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Self Esteem

Self Esteem is as precious as gold. If you don’t have it, all the gold in the world will not save you. This is seen,again and again, with famous people . What is self esteem, that elusive something which seems to drive us, invisibly? We, all want to matter. We, all, want to be significant , to be important. Some people think this is weak. . However, we, as humans, were made like this . One can deny it, but it still exists.

Most of us try to get our self esteem through other people, jobs, prestige, beauty or money. It would be nice if these things worked, I suppose. It may be easier to attain, if they did. However, they don’t and can’t. The reason is that God made us with a particular void. It can only can be filled with Him. It is like Dorothy’s slippers. She could not go home without them. I, always, wondered if this was an analogy about God. The Wizard of Oz is eternally loved. It speaks to our hearts, both child and adult. Humans are, very much, the same. We think we are different, perhaps, but the more one finds God, the more one finds that we are more alike. When that happens, God will put one in strange situations, with people who, at first, seem very different, but then, one sees that they are the same . Self esteem is really God esteem. It does not exist, in a true way, without God. It may appear to, but when you scratch the surface, you will find that it was dross, not the genuine thing.

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