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Asteroid Moira (638)

blue eyes red girlI have been getting more self esteem the more I see the wonderful asteroids conjunct my Sun. I check my own asteroids after I do it for other people, usually. On Linda-Goodman. com, there was a thread on Moira in the Asteroid Forum. Moira is supposed to show one’s fate. With these kinds of asteroids, it can be for good or bad. It depends what it  conjuncts.

When looking at Moira, one should look at the conjunct  planet. With the Sun, one may have a fated journey with one’s identity, sense of self and basic thrust in the world. With the Moon, one may be fated in one’s emotions such as being a therapist or a poet.  With Mars, one may have a fate related to one’s goals such as having the ambition to  reach a hard won goal. With Venus, one may have a fate related to love such as finding one’s true soul mate.. With Mercury, one may have a fated situation using one’s mind or using one’s communications skills such as being a writer or speaker.

If we see Moira on one of the angles, one may be fated to do something in one’s  daily walk through life(ASC) or in one’s career(MC) . One may be fated in marriage if Moira conjuncts the DSC. One may have fated things happen in childhood if Moira is conjunct the IC.

Lastly, we would look at houses to see the sphere of life in which Moira would play out. I found Moira very interesting because I have her in exact conjunction  with Moira to my Sun in the 9th house. I do feel I was fated to do what I am doing which is Astrology and writing(9th House subjects) I do this with my Sun(identity) Hence, Moira fit perfectly with me.

Tell me about yours 😀




43 thoughts on “Asteroid Moira (638)

  1. amiannEnaid

    Hi Amiann!

    Thank you for the post. I’ve just checked out and found out that Moira is conjunct my North Node in Aquarius in the 5th house.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards,


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, one has to find the MEANING of what it conjuncts by house, sign and other aspects. Then, we can see our fate. Moira seems to point to fate, so I would prolly need a bit more but just on that, I would say you were meant to be creative in either creative ways such as music etc or in creating children. You may be intellectually creative as it is in Aquarius but I would look at more aspects to the NN to tell you more. You can post your chart and ask this question, if you would like!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Now, the ABOVE picture is EXACTLY what I like to see! A rare exoitic
    beauty reeking of MYSTERY! Like a Mona Lisa!
    See, you DON’T have to post Venus in Aries pictures that leave nothing to
    the imagination! You can post Venus in Pisces pictures of the ideal
    Play a song called “She’s Not There,” by the Zombies, to see what I’m
    talking about.
    In fact the Zombies are a GREAT Venus in Pisces group! Also listen to “Season
    For Loving,” and the great song “Tell Her No!”
    Today’s America is crude and Anamalistic. Works of art like that are not!
    Only Christ can restore those times!

  3. amiannLesley

    My Moira is conjunct the asteroid Apollo (1deg) in Libra in the first house. The Moon is conjunct, but by 4deg. This is too much. A question: are aspects not considered at all when the orbs are too wide, in that there is no effect when signs form squares, trines, etc? Just curious.

  4. amiannLesley

    Correction. Moira is conjunct Swindle in the first house in Libra with 1deg orb. Apollo conjuncts the Sun. I liked the above aspect better.

  5. amiannMarion

    I have moira conjunct sun. My man #1 has his Moira conjunct my Moira/my sun in synastry (We are born 4 years apart) They are all in my 5th house.

    My other man #2 has his moira conjunct his sun in his own chart. His sun/moira overlays my 7th house.

    What could all this mean? Who is fated to be with whom?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have Moira conj the Sun. It means you are fated to shine in some way. Look at house and sign for that. In synastry, I am really not sure how one would look at it. I need to use it more. What do you think, Marion?

  6. amiannLon Spector

    I can’t for the life of me, understand what passes for “art” these days!
    I recall the “wild 1960’s” The kind of “art” that people have theses days,
    would make Charles Manson blush.
    I believe, and do assert that there is a CONSPRACY to establish the “law of
    the Jungle in the U.S.A and Europe, because “Christianity” and Western Civlisation
    go hand in hand! Destroy “Christianity and Western Civilaztion will follow!
    Then the women in this country will enjoy the “freedom” of having thier faces
    covered 24/7, and have the “style” of being wrapped in funeral shrouds except
    when they shower, if they get the oppertunity to shower!

  7. amiannBlack Seraph

    Well, mine’s pretty interesting…

    Moira (14 Leo 15’29”) at 9th house cusp (Placidus), (9th house Whole Sign)

    Conjuncts 60186 Las Cruces (13 Leo 21’59”), Part of Fortune (13 Leo 22’46”), 19208 Starrfield (13 Leo 29’9″), 10799 Yucatan (14 Leo 14’4″), 600 Musa (14 Leo 21’58”), 916 America (14 Leo 24’12”).

