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The Etiquette of Nice

You would be surprised how much potential is lost because you think you have to be nice. Today, my voice teacher, who is studying to be a lawpin up girl phoneyer, told me something interesting about witnesses on the stand. If they have a strong voice, the lawyer won’t try to intimidate them. If they have a weak voice, they can be broken down. When they lose it and start yelling, they are not a credible witness, anymore.

I made a video to put on here and I can’t stand to look at it because I have a baby pee-wee voice. Your actual voice looses strength when you shut down your primal power. I have to liberate a wild animal and it is not in the zoo, unless you consider that I have a zoo inside.

In my home, being refined was valued to the point that you were all head. We may as well have descended from the Puritans, on the Jewish side. One does not just lose one’s voice. One loses one’s power. One loses one’s health. It is not easy holding down a wild beast. Holding him down, day by day, takes it’s toll.

I came to several conclusions about being nice. I wish I had learned these earlier. Nice is a concept for fools. Nice guys do finish last and that goes for nice girls, too. Let me begin my story at the beginning. I started my journey to find my voice four years ago.There is no way you can find your voice and look good at the same time.

There is no way you can find your voice and be liked by everyone. You must want your voice more than most anything, in order to find it, in my opinion. Once you find it, you can be quiet. Until that point, you make the clamor of an ungodly fire engine.

What does it look like to have your voice, in practical terms? You can be honest. You can say what you feel. You will be hated but you will be loved. When you are loved, you will be loved for the very things that many people hate you for. That love will nourish you because it is love for who you are because you had the courage to show it.







25 thoughts on “The Etiquette of Nice

  1. amiannPadre31

    Little side note:

    Nice, has as it’s root word in Latin means “know nothing”

    I suspect people play at being nice, and polite and genuflecting when in fact they are quite the opposite, they just do not believe they have the personal power to do anything else. So they subvert their actual feelings and thoughts and play along with the above.

    That leads to very unbalanced, repressed, personalities that are massively passive aggressive

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Jesus Christ is our ONLY voice! We we commit our lives to Christ in a heartfelt
    manner, we become NEW CREATIONS IN CHRIST! We need pretend nothing.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Only God knows what you believe about Him. That’s between you and Him. But-
    I don’t see where it is in your interests in letting the carnality and the sex run wild!
    That’s what the world does. All true Christian’s are in Christ, NOT THE WORLD!
    When these people DO come to Christ, it’s an open question whether they will ever
    have sex again!
    Scripture says: No fornication. God provides restraint through the Holy Spirit.
    If a Christian “burns with passion” they are allowed to get married, prefiblely to another
    Putting a pretty semi-naked girl at the end of the fish hook is NOT the way to reel people in
    for Christ!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t see what is wrong with my pictures, Lon. If you go to the beach, you will see the same thing. Lon, I don’t know if you reach out to people but with your attitude, I don’t think you would be successful. I don’t say this to be mean but if you want to go out into society and talk to people, you have to meet them where they are, not where YOU are.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    I wouldn’t frequent locales where people are walking about in a semi-nude state.
    I’m less and less able to avoid such places. But one would hope that school teachers
    would be safe in the school envirement. A teacher doesn’t expect to go to class in the
    morning and be raped and killed by one of her students at 3PM!
    We didn’t arrive at this state overnight. Throwing gasoline on a fire is not the way to solve

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I think that the fraud Jim Baker and the late Tammy Baker have a son that runs a
    youth ministry that appeals to “kids.” His arms are a mass of tatoo’s and he dresses like
    a bum. He thinks this draws in the kids. Draws them in to what? Everything the Bible

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