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Asteroid Hekate

I am trying to understand this asteroid. Forgive me, if I err. There is precious little about many of the asteroids. The information out there can seem contradictory and thus, confusing. One must hone down each asteroid to it’s core quality in order to use it in the charts.One does not have room for intellectual mumbo-jumbo because one is trying to illuminate the lives of others.With that in mind, I will try to write about Hekate. This asteroid is the shadow self. It was called a “demon” . This term demon helps to illuminate Hekate. Demons are spiritual forces, which if let alone, will being us to our knees. They are powerful forces. However, if one brings them to the Light, they evaporate, as if to nothing. Hekate, strives to bring our unconscious self forward. Our unconscious self houses socially unacceptable emotions. One can get in trouble if these emotions stay blocked, as they can become a volcano and erupt, or stay inside and eat us up, from the inside . I would say that one could look at Hekate as the shadow self, as expressed by Jung . Hekate IS your Shadow Self, striving for you to take it out and bring it to the light. I will write more, as I do more charts and learn more.

5 thoughts on “Asteroid Hekate

  1. amiannLB

    I also think Hekate can also serve as the wise protector of innocence – both literally and figuratively – in the sense that she’s able to recognize potential danger and deal with unpleasantries and cruelties others may wish to deny. A prominent Hekate can represent the place in us that dwells between heaven and earth, a place where we’re called to serve God in ways others cannot by shedding light in dark places.

    Who better to help others transform their darkness than one who intimately understands the spiritual suffering of the “dark night of the soul”?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Actually, LB, I just saw your whole comment. You asked me to erase it but it is right on! Hekate is our shadow self. It is the dark night of the soul, you could say. You are right in that we must face it. I welcome anyone to comment. One does not have to agree with me. I welcome all faiths and all opinions. Thank you!

  2. amiannLB

    Okay, Ami – although my comment may be the longest one you’ve ever received.:)

    My own Hekate is conjunct my Virgo Ascendant (-1), coming from the 12th and forms a biquintile with my 5th house Aquarius Moon/Kali – there are more exact conjunctions to both of these points. For several decades I acted as a sort of “gate-keeper” for a non-profit organization which served children and adolescents with learning and/or emotional challenges. It was frequently a very volatile environment, one in which Hekate’s intuitive gifts found a practical outlet.

    When the business closed, I devoted myself to managing my elderly mother’s palliative care, regularly advocating on her behalf. The effects of late-stage dementia rendered her vulnerable in that she quickly became incapable of defending herself or of telling me what was wrong, although thankfully I always realized what was happening – often while encountering much resistance and denial.

    In my work now as an alternative healer (mostly volunteer) , I occasionally run across those who are suffering but are unable for various reasons to clearly identify the source of their pain. As an empath and intuitive, I can feel people’s pain, the dark holes in the soul where people feel most abandoned and unloved. In giving a voice to that pain, and acting as a channel for God’s divine love, it seems to help begin the process of transformation. Or at least it seems to lessen the sense of aloneness by robbing it of some of its power to deceive. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    There are other astrological indications of this as well, as in astrology’s “Rule of Three”. Hekate’s placement is just one expression of these energies/gifts.

    Hope this helps clarify my original comment. Take care!

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