    Sextiles Pluto (14 Lib 52’18” in 10th), 1224 Fantasia (13 Lib 58’31”), 2736 Ops (14 Lib 0’37”), 1834 Palach (14 Lib 29’20”), 3200 Phaeton (13 Gem 56’40” 7th), 16110 (Paganetti 14 Gem 4’1″ 7th), 14959 (TRIUMF 14 Gem 5’2″ 7th), 1981 (Midas 14 Gem 40’6″ 7th), 129 (Antigone 14 Gem 54’11” 7th)

    Trine 31442 Stark (13 Ari 29’23” Rx 4th), Eris (14 Ari 35’17” Rx 4th), 2985 Shakespeare (15 Ari 28’0″ Rx 4th) , Neptune (15 Sag 33’3″ Station Direct 1st house)

    Opposite 9000 (Hal 13 Aqu 29’51” Rx 3rd house cusp), 4848 Tutankhamun (14 Aqu 17’13” Rx 3rd), 829 Academia (15 Aqu 49’41” Rx 3rd), 25513 Weseley (15 Aqu 51’36” Rx 3rd)

    Square 3347 Konstantin (12 Sco 30’44” 11th), 2247 Hiroshima (12 Sco 31’24” 11th), Uranus (12 Sco 47’38” 11th), 43 Ariadne (12 Sco 53’30” 11th), 81 Terpsichore (13 Sco 2’37” 11th), 5180 Ohno (13 Sco 29’58” 11th), 12th Cusp (13 Sco 39’23”), 10041 Parkinson (13 Sco 55’22” 12th), 666 Desdemona (14 Sco 31’57” 12th), 10227 Izanami (14 Sco 42’11” 12th), 8837 London (15 Sco 39’31” 12th), 21727 Rhines (12 Tau 37’0″ 5th), 877 Walkure (12 Tau 47’46” 5th), 19255 1994 VK8 (12 Tau 48’24” Rx 5th), 7507 Israel (12 Tau 49’25” 5th), 52872 Okyrhoe (12 Tau 57’22” 5th), 6th Cusp (13 Tau 39’23”), 17942 Whiterabbit (13 Tau 49’30” 6th), 3561 Devine (14 Tau 13’18” 6th), 90 Antiope (14 Tau 37’22” 6th), 42355 Typhon (16 Tau 15’45” Rx 6th)

    Not sure what I’m destined to do, but it appears to involve America, maybe Central America (interesting that the Maya region would be presented here). Sextile to Pluto (colored by my Mars and Venus conjunctions) looks interesting in and of itself. Grand Trine to Eris and Neptune, not sure what to make of this. Not sure also what to make of the wide square to Uranus/Hiroshima or the square to Israel. What’s your feel on this Ami?

    Really not liking the square to Parkinson. I have been known to twitch when very stressed. Not so much these days but I’d rather have that than a couple other scares I’ve had since then.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow You left me asteroid numbers, BS. How nice! That is a lot going on. I really could not hone it down without a lot of time spent on it, so I will have to say that I really cannot answer, my Friend.

  8. amiannLon Spector

    Are you under a lot of personal tension this week? I get the sense that
    pressures are building in you. Reaccquaint yourself with the idea that
    God will not subject you with more then you can handal.

  9. amiannLon Spector

    You know, the terms “Bury the hatchet,” and “Let BYGONES be BYGONES,”
    DO portray a spiritual reality. No one expects you to carry the burdens of the
    world on your shoulders. That’s what Christ is for! Your ultimate friend!
    There’s a saying: “Don’t stand on ritual.” It means don’t let pride and hurt
    feelings get in they way of love.
    You’ve heard of the Aloesph’s fable about the Lion with a thorn stuck in his
    paw? He roars at the person trying to remove the thorn. The helper must
    keep in mind that the Lion is in pain, and that’s why he roars.”
    Christ WOULD NOT want you to “stand on ritual.” If the Father in Heaven stood
    on ritual, we would ALL be dead! God sent His Son to save us while we were
    enimies of God! “The gifts and callings of God, are WITHOUT repentence.”
    We DON’T repent BEFORE God taps us on the shoulder. We see what God has
    done for us-in the form of Jesus-THEN we repent!
    Christ, said of the people who spit and threw rocks at Him, “Father, forgive them
    for they KNOW NOT what they do.”
    There are 3 kinds of I.Q. : Intellectual, social, and spiritual. People have varying
    degrees of Intellectual and Social I.Q., but most are trapped at a moronic level
    of Spiritual I.Q. Keep this in mind about the people who have hurt you, including
    your parents. They did the best they could with what they knew which was
    By all means help out, and don’t wait for them to acknowledge their misdeeds.
    Christ and The Father didn’t wait. And you DO want to be the best representative
    of Christ that you CAN be don’t you? As with EVERYTHING you must RELIE on
    Christ to give you strength!

