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The Ascendent

The Ascendant is a lens with which the person views life. It is an outer veneer but it is stuck on as a suit of armor which one cannot shed. The Ascendent is a strange concept in that it is very much a part of us but it is more exterior. When one tries to explain it, explanations seem to fall short. I will try. Study up on your Ascendent. Then, try to see how you react automatically with this Ascendent Sign. Let me use the Libra Ascendent as an example. Libra is the first sign to deal with partnership. Hence, the Libra Ascendant thinks in terms of others as a natural course. In a shuffle, he will think of the other person’s point of view.It is so natural to him that he does not know he is doing it.It is who he is in his external activities. In his home with intimates, they will see the Moon. His boss will see the Sun. The neighbor and the casual cocktail party guest will see his Ascendant. Of course, we cannot chop a person into thirds.However,one must discuss the parts of the chart in this way for purposes of learning.

Taking the Libra Ascendent as our example, we need to study the sign of Libra. Libra is the most gracious sign. This is because Libra is the first sign that deals with others not just oneself. Hence, Libra embodies the traits one needs to form a partnership. These traits are grace, care for the other and a high value placed on relationships. When you have a party, it will be the Libra who will help with the dishes. The Aries pretends she does not see you. If your dog makes a mess on the floor your Libra friend, male or female, will make a run for the paper towels. Libras are wonderful friends. They seem to radiate an inner sun. Watch your Libra friends and tell me if I am not right.Libra’s strength is also his weakness. He wants harmony so much that he forgets that he has an identity separate from the other. Libra has a hard time standing up for himself.It is literally painful. Watch a Libra trying to take a stand. He will hem and haw as he is an air sign. Air signs can get lost in their heads. However, Libra is Cardinal Air so once he makes up his mind, he will have the strength to carry it through.It is just the deciding that is hard. Hence, for purposes of our discussion, memorize Libra. Try to feel what it feels like to see things from a Libra point of view. Then, put this in to the part of you that navigates more casual relationships and activities. When you do, you will understand the Ascendent.

2 thoughts on “The Ascendent

  1. amiannDL

    i like this article very much 🙂

    really get your description of libra as it is my sun and merc

    i can really see the differance between sun-moon-asc yet like you said its all part of the same person so they all can be seen by different people

    like at home…..i can sometimes be loud and expressive (leo moon) or a person one can always talk to (libra sun) or a serious and resreved person (cap rising)

    all these also sometimes apply outside of home but it depends on the situation

    i noticed that 1st house planets (especially conjunct asc) actually effect deeper parts of the personality… or it could just be aspects from those planets to my sun and moon….

    but im just getting carried away here….. great article ^^ and i would like to see more articles like this 🙂

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