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Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini is a happy, upbeat sun. Gemini Sun can be the life of the party, but it will be in an intellectual way, rather than a” dancing in the middle of the floor with a lampshade” way. This Sun loves words. Words are rife with humor when a Gemini spins them . Gemini Sun is lighthearted and vibrant. She will not hold a grudge. She will, just, move on, seemingly effortlessly, to the next person or activity. Some may call her superficial and she may be . Gemini may leave you high and dry when a shinier bauble comes along. It is true, but you must admit you had a fun ride.

Gemini is a mutable sign. The mutable signs are not leaders. They are not stubborn. They can change their minds and change their scenery with relative ease. Gemini’s sensitive area is the nervous system. They can get,easily, overloaded by stimuli. They need to be alone to unwind and let off the nervous energy that accumulates. Some call the sign of Gemini, the cheater. This may be true if there are not other planets in loyal and devoted signs like Cancer or Taurus. All in all, Gemini will be a fun partner, a lighthearted companion on life’s byways. However, if you want long term stability, check the moon, ascendent and Venus for long term partner potential.

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