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Depression and Death

Depression and Death? How do these relate? I think they relate in ways people don’t acknowledge. Life, for most of us, consists of trying to getting our needs met(and not doing a very good job). What if you have met all your needs and still feel depressed? Then , you may feel worse. What do you have to do to make life mean more than the animal existence of day to day ennui. Many people seem to be, either, on the upswing where they are trying to acquire life’s riches.Or, they have found them and have no satisfaction.I think death holds some answers to the dilemma. How? Death is a surrender of ego. Depression is all ego. Depression is all about meeting your needs: getting yours. If you are depressed, you may despair of ever doing so.

There is something about Death that makes life more alive. I may be on the verge of accepting something that may allow me to walk out of my ego and my fears, which have gripped me like a vise. I feel the stirrings of a freedom, but I don’t have the exact words to express it, as it is very new. It is about trusting God with death. God engineered our bodies, our minds and our hearts. He made the world work, such that the oceans do not overflow the land. We have food and herbs for medicine. How could death not be a part of the grand design and GOOD. That is what I am coming to. Death is good. God said He did not want man living forever, in these human bodies,which get sick and old. ALL God does is out of love. That is what I am coming to.

The Bible categorizes things into Life and Death. It starts in the Old Testament when God tells people to choose Life. This means that there is a choice. He lists the things that are on the death side which are all the things that plague us, including depression, as it is a diminishing of life. God says He wants us to have an abundant life. He gives instructions for it, but people feel He is trying to take away their fun, when He is actually trying to enhance their lives. God can only do good, to us. There will be a time in history where His wrath will pour out on the world, but this is different, as He is bringing down on the world, what man called down on himself . However, that is another topic, for an article on the End Times. For now, all God’s instructions are for our good, not our loss or diminishing.

I, only, write about what I know personally, as I hate platitudes, Platitudes are cheap and easy like one night stands. I hate when people give them to me, so I try not to give them to others. If you see me talking about anything, it will be because I experienced it.

God says that sin will be pleasure, for a season, but then you will pay. This, always, haunted me, especially about the pleasure part. I am the same as anyone else, and want to take life into my own hands. I want to seek pleasure as much as anyone. However, God’s promises will always come true, as they are immutable. The Bible says the sky would fall down if God broke His promise. That is why God can never be done with the Jews, but that is another story, too.


Depression is a hiding of one’s true self. Joy comes when expressing one’s true self. This can be as simple as humor, doing art, writing or giving someone a present. Depression leaves when joy flows in. Joy flows in from self expression. Love is the biggest way to banish depression. Love freely. Give of your heart, freely. The doing of it is more important than if the person receives. Someone is sure to receive it, if you make a habit of it. In time, you will be watered when you are hurting. This is a law of life. God put spiritual laws into motion. If we grab onto them and force action in accordance with them, we will have magical things happen. One happened to me, in fact, today. I will tell you what DL wrote to me.I don’t say it to brag. I say it to share some of the ways in which my life has gotten joyful.


Ami, you have the most inner light in your soul that I have seen in my short life.
Your inner light helps other people shine their own.



I have more to say, but can’t find the words, so I will take a break and try to come back, at a later time.





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