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Entering the Spiritual World

I will never lie to you about my experiences or anything else. My integrity is very important to me. I have been listening to Hagin CDs. Hagin had the unique experience of having two Near Death experiences and going to Hell. He talks about them in the way that only he has, with simplicity and heart and non affectations. He died when he was in his teens. He went to Hell. It happened twice. He saw Hell. He describes it. Hagin had a rare heart condition with no hope of living. He was in bed. He was paralyzed.He was blind, some of the time. He could not go to school like other boys. Every doctor told him he had no hope.


I will be back

One thought on “Entering the Spiritual World

  1. amiannLon Spector

    A person would not sent to Hell, which is the Lake of Fire, until they recieved formal
    judgement at the Great White Throne. Once they were placed in Hell which is called
    “The second death” they would last there only has long as it takes to be burnt up.
    The wages of sin are DEATH, not eternal life in hellfire.

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