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Retrograde Planets

A pic kneelingI love questions from my Forum members. It is my pleasure to try to answer. Here is one from Nany. The picture is from the inimitable Biblea.

Ami, I also wish to know about retrograde planets in a natal chart-are they stronger,weaker or behave differently like how would we interpret Mars Retrograde through different houses?

Retrograde planets have a very specific working. If one understands this, one can understand them. Retrograde planets recycle. In simple terms, Retrograde planets could be said to obsess. However, it is not the kind of obsession you have when you are crazy about a guy. It is more of an obsession when you are trying to figure out a puzzle. Think of working a Rubric cube. You have to mull all sides of it. You can’t let it go until you have the solution. That is how a Retrograde planet functions.

Let’s look at several to see them in action. The hardest Retrograde planet is Venus. We will leave that for the end. The easiest Retrograde Planet to understand is Mercury. Mercury represents the mind. Hence, we have a mind that must recycle information. Think of a conch shell. It winds and winds and winds until it reaches the very end. If a Mercury Retro native were to study Biology or any subject, he would need to go to the core concepts and work his way up, step by step. However, the great gift in this is that he has super duper retention. Also, he can use the information more creatively than a Non Retro Mercury. This is my opinion

To sum it up, a Mercury Retro native may have to study harder but it will go deeper. With this, he has a greater understanding and hence a greater capacity for creative genius. I can speak from the vantage point of Gemini Mercury Retrograde. Once again, I need your help in describing your own Retrograde planets. However, the mechanism for all Retrograde planets is the same.

Lets look at Chiron Retrograde. This person recycles pain. This does sound terrible. However, the Retrograde planets have the gift of being able to work through what they recycle. I see them as the opportunity to go deeply into the planet’s domain. Let me give an example. One person may have one dollar. Another may have a hundred dollars. The person with one dollar will have to be creative to make it go further. He may buy material to make his own clothes. He may cover old boxes to make them pretty. He may recycle old clothes to make them updated. He will have had to work very hard for what he has but he will have learned in the process. He will have developed gifts. After all this, one will be a profound teacher, as well.

Let’s look at Chiron Retrograde in some more detail. Chiron is the planet of pain. Some people buy shoes when they have pain. Some people eat when they have pain. Some people drink when they have pain. Some people look to relationships to alleviate pain. I think we all do this. However, the Chiron Retrograde person MUST go deeply into the nature of his pain. Chiron Retrograde demands it. Hence, this native can be a profound healer. He will not dismiss the pain of others with a wave of his hand. He will sit down, hold the hand of another, look deeply into his eyes and let him talk. That is the difference between a true counselor and a sham counselor. Chiron Retrograde is a gift. It is not without a great deal of personal struggle. However, this seems to be the case with profound gifts. They do not come easily.

Neptune Retrograde is another gift. In this case, the native must go deeply into the realm of God. Neptune Retrograde, also, is the planet of creativity. I see it as a gift for any of us who want to look at life through a creative lens. To talk about Neptune Retrograde more in depth, let’s look more at what Neptune represents. Neptune is the next dimension. In the next dimension is God. In the next dimension is creativity. Most great writers will tell you that they channel their work. Stephen King talks about his characters coming to life and telling him what they should do. He is merely the craftsman, to put it in a word. King is talking about accessing the next dimension. I would bet he has Neptune Retrograde.

Some people must find God. It is an inexorable passion. I was that way. The ninth house can be a factor in this. I have a four planet 9th house stellium. However, I think Neptune Retrograde is, as well. The Retrograde planet forces the person to go deeply into the nature of the planet. The person can refuse, of course. There is, always, choice. However, the Retrograde planet will dog you with an unrest until you face it. Hence, the person with Neptune Retrograde would be propelled to find God. This is a blessing because many people fill the God hole with all sorts of things that are a temporary fix. In time, they realize it is such. However, it may be too late to truly find God. That is a real tragedy, the worst tragedy one can have on this earth.

Let’s look at Pluto Retrograde. Pluto is power. The native with Pluto retrograde will struggle to find his personal power. He will struggle to understand the power dynamics of others. However, if he persists, he will understand better than someone who does not have this placement.

Nany asked me about Mars Retorgrade, so I want to address that. I have seen a few of these natives, only. One went ballistic in a public setting over a small incident. She has smashed car windows and done all sorts of things when angered. Mars Retro does not seem to be a blessing but a curse. The native could overcome it with God’s help, of course. If any readers have Mars Retrograde, please weigh in.

