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Your Ministry

Everyone was born with unique qualities. The charts show this. You can see your childhood in your chart, even, so God knew what would happen. We don’t know the whys of abuse and bad things because we see through a glass, darkly, while we are on the earth. However, I do know that everyone has unique gifts. With these, we can serve God and our fellow man.

How will I know my ministry, you may ask? Follow your heart, is the answer. You don’t need to be afraid that God will send you to a dark, forlorn place such as a deep, dark jungle. If you ARE to witness there, you will love it. There would be no other place you would rather be. I am called to unusual places such as prison related ministries. God will lead you to enter and lead you to exit, when the time is right. You will feel an outside Forces giving you gentle push. I have learned to listen when the push is gentle. I have learned this by not listening and seeing that the push gets harder. There is indeed, an Unseen Force guiding you and me. We can relax in to it and trust.

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