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Music For Sappho

Sappho’s music is easy. I knew it the minute I read about Sappho. Sappho is high brow Eros. Eros is purely the erotic. Sappho is the erotic taken up a notch to the arts. It is more subtle than Eros. Eros would be a bustier. Sappho would be a little black dress with pumps, a hint of cleavage and a discreet slit up the side of the skirt

With both Eros and Sappho, they are more visible to others when they are conj the ASC and MC than when they are conjunct planets. For example, when Eros conjuncts Venus, the person will be erotic in more intimate settings but it will not show to the world the way it will with Eros or Sappho conjunct the ASC or MC.






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