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Asteroid Lucifer

Asteroids can keep one busy, forever. There are , always, new ones to learn. There are,always, exciting ways that the asteroids play out in charts. The asteroid Lucifer is the story of pride. The” myth” asteroids follow the myths from which they are derived. One must hone down the myth to a few central themes. Then,one has the meaning to which one may apply the chart. Lucifer wanted to be number one. He was the most beautiful being ever created. He was not an ugly creature, as some people surmise. He had illuminating beauty such that one ‘s breath would be taken away. Lucifer wanted to be God. Lucifer saw men worship God and he wanted the worship for himself. He rebelled against God. That was not a wise move and it sealed his fate, forever. His final destination is the Lake of Fire. Pride brought Lucifer to this. He was not happy with his portion. He wanted all the power and all the glory. As such, he fell to nothing. The asteroid Lucifer, in the chart, will show where you have inordinate pride.

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