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Asteroid Lilith

My picture of Lilith is of a librarian taking down her hair, taking off her glasses and getting in to a black, silk little something. We,all, have a passionate side with raw primal emotions. God made us that way, so it must be how he wanted us.Lilith shows this slice of the human. Lilith can be in a place, in the chart, where it causes problems, though. I did a chart of a woman with Lilith conjunct Ixion. The person was a child molester. I do not believe someone is fated to be such. As I said earlier, Jesus can change, anyone . Jesus is above any condition or any chart. However, the chart will show one’s proclivities. What one does with them is up to the person. However, Lilith can have a beautiful place in the chart. One’s erotic passions are beautiful, in the right setting. Lilith can show that there will be powerful passions between people when it conjuncts another persons planets or chart angles.

6 thoughts on “Asteroid Lilith

  1. AmiLulu

    Have you met any others with this Ixion Lilith conjunction? I have been to a few sites looking for info on it but seem to only run into what you have written about the combination. I’m curious about the sign(s) of the conjunction for the chart of the child molester you met has. Also about the placement of the conjunction in the chart. I hope you don’t mind sharing.

      1. AmiLulu

        I did mean other than the child molester who was mentioned in all of the articles I read. I was also curious about sign and position — even which Lilith was used.

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