Let’s look at Venus Retrograde. I told you I thought this was the hardest one. I will explain why. Venus is love. It is the love inside us. It is what we love. Love is like food. One needs love or one dies, if not physically, then in the heart. One’s heart shrivels and one becomes hard and bitter. Venus Retrograde is one of the worst afflictions when it comes to love. The spiral which defines the Retrograde planet works to one’s advantage in many of the other Retrogrades but not in Venus, in my opinion.

Venus Retrograde is simply hard. It is barren. It is lonely. It is like being in a desert and seeing a mirage. You want to taste the cool water. You want to rest your weary body. However, when you reach it, it disappears. The native with Venus Retrograde never seems to understand love. In all instances, I have seen a great, great loneliness. That is why I call it the hardest Retrograde planet. If you have Venus Retro, please weigh in.

I will not address Retrograde planets in the Houses, other than to say that any planet in any house will work out it’s nature in that house. Study the nature of each house. Put the Retrograde planet in it and go from there. If you would like more help, write on my Comment Form. If I need to do another article, I will.

55 thoughts on “Retrograde Planets

  1. amiannMoonChild

    I have Natal Saturn in Retrograde, in 9th House, Gemini.

    I looked at my partner’s chart and find she has three Natal planets in Retrograde, Mars (in Tenth House), Jupiter (in Eighth House) and Chiron (in Eighth House).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I realized that I forgot Saturn, Moonie, but I was too tired to add it 😀

      Watch her, Moonie, and tell me about the Mars. Also, I don’t know too much about Jupiter. It seems like it gives them a bad luck kind of thing. What do you think?

      1. amiannMoonChild

        Yes Ami, bad luck right from her childhood, yet she is a sweet soul (for her family sans her parents)

        Yes she is short tempered, but no temper tantrums, she is very understanding, otherwise.

  2. amiannBiblea

    Btw, that was a good picture association for this topic, A. I am amazed what you come up with. Retrogrades seem to be cheeky in a dark way, like how this pic seems to depict. However, she is not kneeling, she is squatting, A. You are cute in how you get words mixed up, sometimes.

        1. amiannBiblea



          1. amiannBiblea

            It’s no work, A. I enjoyed searching for pictures. Google is a treasure trove.

            I would just kindly ask u not to dlete my posts next time, they are not very polite, A.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            B dear
            If we have personal conversation, I am going to delete them later, if they are not of interest to other readers, imo. It is not personal to you. I do it with everyone, so as to retain the flow of the subject matter of the article. Speaking of that, I got the Avene and it is heavenly 😀

  3. amiannBiblea–large-msg-134324937419.jpg–large-msg-134324939042.jpg

    herre are your noir-esque pics

  4. amiannT

    Mercury, Mars and Chiron retrograde (Eris, Nessus, Orcus, Sedna, and Varuna too but I get those). Saturn is stationary retrograde. *sigh* I do like the chiron retrograde for the things you mentioned in your article. Although I went through some tough times in my life, it helped me to be understanding with others. People tend to tell me their issues and I always tend to feel others pain. When I was in 4th grade, a classmate told me her father was touching on her and her sister. One day, the police came and asked that I come make a statement because something had happened to the two girls. I suppose she must have told them that she told me. As for mercury, yes, I loved school but always noticed I couldn’t follow the teacher in their way of figuring something out. I’d listen to them, then something would tick and I’d end up figuring out ‘another’ way of figuring it out. I wasn’t that great of a student up until 5th/6th grade (getting caught talking in class, summer school, remedial math and speech class) – then I just ‘blossomed’. I’m not too good with doing things the recommended way – I always figure out some other way to do it. For instance, I LOVE music but don’t ask me to recite any lyrics – I don’t know many, word-for-word, however I can make up my own words sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s the mercury but my mind is usually all over the place. Mars – I’m a pretty even-tempered person – that’s according to me. I have had a few run-ins (not many) and I usually don’t remember it, after the fact or I don’t remember what started it – but when something reaches a certain point, I’ve been known to have trouble voicing it and fists flew. I have a fondness and respect for all forms of combat. I have many triggers too like being bumped into, stepping on my foot, being talked over, etc.. I also tend to let things fester as I think that I can sort it out but it’s really not about me figuring it out but addressing the issue head-on, at least – that’s what I’m learning. I’m not too sure about the Saturn stationary retrograde – I’m still trying to figure that one out although I am very critical of myself and I don’t blame anyone for anything that has ever gone wrong in my life – I tend to blame myself. I am an efficient worker and pretty good with my hands. I’m trying to get through self-criticism because I can be very hard on myself but yet – if others try to be hard on me, it may hurt but I laugh because it’s nowhere near as bad as what I’ve said to myself. I’m working on this one.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Nany! Your comments and Marion’s keep me going. I have a lot of people who like to try to tear me down and when I get your positive posts, it means the world to me!!

