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Asteroid Eros

We were made to be erotic creatures. For some people, their erotic nature seems to come naturally. For others, it is hard. Picture the proverbial librarian with her buttoned up black suit, buttoned to the top button. That would be an Eros which was unexpressed, probably due to fear. People with Eros conjunct the Ascendent will exude erotic vibes. If you feel an erotic quality from a person, he may have Eros conjunct the Ascendant. A person exudes what conjuncts his Ascendant, for better or worse. For the lucky Eros conjunct the Ascendant native, he attracts people as honey to a bee. Eros conjunct Venus will be more hidden but the person will be an erotic creature, nonetheless. If Eros conjuncts Saturn, one may become promiscuous in the attempt to express Eros. Saturn can make one have an obsessive drive to express any asteroid it touches. Eros is reflected in the song ” Bolero”. Actually, this would be Sappho, which is a Eros expressed through the arts. In synastry, one will be attracted to a person when the Eros’ are aspected. . Eros would make for an intense short term relationship.However, for true soul mates, one would need more than Eros.One would need moon aspects. Also, one would need some of the tender asteroids such as Ceres or the deep, sacrificial love asteroids like Valentine.

36 thoughts on “Asteroid Eros

  1. amiannmarine

    Ami is the orb of 5 degrees is not working for the conjunction of eros and mars in the synastry?And what does it mean very tight conjunction of psyche – pluto in the synastry?And eros square psyche (the eros is the pluto’s owner).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The person is erotic as part of how they love. I don’t know about ParFortune. I don’t know if that is used as an aspect or just a placement on it’s own. Research it and see, Jen.This person would be wise when it comes to erotic things. They may be deluded though, from the square to naptune such that their erotic nature may make them make mistakes. Is this you? Does it fit?

  2. amiannjennifer

    Thank you Ami,as usual your explanations are so true.Your site is so helpful, I would’nt know what to do without it:) I also have lilith trine venus and Medusa sextile jupiter,what does this mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you, Jenn. I appreciate that so much. I can’t tell you what it means to me! You will be able to use your raw sexuality WITH love. You may have jealous feelings etc but you will be able to deal with them, without acting out in a negative and hurtful way.

  3. amiannjennifer

    I think Bella has to do with beauty or so it says on Lindaland.
    Asteroids for beauty
    Helena etc and Asteroid Kallisto (the most beautiful)
    For charisma and grace
    Which were found in the charts of Marilyn Manroe,Angelina jolie and Bill Clinton

  4. amiannjennifer

    Also forget to add ,there’s another site Constellations of words.It has a list of stars and what they would mean in the chart.
    Mirach – Brilliant mind
    Alhena – Genius
    Sadalsuud – Hypnotic influence over opposite sex and Wealth through opposite sex
    Spica – Immense wealth
    Bellatrix – No children

  5. amiannsleepy

    Interesting, ive had alot of attaction from people i barely knew. I was looking at my chart but found nothing related to these sudden attractions, until eros was mentioned in a few astrology threads, i decided to check the degree of my eros at and compare it to the degree of my ascendant. My eros stands at 23.26 and my ascendant stands at 22.53. Is this considered a conjunction?

      1. amiannsleepy

        Lol, im pretty self conscious when it comes to my photos cause im not photogenic at all! Most of the times i would look at my photos and then attempt to crawl into a hole and die. all cameras hate me 🙁

  6. amiannVenusAS


    I have Venus conjunct Lilith at tight degrees (2) and Neptune conjunct Lilith at tight as well. Uranus my chart ruler conjunct Eros at 2 degree and trine Psyche, also make an aspect to Bella (Square) at 0. My other chart ruler Saturn (My AS is Aquarius) trines Aphrodite at 2 degree and trine Venus at 7/8, Neptune at 7/8. Eros is in my first house, and so as asteroid Camelia (A flower symbolized as the gift for man). Aphrodite trines AS at 4/5, Amor trines AS at 2 degree. Venus, Neptune, and Uranus sits at 1st house (Venus cjt. AS 1.32, Neptune cjt. AS at 1.55), but my dominants are Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus (Venus trine Jupiter at 0.01 degree)

    Well, I don’t consider myself as ‘sexy’ or ‘erotic’ or ‘dark’ beauty, which was weird because I have Juno in 1st (according to Lindaland Juno was supposed to bring out a dark beauty. No. Doesn’t work on me). But I do have an appeal where everyone thinks I’m beautiful. I don’t know, but people says I’m pretty/good-looking. I’m not dangerously sexy. I have a soft oval face with unique features (dimples on cheek and stuff). My appearance is pretty much soft. Not cute, nor sweet. But soft. And there’s some kind of appeal in it, that makes people think I’m attractive (dunno. Does Venus cjt Neptune at 0.22 degree help out?). And the worst thing is people will get jealous, and one friend of mine tries to copy my style and change from a total simple girl to dress-up girl. I never knew beauty could cause this kind of mayhem. Maybe because guys find me attractive lots of times (just my dimpled-smile could sway them off. It’s not really tht pleasing), or maybe because I just look plain good. I don’t know. But I never like it. It crushes me somehow, because you don’t have to be jealous, because we all have beauty in ourselves. Beauty varies, and it is subjective. Someone who thinks beauty as sexy would find sexy males/females damn attractive, while cute/sweet type of beautiful aa *less* attractive. It’s better to be yourself and let the right person loves ya.

    So, in conclusion, I think Eros and other beauty asteroid adds charm and graceful beauty. Not just raw sexuality (would be Pluto and Mars. Those two are the sexy planets). The beauty asteroid has this label, “What’s on the outside fools you,” because Eros, Lilith, Aphrodite, etc aren’t just some ordinary beautiful gods/goddesses. They have a killer personality. Extremely dangerous (lol).

    Sorry for rambling. But that’s just what I thought. Just some information from the ones who have this aspect ;).

    *I’m an earthy Pisces and Vulcan Scorpio*

  7. amiannJasmine

    Hi Ami. My ex and I have Eros Opposite Venus double whammy (0-2 degrees orb)…his Eros is also opposite my Mars (2 degrees). My Venus also conjuncts his Lilith by 0 degrees orb. What does it say about our relationship?

  8. amiannAaron

    So I have my Aries Mars exactly conjunct my Midheaven at 0 degrees and my Eros directly squares my Mars and Midheaven at 0 degrees. What effect does this have? Hope it makes me publicly attractive! :P

      1. amiannAaron

        Little confused about what you wrote, does it mean I want to work in sex industry but I want more of professional job? can you expand on it please? Also does it make someone publicly erotic or does it cause problems in expressing this in public? Sorry for all these questions.

  9. amiannHannah

    I was wondering what this would mean
    Eros conjunct Neptune both in conjunction to my ASC and in both in the 1st house
    I also have Eros square Mars and Eros trine Saturn and am not really sure how to interpret all that

  10. amiannsar

    I know someone with eros conjunct the ascendant … he makes women uncomfortable . A couple of my friends mentioned this wierd energy coming from this guy and I decided to check his chart and sure enough eros conjunct the ascendant. This stuff is fascinating.

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