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Do Your Venus and Mars Jump Start You or Stall You?

green girlI am here to serve the people who read my website.I am blessed to have every reader to my website and I appreciate your spending your valuable time. I feel led to try to combine aspects rather than write about single aspects. People have been requesting this. This will help take all of us to the next level.

Lets look at how Venus interacts with Mars. They are what you would look at if you wanted a relationship. It is what you would look at if you wanted to spy into the life of that cute guy on whom you have your eye. Hence, I think it will be a worthwhile study.

Lets take a Venus and pair it with a few Mars signs. Venus in Pisces is the most romantic Venus. It, probably, writes poetry. If not, it reads it. It is the most sensitive Venus. Venus in Pisces is in the Exaltation, so it is a lovely spot. This Venus is not a he man Venus. This Venus would be gossamer lace. This Venus would be a Chopin Etude. This Venus would be crepes with a dust of sugar.

Lets add a few Mars signs to see what we get. I will start with my favorite Mars( are you sick of me, yet 😀 ). Lets see how a man with Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces would act. The Mars in Scorpio would make him a pro at going after what he wants. He is the sleek tiger in the jungle or the gorgeous, wind blown guy in the jag.

When you met him, you would see his Mars shining out from behind the dashboard. You may think he was just a stud, through and through. However, you would be wrong and you could know this by checking his Venus sign. A-ha. You really have Mr Sensitive under that Ralph Lauren Polo cologne. This man would take you for a ride in his jag to the nearest beach. He may pack his own picnic and read you poetry, as you rested your head in his lap.

This is like Mr Potato head! Now, lets try another Mars. Let’s try Mars in Cancer. A Mars in Cancer guy would not be aggressive. He would probably try to ask you out, sideways. He may hem and haw. He may call your best friend and ask her if you were interested. If I put Mars in Scorpio in a jag, I put Mars in Cancer in a grandpa sedan. I had one of these. It was a a Crown Vic. It rode like you were sitting on your living room couch. It had visibility so good that you could see an ant twenty miles ahead. It was a perfect Mars in Cancer car, slow, reliable but not too sexy. In our example, the Mars in Cancer man would not surprise you if he had a Venus in Pisces. You would expect him to be sensitive. He appears sensitive, from outward appearances. Hence, this combo is not a glaring difference. You would get what you see.

Let’s take a new Venus, for a shift. Let’s take a Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is pure TNT. If there is a nuclear power plant of a Venus, it is he. I did the article on Venus in Scorpio paired with Mars in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio seems to trump the aggression of Mars in Scorpio and makes for a frozen situation. This is counter intuitive. I did not write about it until I saw many. Then, I figured that there was a pattern which was worth noting.

Keeping that in mind, if Venus in Scorpio trumps the ace Mars in Scorpio, I believe it will trump any Mars. Hence, my theory would be that the Venus in Scorpio would rule the person when it came to love. I bet that an aggressive Mars such as Scorpio, Aries or Capricorn could make this man a go getter in the corporate world. However, when it came to amour, he would tend to freeze. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we each have struggles, albeit different ones.

Let’s go to a new group of Venus’–Gemini and Saggi. They are both mutable. Mutable can be good or bad or good and bad. Let’s hone this down. Venus in Gemini is a flirt. Venus in Saggi is a serial romancer. These are light weight Venus’. They are fun. They are light. They are feel good but they can be fly night, here today and gone tomorrow. Let’s pair them with some Mars signs.Let’s put Venus in Gemini with Mars in Scorpio. Here, you would have a guy who chased and was a terrible flirt. Would he stay or go? I guess we have gone beyond our subject with this one because we would have to look at other factors for stability. This combo would be potent, though. I can say that. Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Saggi would be a similar situation to the above. He could chase like no one’s business but would he stay? That is the million dollar question.

I hope you are having fun. I am . Let’s take a new Mars. Let’s take Pisces. Pisces mars is known for having little ambition. This Mars would be in the same category of Cancer Mars—a non go getter. Let’s give him a Cancer Venus. He would be very romantic. He would love all things homey and domestic. He may be the right guy for a house husband.

Lets go to a new scenario. Lets take an Aries Venus with a Cancer Mars. This guy would make my grandpa sedan look like a race car. The Venus in Aries guy won’t chase The Mars in Cancer won’t chase without a light under his derriere. This man needs a woman with Venus in Aries, who will chase. Remember, that the Venus in Aries reveres polarity in men and woman. The woman chase and the men need to be chased.

Shall we do a few more before I ask for your comments? Let’s take a Taurus Venus and an Aries Mars. The Aries Mars would go after what he wanted. With a Taurus Venus, he would be attracted to the simple pleasures in life like a home cooked meal and a comfy work shirt. Heck, he should be a farmer.

I know I have not done all the Venii. I want your input because YOU know the Venus and Mars the best, if you have them ( except for Brain, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces, who always has a thing or two to tell me :D)


PS People are asking me about new combos. Leave your combo request on my Comment Form and I will add it tomorrow.




28 thoughts on “Do Your Venus and Mars Jump Start You or Stall You?

  1. amiannTina

    I have Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius, so I am interested in this combo. I know that Venus in Aries makes a woman a chaser, but does my Mars placement make me even more of a chaser (although I try not to be one)? By the way, my Venus is retrograde, I don’t know if that makes any difference here.

