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Why Do We Have Pain?

I have asked myself this question a million times. I have asked God. I have raised my fist to the skies. I have raised my hands to the skies in surrender. I have done it all. I bet you have, too. The charts are always the answer( second to the Bible) I just did the chart of someone with a very prominent Chiron. Chiron seemed to sprawl out it’s hands and touch everything. I learn about a client’s life, intimately, as I spend a 4-5 days on a chart. I will know most everything about you, and you will learn most everything about yourself. That is my goal. The only limitation to how much a person can know is the level of mastery of the Astrologer. One never becomes a true master, in a sense, because Astrology is a science, which calls for lifelong learning,. At any rate, when I am done with a chart, your self knowledge is my goal. I am just honored to join in the process.

Every chart I do brings me to new insights. The last one brought me to new insights into Chiron,.I know that I wanted a life without pain. I am sure that you did, too. I look back and wish I had done things differently. I wish I had gone to boarding school at 14, when I had the chance to get away from home. I wish I had not made this or that pivotal choice. I wish. I wish. I wish. I bet you do, too. However, when I look at a chart, I, always, see a Chiron. The placement varies. The intensity of pain seems to vary with the placement. Some charts are much more difficult than others. That is very true and no one knows why. That is an unknowable. However, everyone does have pain. That is knowable. The chart will show you where yours is and what it does, specifically.

What can be done, would be the next question? Knowing the situation helps to take away self blame. If God gave you your chart and if there is a greater plan for your pain, it makes the process of self acceptance easier. We blame ourselves for our problems. At least, I do. Each person came into the world with a chart. As such, each person came into the world with blueprint. Will your blueprint have imperfections–YES. Are they your fault–NO? Can you change them–Sometimes. There are some parts of the chart which can be transformed. There are some which have to be accepted. In these cases, one must celebrate one’s assets and beautiful things( and we all have them) and one must accept one’s flaws( and we all have them)

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