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Where is the Asteroid Isis(42) in Your Chart?

298401_104084519702060_527986274_nPeople seemed to like the article on Osiris, from the Comments I got. Let’s try Isis. They are considered paired asteroids in the manner of Romeo and Juliet. When a synastry is done, Astrologers will see if these two lovers touch each other in synastry. If so,  the relationship may have the depth of love of  these two. Let’s see if we can hone down the story of Isis.

Isis is known for recovering the  thirteen cut up parts of her husband, Osiris, who had been murdered by his brother, Set. Isis put together all the thirteen parts but he was missing a phallus. She had to create one through magic. She did such a good job that  Osirus and she had a son, Horus.

We need to look at Themes when we examine asteroids. Isis put together the separated parts of her husband, literally. Hence, people who can make a whole from separate parts may have a strong Isis. This could be extended to writers, musicians, artists and even scientists. They use  the building blocks of words, musical notes, colors, shapes, as well as molecules. With these, they form a whole, in the manner of marvelous creations.

Isis breathed new life into her dead husband. Hence , a person with a strong Isis may breathe new life into dead things.  We are talking about the quality of rebirth. One may have a rebirth in one’s basic nature. One may have a mini death due to trauma or tragedy. Then, one may be reborn.  Isis may be prominent in the charts of people who experience this kind of life changing process.

Isis loved her husband with true devotion. She searched for him with all of her soul. Then, she brought him back to life. In addition, they had a child in the most trying of circumstances, one may say. Hence, Isis can represent the creation of actual life. It can, also, represent our own creations such as one’s business, one’s art or anything to which one gives birth from one’s core being.

Last but not least, Isis may represent magic. She brought back the phallus of Osiris due to magic. Magic still exists today, perhaps not as in myths, but in hopes and dreams that we can make true. I would look to Isis for this, too.

Let me know where Isis resides in your chart!




9 thoughts on “Where is the Asteroid Isis(42) in Your Chart?

  1. amiannShen

    My Isis conj his Sun.
    His Isis conj my Aphrodite.

    and paired with his Osiris Exactly conj my Asc.
    my Osiris conj his North Node.
    How do u think about these Ami? pls interpret to me. Thank u.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Shen, today I an going to do an article on Isis, so will have a better idea. If I don’t come back to this because I get scattered, ask me again, Sweetheart.

  2. amiannSnoopie23

    Hi Ami..!

    I have these in Leo- Osiris- 6; Saturn- 10; Moon- 12; Isis-13; Pallas- 17 on descendant.

    (Neptune in Saggitarius- 15 conjunct MC; Venus in Aries 8)

    In short, the moon/saturn thing has felt like the people I love the most, and feel most at home and intimate with, are surrounded by scenarios and people which cause me a lot of pain- which I feel I cannot openly discuss with those who love me. Saturn is also ruler of my twelfth house. For some reason the flowers/people in my life I am naturally close to- happen to be “roses”. And I’m still learning to handle the situations/thorns/people around them.

    Luckily, I have humourous Jupiter in Gemini and refuge in creative projects..!

    I’d love to hear what you think Osiris and Isis may throw in the mix.

    I do believe in Soulmates/partners, and agree that Moon compatibility is wonderful, and ultimately- cannot be denied for a healthy, long-term and fulfilling relationship. When you really feel emotionally and physically safe to both be who you are- realating, intimacy (into-me-see) is effortless and wonderful.

    I find in relationships, I can’t lie to myself. The greatest heart-throb might ask me out, but I can’t put the blinkers on in the sense of what’s *between us.* Even if he is a kind, wonderful person, there has to be a genuine dance **between** our Souls for romance. I feel I have to genuinely feel I can see/meet him and that he can also see/meet my soul. Everyone deserves this love. Perhaps it only appears rare because of our current limited time/opportunities to truly be present and enjoy each other. I believe there are many more Soul partners/realationship-happiness here for us than we currently imagine.

    Does Isis give me hope inspite of the thorns..?

    Still pondering 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your articles/thoughts..! 🙂 xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so very much, S, and Welcome! Come and put your chart up in my Forum and ask all your questions there. That will be easier. I am not that familiar with Isis and Osiris in terms of seeing them play out in charts. I have not done them when I have done professional charts. I just forget lol. We can discuss them, though. Maybe, you can help me. What do you think? How do you think they play out?

  3. amiannsnoopie23

    Hi Ami..!

    Thanxx for that..!

    Yes, Isis is ~devoted. She ~searches for Osiris and not only does she find his numerous fragments but against incredible odds succeeds to ~heal/breathe Life into him! Again, in the most improbable conditions, manages to become pregnant with him, and Creates New Life.

    I imagine a strong Isis would mean having a ~detective’s ability- searching and researching, making sense of the fragments, as well as providing Heart Healing and resolution- so those involved/damaged are made almost new again. Isis could mean having the ability of a heart-psychologist/healer too: knowing how to love, how to love someone back to life.

    Isis solves mysteries, and brings what’s hidden, and our deepest wounds to light and healing. Isis shows us the power of reaching out with a sincere, devoted heart towards what we might initially believe to be out of human reach or hope. Turning the hopeless in hope; despair into faith, and bringing someone, something, or our own being- back to Life 🙂

    Other thoughts on Isis-

    True, Sincere love and relationships- outliving external circumstances or life as we know it
    Believing in the power of love;
    The impossible becoming possible;
    Healing, and the “miraculous” process of turning damage/death into recovery/Life;
    Collating universal inspiration and manifesting it into Life-giving art or creations;
    Not settling or giving up;
    Creating/giving birth from a deep Soul relationship;
    Only creating out of love- living one’s true vocation;
    Picking ourselves up and focusing on what moves you/what you love;
    However dire the current situation- believing Love and Light xx


    As for tight aspects of Osiris and Isis- I imagine the conjunctions, and trines could represent the ease/likelihood/type of situation where you might seek and find your Life/Soul partner 🙂

    … Still pondering on that one… 🙂

  4. amiannsnoopie23

    If Isis can bring someone/poor Osiris back to life, I’m guessing she’s very much tuned into Source/God/Good/Life..

    Nothing beats love. Love is the greatest healing power
    there is; nothing else comes close. Not ancient cures,
    modern medicines and technologies, or all the interesting
    books we read or the wise things we say and think.
    Love has a transformational power.

    ~ Naomi Judd

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