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How To Regain Your Sanity?

Everyone can regain sanity, or get it for the first time, if that is the situation. I don’t care if you were diagnosed as the worst psychopath. Each man was made to have an abundant life. No one was made as a throw away person. No one was made to have the dregs of life. If you think that you are the exception, you are mistaken. No one is a mistake. Even if your parents did not want you, God did. If not, you would not have been born. I have found some simple ways to regain your sanity, if you are one of the many of us who have lost it.

1 Find the only God who has power. That is Jesus. This is why Jesus is hated . People are threatened by what they know is true.

2. Study the Bible. In it, are the answers for mental and emotional sanity.Conform yourself to what it asks. You will be set free, not imprisoned.

3.Find someone to listen with NO judgement and NO advice.

4. Tell your secrets, all of them, to this person. Endeavor to have no secrets.

5. Give to others.If you give love, love will be returned to you.

6. Cultivate something in yourself that others want and need and give it freely, expecting nothing.

7.Cry, cry, cry, cry. Welcome each and every tear. Each one is one step closr to peace and sanity.

8. Sanity is when you can see yourself as you are.


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