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What Are You? Chinese Astrology

chinese zodiac


This is very cool. Do you think it is true for you ? 😀

12 thoughts on “What Are You? Chinese Astrology

  1. amiannBiblea

    Happy Chinese New Year, A!
    May cherry blossoms sprout near your home, pussy willows liven up your living space, and may you have a blessed new year.

      1. amianncatman90

        Im sort of so so.I fell asleep last night thats why im only answering back now.I am a bit worried that my cat is really sick.We noticed something was wrong last night but we couldn’t take her up to the vets because the it would have been closed.

          1. amianncatman90

            Yeah she was ok. Thanks Ami.My mum took her the vet this morning.The vet said she an ulcer.I think he gave her an injection and some pain killers.She has to go back tomorrow for another injection.

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