unaspected save for a sextile to my MC and… erk… Tight orb quincunx Pluto and 1 degree quincunx Mercury… And it’s in my 8th house in Gemini… so that perhaps doesn’t bode too well. my heart feels like it might explode at the slightest things right now!

    But I’ve noticed what is maybe a glitch in astro’s software when creating the aspect table, which seems to miss a lot of aspects between asteroids which are really obvious when looking at the chart itself so I could be missing something…

  11. amiannDawnblue

    But in an otherwise suspiciously empty 8th house Gemini there is Jupiter 10 degrees away and my vertex 5 degrees from Pholus. The person in question here has a pretty intense stellium in my 8th… I’m really comfortable(???) with 8th house matters given all the Scorpio action in my chart (Pluto, sun, ascendant, Mercury, vesta). Would you say that helps strengthen my Pholus factor?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hard to say w/out the visuals of the charts. You can put them up and ask these few questions on the Comment section. If you want me to look more closely, Post them in my Forum and we can discuss them as long as you like. Put them in the Personal Readings section xx

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