  5. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    My little son has Venus retrograde conjunct Sun within a degree..
    Yeah his father abandoned him when he was 3 months old. I also had to go overseas for 2 years from his ages 1-3 leaving him to grandparents.

    He had 4 house (neighbourhood) changes, 4 nanny changes and 3 pre-school teacher changes within the space of first five years of his life..perhaps taking loved ones away from him everytime he changed/moved.

    But he is a very cheerful lovable and sociable child. His Sun and retro Venus are part of a 11th house stellium of Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Moon.

    I am trying to stabilize things for him from now on…I am trying…

    By the way my partner has Saturn retrograde smack on his Taurus DC conjunct Juno as well. Can you please add Saturn (and jupiter) to the article.

    Thanks for your great contribution to the astrology community.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Marion. Thank you so much. Those uplifting words make a big, big difference to me. I will do a Saturn Retro article. That will be easier. I will think on the Jupiter, too.

  6. amiannferryleaf

    Huh. My Pluto on my ASC is retrograde. So the description you gave —

    The native with Pluto retrograde will struggle to find his personal power.

    — makes a great deal of sense to me, now.

    Remember when I was saying I didn’t feel like a “go-getter” or powerful, Ami?

    1. amiannferryleaf

      I also have Neptune retro.

      And Uranus. (But I commented in your Uranus retro article, for that.)

      Pluto, Uranus & Neptune are my only retro planets. I think it’s kinda weird that all my retros are the outer planets.

  7. amiannMimi

    Hi Amelia 🙂

    I’m sorry for bothering you so many times, but I find your site very interesting and the fact that you say your opinion on things honestly so it makes much more sense than other sites that talk about things in astrology in a very generic way.

    I have Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta in Retrograde.

    I understand about Mercury, Neptune and Ceres retrograde now, but what about the others that I have? Is it good/bad for them to be in retrograde?

    Thanks 🙂 xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I like questions, Mimi. You are no bother. You are a joy 😀
      Well, the Retro makes the person have to go deeply within the sphere of the planet, so one cannot say it is good or bad. I like some Retro planets, myself. Chiron Retro is hard because one must go deeply into pain. I like Merc Retro cuz that makes for a deep thinker. Saturn Retro is not so great cuz one tends to be self doubting and insecure. Neptune Retro makes one really search for God. Urannus Retro may make one find it hard to be one’s own unique person like one’s own weirdo.

      I have not done much with asteroids Retro but it would be the same principle.

  8. amiannLuke

    I Have Neptune Aquarius in the 2nd house Retrograde, Pluto in Sagittarius in the 12th house Retrograde, Chiron in Scorpio in the 11th house Retrograde, and True Node in Virgo and in the 10th house Retrogade :).

  9. amiannLu

    I have Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in retrograde.

    To speak specifically of Mars, understand that my Mars is tightly conjunct my moon and square Pluto (square moon also). As much of an emotional mess that should make me (and does), I am not one prone to outbursts or violence. If anything, I am frozen. I cannot process my emotions quickly enough to act on them without first exploring them. In an argument, I frustrate everyone by walking away. In a day or three, once I have sufficiently processed what happened and how I feel about it, then I can discuss it, but the topic is on hold until then. My husband and daughters get very irritated by this, and frequently take it to mean that I don’t care about resolution, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is especially true with my second child who has her moon in her first house, conjunct her ascendent. My inability to hash something out on the spot is a personal affront to her. I make a point to follow up with her, so she realizes I didn’t just let it go (even if she has by then). I want her to realize that I gave it my attention because she’s important to me and I came back to it.

    Personally, with my other Mars contacts, I feel that the Mars retrograde is very much a blessing. I feel the storm in me–I truly do–but am forced to take it apart before I move on it. I have to understand it and discover where it originated. What actually happened? Why do I feel so threatened by this? What do I want to come out of this? What is truly the best course of action for me to take? No offense, but relationships would be much pleasanter things if everyone did this. Will someone with only Mars in retrograde be so introspective? Is it because Pluto is also retrograde that I feel the action paralysis so strongly? Am I more introspective because I am a retrograde individual with five retrogrades? I cannot tell you.

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