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Asteroid Apollo

I love when I learn about new Asteroids. Today, I learned about Apollo. If someone’s Apollo touches a prominent point in your chart such as your ASC, DSC, Sun, Moon or Venus, you will find them incredibly attractive. You will not be able to resist them. I am thinking that if one has a prominent Apollo, he will be magnetically beautiful, to all. Steve McQueen seems like the quintessential Apollo to me. If someone feels so inclined, find out if he has Apollo conjunct the Sun or ASC.

16 thoughts on “Asteroid Apollo

  1. amiannlilithpluto

    I just found out that that guy’s Apollo square my Venus (1 degree) ! ! Well… I am still attracted to him… BUT moving on!! 😀

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hmmm His Apollo square your Venus. I am not sure what to do with the square . How did you feel around him? Were you very attracted to him in an in terms of he seemed like the “ideal” man? I am curious how the square would work. I would love your further input, Lilith.

  2. amiannmiss concerned

    What about his valentine in taurus conjuncts her apollo in taurus,the orb is 2.04.
    Also his valentine in taurus conjuncts her venus un taurus,the orb is 0.26.
    And his Narcissus in scorpio opposite her apollo in taurus,the orb is 2.83.
    His Narcissus opposite her venus ,the orb is 0.79.
    All this in the same synastry.What can it mean these aspects?
    Valentine,Venus and apollo is good,but Narcissus is bad,isn’t it?
    Thank you very much!

  3. amiannmiss concerned

    Thank you! 🙂
    Do you know that my mom’s mars conjuncts my apollo and my venus and she loved me a lot a lot when I were a baby.And I loved her tremendously,but maybe it is because my pluto conjuncts her neptune.Now I feel such a tremendous love when I am sick or when she is looking on my baby’s photos. 🙂

  4. amiannKathy

    My Apollo is conjunct my son’s Mercury. We have always been able to talk. When he was younger, and sometimes still, he has trusted me with many personal struggles, fears, hopes and dreams. His friends are amazed how we communicate, that we are willing and able to communicate, and it takes them aback when we say, “Hang on. S/he’s on facebook right now, so I’ll ask.” 😀

  5. amiannmarion

    Thank you for the many posts on minor asteroids. I am enjoying reading all your articles ever since i discovered the site recently.

    What do you make of a synastry where both Apollos, Both Joyas and Both Sapphos (pairs) are all in a stellium along with man’s BML & anti-vertex as well as Woman’s Venus and Aphrodite. Whole stellium span is 8 degrees.

    Stellium is across the woman’s 5th cusp and man’s 11th cusp. Couple born several years apart.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Marion. You answered my question about the couples born several years apart. One would have to check on the movement of each asteroid to see it’s length of time in one place. Then, we could go from there. I am so happy to have you as a reader of my website, Marion!

  6. amiannmarion

    Hi Amiann, I meant to say their birthdays were not within a week or so. They were born 4 years apart. These asteroids move at various speeds..So this seems sheer…..well……astrology….:)

    They also have his Eros conjunct her BML exact and smack on her MC which is also his IC.
    Elsewhere her Eros square his BML, exact again.

    Woman has Venus conj. Aphrodite and Man has Sun conj. Aphrodite natally…and these conjunction points are in a square!

    Good for tantra you recon?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yea, I knew what you meant about the birthdays. Any asteroid that conjuncts a personal planet or angle is super powerful. His Eros conj her Mc/his Ic is super powerful. Yes, the Aphrodite one is interesting lol

  7. amiannpiscean

    Hello! My Apollo is trine my sun but opposing my ascendant. I’m wondering what does it mean? Because it’s conflicting, there’s a good and bad aspect. Because I always read that the most important areas to make an aspect with the asteroids are the sun and ascendant, correct me if I’m wrong. And the conjunct is the most apparent aspect.

    It’s also square my Mars, trine Saturn, square Pluto, and sextile Chiron, if it matters.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Piscean
      First of all, it would have to be very close–less than 2 degrees. Trine the sun would make people apt to put you on a pedestal. Oppose ASC may make it hard for you to deal with in your daily life.

  8. amiannpiscean

    Hello AmiAnn, thanks for replying! It says in that it’s my Apollo trine sun is 1.27 in Leo retrograde, and in the chart it’s 2 (approaching), so mine is not that tight then. But are those tight orbs also applicable to trines and other aspects? Or it’s only applicable to conjunctions? My Apollo opposition ascendant is also 2 but it’s separating. I read that the separating aspect has a weaker influence than the approaching aspect.

    I’m not sure about the pedestal thing since I have never been in a relationship yet, (Venus retrograde in effect) but I just learned that some people way back in high school still have a crush on me until now despite not seeing me for a very longtime, lol.

  9. amiannpiscean

    I see, so it should not exceed 2 degrees if it’s an asteroid then. Thank you! I noticed that doesn’t show the exact number of the orb, so we can only estimate if it’s around ,1,2,3, etc. 🙂

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