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The Fourth House

The Fourth House is our early home. The IC is usually located in the Fourth House. The sign on the cusp of the Fourth House will reveal the flavor of one’s childhood home. One’s feelings, as a child,will be shown by what is happening in the Fourth House . This would include aspects to the Ruler of the Fourth House. However, to use the Fourth House, with House Rulers, think of all things related to your childhood home, and you will be on your way to understanding. The Fourth House usually represents the mother. However, for some people, it can be the father. It is the more submissive parent. If you had a very dominant mother and a weaker father, the Houses would be reversed. The Fourth House would be the father. The Tenth House, it’s opposite, would be the mother. Astrology, always, works with balance. The houses and the signs follow an exquisite balance, mirroring the yin/yang or harmony of the Universe. As such, we must leave our childhood home and go in to the world, the opposite house. The signs are opposite, mirroring the fact that the child, usually, rebels in order to break away. Hence, the opposite sign is on the MC, which is, usually, in the Tenth House.

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