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557196_373068099426314_1286508384_nWatch out if you see Cupido on the ASC, MC, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or NN of that cute guy. Cupido never seems to fail to perform in accordance with his myth. His myth is the look of love with the desire to deceive. Cupido does not feel what you see in his eyes. He does not mean the words of love that drip from his lips like enticing chocolate caramel candy, gooey and sensuous. His eyes and his lips lie. Brittany, tell us about it.


20 thoughts on “Cupido

  1. amiannkayla Farwell

    The little box of the chart says -2 but on the left it says 5 Pisces. im not sure which one to read. i used astrodienst. I am thankful for ur responses 🙂

  2. amiannmarion

    Have a story.

    A guy who was trying to hook up with me some time ago, sent me super lovey dovey sms messages at midnight one day. I was really touched by his poetic ’emotion’ loaded messages.

    Two days later, few friends (who knew nothing of this man’s interest in me) told me that he was seen with another woman at a party on that very night. They were descriptive about how the man was dancing with the other woman ‘all over her’. So he probably sent me the messages while she went to the loo.

    I have the guy’s chart. Cupido conjunct MC by a 30 minutes!

  3. amiannmarion

    Yeah funny story..But very good to understand how asteroids confirm planet messages.

    The guy has 7th house scorpio Mars exactly squaring 10th house Aquarius Moon. Deep down he has a lack of respect (if not outright hatred) toward women. This i know for sure.

  4. amiannmarion

    BTW what is your take on a situation where a man’s NN – Cupido 2 degree conjunction sits smack on a woman’s Juno in synastry?

    Does he have to ‘learn’ (NN) how display romance(Cupido)? Yeah he absolutely has no clue on how to impress a woman!. And is the woman going to teach him how to do that via her role of a ‘loyal mate’ to him (Juno)?

    I am just guessing here.

  5. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    The Juno scenario is another guy, who is the extreme opposite of a player. Not the one with Cupid on MC. Sorry for mixing up. More about that second guy later.

    The guy with Cupid on MC has Sappho on the 5th cusp. Then he has Uranus and Pluto further into the fifth house. He has asteroid Amor (Is it for true love?) exactly conjunct NN. So ‘true love’ is something he yet has to learn during the course of life.

    Ami, I am the one with a power packed 5th house. A saucy stellium in 5th! At the start of the stellium (at the cusp) Venus, Sappho, Aphrodite and My-name asteroid are all conjunct each other within 3 degrees and conjunct the cusp by 2-3 degrees. This combo is conjunct his Pluto!

    Further into my 5th house i have Sun, Mars and Pluto. Plus i have BML exactly on MC. Yeah i have the full potential to be a player..I have been one when i was younger.

    That is perhaps why i was able to check-mate him. I caught him out at get-go..Thereafter, I had some fun at his expense i must say..leading him on to believe that i fell for his lovey dovey text messages etc.

    But now i am looking to settle down in a relationship and have developed solid relationship values (The 5th house stellium progressed to 7th house….:)) Thank God for progressions. Even a bad chart has some hope after 40.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Marion

      Quite a story! A 5th House stellium is classic for a player. When you do House Rulers, you can see what parts of life the person subsumes to playing. IOW, you can see that playing is more important than career( Ruler of the 10th in the 5th) or more important than marriage( Ruler of the 7th in the 5th) etc. the House Rulers are important here as they hone down the situation more.

  6. amiannmarion

    omg..I almost fell out of my chair. I ran casanova asteroid for the guy with Cupid on MC, just now. Casanova is ALSO on his MC within 3 degrees! His MC is flanked by cupid on one side and casanova on the other side. I am breathless..Astrology never ceases to amaze me.

    No wonder he was the smoothest, most romantically irresistible guy in town. But i am glad that my 5th house stellium was able to see through him and check mate that energy. He had no emotional impact on me whatsoever. So this means my 5th house stellium (particularly the Sun, mars, pluto conjunction in 5th) is protecting me from other players…;) That is good news to me.

  7. amiannMarble

    Wow…. My Cupido is conjunct my boyfriend’s best friend’s NN and his Cupido is 4 degrees from my MC. As if it wasn’t enough, his Tantalus is conjunct my ASC and mine is conjunct his SN. 😛 I had teenage crush on him before I got to know my boyfriend better.. You should see our synastry, it’s very confusing, for me at least..

      1. amiannMarble

        Well.. Being honest, I have some warm feelings, both platonic and romantic. But his Saturn squares my Venus by 2 degrees and some of his habits irritate me a lot as our Suns square each other. We’ve always had hard time finding mutual subject of interest to discuss.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Interesting about the squares. Please explain how Sun sq Sun works because someone close to me has it in synastry? Thanks so much! How close are these squares,too?

          1. amiannMarble

            Sun square Sun is 2 degrees as well. 🙂 I see it in small things. He may act without even noticing he’s doing something and it irritates me to no end. One thing that comes to my mind is that he may burp when his around me and I just can’t understand why he is acting like a pig. >.< It actually irritates me a lot more than anyone else burping. We have couple other squares too, but I can imagine these irritations coming from Sun sq. Sun.

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