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The Rapture

I have two Born Again friends. The rest are not. If I preached, I would have no friends. I do not preach. Also, I think Jesus is too wonderful to shove Him down people’s throats like a bad medicine. It is not respectful to Him, in my way of thinking. I may err on the side of not talking about him, enough. As such, I want to address the Rapture. The Rapture is an event which will occur, as surely as the floods came in the time of Noah’s Ark. People laughed then, as they do, now. If you look at other gods such as Buddha or Krishna. These gods do not inspire the hate as does Jesus. Why? Passion is inspired because all men know that Jesus is the Way. It is inside us to know the Truth when we hear it. When people hate Jesus, it is because they know His Power. They don’t want to face it. They don’t want to face what it would mean if He were, indeed, who He says He is. If you are a Christian, you will have anger or even, rage, expressed to you. Expect it. However, more than that, reach out to me, if you do not understand Jesus. This website is my outreach, first and foremost. You do not have to get a reading to be part of this website. This line is so overused, that I hate to say it, but the end times are here. You can see that with your own eyes. Look UP while you still have the choice.

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