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How Do I Get Good in Astrology?

The answer is simple, but the doing is hard, in the way that learning a language is hard. However, I will give you the one word answer—-BLENDING. If you want to get facile with Astrology( and that is all of our goal), you need to understand each of the building blocks. However, you need to understand them, from the heart, if you want to go beyond the robotic print out charts you can buy from the internet. You want to understand the chart more than as a white bread exercise. You want to understand all the nooks and crannies. You want to understand the chart such as someone would look at marble, with all it’s grains, shadings and subtleties.

To this end, one must take several of the key building blocks and study them until they become second nature. Study them until you become fluent with them, as you would with a new language. More importantly, start talking about Astrology in your every day life. Find some friends who love it, as you do. ( I assume you love Astrology if you are reading this article). Find an online community like in which I am proud to be a Moderator. We welcome newcomers, warmly. Come and say hello to me!

I want to tell you the particular building blocks you must study, in my opinion. First, you must become familiar with the signs. I have a new category with all the Sun Signs on my website. Read all of them, as you must go beyond your particular chart. Buy simple books on Astrology, particularly humorous ones, as that makes it more fun. Try to feel out the particulars of each sign, as you will use this with every single planet. For example, the Sun in Gemini will have Gemini traits in the person’s identity. Venus in Gemini will be attracted to Gemini traits in a partner, such as love of words and a quick wit.

Next, study the domain of each planet. What part of the person does each planet rule. The Sun is one’s identity. The Moon is one’s deepest heart. Mars is one’s drive . The Ascendent is how one looks and one’s mannerisms etc

Then, study the domain of each house.

I have articles on all of these building blocks, so will not repeat the info, here. This is just a general guide for the valued readers of my website.

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