    On the other hand, a love interest of mine has Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer. With these placements, will he ever really chase a woman?

    You said that a man with Aries Venus and Cancer Mars needs Venus in Aries woman to chase him. But in another article you said that a woman should never chase a man. So is Aries Venus/Cancer Mars man the only exception to the rule, the only man that needs to be chased by a woman? Or does this apply to Virgo Venus/Cancer Mars men as well (or maybe all Cancer Mars men)?

    English is not my first language, so I hope that I was able to explain clearly enough what I meant here.

    By the way, I love your website! So much interesting information.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Tina! Your comment made my day.
      Yes, the Venus in Aries man needs a chaser, but the woman has to be subtle because no man wants to be overtly chased lol
      I am finding that the Venus in Libra man may need a slight chase, not as much as the Aries, but a bit. As to your examples. Mars in Saggi is not a go getter Mars, so you would not be more of a chaser. I would think less of one. Now, a Mars in cancer guy is not too much of a chaser. This Mars is one of the worst for assertion. Venus in Virgo is a guy who likes too much perfection for my taste lol
      In the cases with these guys who don’t have much assertion, you could do a super subtle chase, where they don’t realize you are doing it.
      Your English is wonderful, Tina. I wish I could speak another language like you do!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Babykiller Casey Anthony had the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Aries. I guess the
    Venus in Aries nullified the “motherly” Moon in Cancer.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Incidently, the “foreign” gal’s post directly above mine seems suspiciously like a
    person who was “promenentally in the news in 2011.” Hi!

    1. amiannTina

      Lon, if you mean me, then no. I’m from Europe, and I have always been living here. And I have never been in the news, lol. Not even in my home country.

  4. amiannarchie

    i’m a male have venus in cancer/mars in aries…trying hard to get close to a female venus in aries/mars in cancer….her mars conjunct my venus, 4deg orb…but still dealing with the squares

    your thoughts ami? we zigzagging with our approach to each other?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I did a little description of both of your Venus/Mars duo. Let me ask you some questions. Can this girl go after what she wants, do you think? Her Mars conj your Venus is an instant attraction like cupid’s arrow. However, she may be the aggressor as the Mars is the masculine planet. What do you think, Archie? Please, tell me about the squares again, Archie dear. Then, I will try to put the whole thing together.

      1. amiannarchie

        well we have mars square mars (too wide an orb, just in sign aries/cancer) our venuses square 3deg orb aries/cancer)

        her mars in cancer conjunct my venus in cancer, ive read its better the other way round mars in cancer (male)

        her aries sun conjuncts my mars at the apex of a kite opposing my pluto, sextiling my gemini sun and aquarian moon

        sorry ami, tried posting on your forum but my charts disappeared after awhile…posted under “12th house synastry” topic

        i posted here because of the mars venus topic 🙂

        1. amiannarchie

          to your question about whether she can go after what she wants….i think so, but her mars in cancer holds her back some? she’s an pisces ascendant with sag moon

          her aries sun falls in her 1st house, her sun falls in my 12th…her moon in my 8th

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I see, Archie. Her Aries Sun in the first house should help her in terms of being a go getter but it is complicated to take everything into consideration.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, it was getting long to visualize without a chart lol Well, I have heard that a Sun conjunct a Mars is not a good position for a relationship. What do you think? Now, this opposes your Pluto. So, does her Sun and Mars oppose your Pluto. It seems like it may be a contentious kind of relationship. Archie. Tell me about it.

          1. amiannarchie

            i have a natal mars aries oppose pluto in libra…my mars conjuncts her south node 0deg orb….and mypluto conjuncts her north node (yikes)

            so power struggles? passionate? we be fighting like cats and dogs?

            ive aries ascendant as well (natal chiron conjuncts, thats not great too) her venus and mercury in aries conjuncts my ascendant and chiron exact

            we’ve got juno eros and vertex on our angles in composite too….not sure if that helps some….a couple of Tsquares too

            will try to post the chart again in forum

            thks so much ami….you’ve a great site

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Thanks you for your kind words, Archie. They mean so much to me. I will come back tomorrow and see what I can see from the description. I know about figuring things out on the computer lol

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Ami, you sound so authouritative and intelligent when you display your Astrological
    expertise. But when you write about EXTREME fundmentalism it detracts from your
    The Christian world contains 1,000’s of viewpoints. Please check out Associates For
    Scripitual Knowledge and set yourself FREE!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will check it out, Lon. I am leery of secret society kinds of things. The Bible was made to be simple because it was made for the layman, not the scholar. However, I have a lot of respect for you, so will check it out. Thanks for your compliment that I am not a dolt 😀

  6. amiannLon Spector

    Extreme fundamentalism is RELIGION and TRADITION! You can not worship God
    “in spirit and truth,” when brainwashed by religion. The religion is only second hand
    accsess to God! Not vital life giving waters of the Spirit. Do you remember Jesus’s
    interaction with the Samaraten women at the well?
    I don’t want to draw the ordinary water of ceramony and dead words. I want the vital life
    giving waters of the SPIRIT!

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Truth has to be told whether it makes you popular of not. That’s the way it was with Jesus.
    Mars in the 7th house is often on the “social outs” as was Jeus.

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