  10. amiannScarlet

    Hi Ami!

    Thank you for introducing Moira to me. I don’t have any major aspect with Moira in my chart, except it conjuncts Venus at 2 degrees, Oh, I also have Dejanira squaring moon at 3 degrees, opposition Jupiter and Uranus at 2 and 1 degrees. Also conjunct Chiron at 4 degrees. And Nessus squares ASC at 1 degrees. (Do they really count?)

    Regarding Moira,
    “With Venus, one may have a fate related to love such as finding one’s true soul mate”.

    I don’t really understand that. It would be very helpful of you if you can explain it further.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Scarlet! Well, I would say that you may be fated to find your true love. How nice!With a deja square, 3 degrees is too wide imo. even 2 degrees is not that important in an opposition. 4 degrees would be too wide imo

  11. amiannAnna

    My Moira is on 10H Sagittarius and I have the following aspects:
    Moira ssq. 12H Aq Venus
    Moira trine 2H Ar Saturn
    Moira ssq. 12H Cap Neptune
    Moira sq. 7H Vir N. Node
    Moira ssx. 8H Sc Chiron
    Moira sq. 7H Vir P. Fort.
    Moira sq. 7H Vir Vertex
    Moira qt. 7H Lib BML
    Moira sq. 1H Pis Ceres
    Moira qt. 7H Lib Juno
    Moira trine 2H Ar Vesta
    Moira opp. 4H Gem Hygeia
    Moira trine 2H Ar Klotho
    Moira trine 6H Leo Lachesis
    Moira qt. 7H Lib Eros
    Moira sq. 1H Pis Europa
    Moira con. Sag MC

    I’m not sure how I should interpret all these aspects, but I have to say I’ve always had a strong sense of “fate”. I’ve always been interested in fate, believed in fate and one of my deepest desires is to discover my destiny. Having a 12H Stellium (Aq Venus/Jupiter/Uranus/Pallas, Cap Mars/Neptune) doesn’t help much in giving me any peace of mind, so I won’t rest until I discovering it (esp finding true love)!

      1. amiannAnna

        It’s very hard on the mind. There is an insane amount of mental ability, awareness of a subconscious that would work much better as a conscious, a strong feeling of imprisonment and (mental) sickness… I feel like my baggage is dragging me down. But for some reason I am very, very hopeful. I’m both pessimistic and optimistic at the same time (probably because I’m bipolar?)! I can see a (Sagittarius) Sun behind the clouds 🙂

        I gave some thought on my Moira placements. I find it troubling that there are so many squares, but the trines and quintiles are comforting. The quintiles with BML and Juno paradoxically both make sense! The same applies to the Eros qt. What really concerns me is the MC con, which is the aspect that originally got me investigating about Moira. I recently read that whichever celestial body conjuncts MC reveals a great deal about a person’s career, and I can’t figure out what the Moira con. means. I aspire to become a professional astrologer, so could this mean my career is to tell people their “fate”?

          1. amiannAnna

            1H Pisces. No freaking comment! God, could it be more obvious?

            The most important aspects are trines with 5H Can Moon, 8H Sc Chiron and 8H Sc Psyche, oppositions with N. Node, P. Fort. and Vertex, squares with Hygeia, Moira and MC and a conjunction with my Ceres.

  12. amiannLuke

    I’ve never heard of Moira before so thanks for posting about it :). My Moira is in Aquarius at 15″23 degrees, and it conjuncts my Uranus and is also in the 3rd hosue. Do you know what a conjunction to Uranus may bring? 🙂 It also squares Chiron, and Quintiles Saturn.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the asteroids must have a very close orb,Luke– not more than 2 degrees in a conj and really not more than 1 degree in other aspects. Moira conj Uranus may make your fate be something out of the box like astrology or inventing or doing something very novel.. The 3rd house may make this in writing or some form of communicating such as public speaking or even acting perhaps. Does any of this fit?

      1. amiannLuke

        My True Node conjuncts my MC and it says a similar sort of thing, so i would say it fits :). Thanks very much :). So basically with it being Uranus it would be something out of the ordinary right? The True Node aspect with my MC states something along the lines of working in the entertainment industry, a politician or perhaps working in movies etc.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            If you would like me to look, that would be fine. We can discuss it. If you put it on the Forum, it is much easier to have a long discussion. On here, I would do a brief look cuz the Comments are not ordered and it is hard to keep track.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, lovely placement for having a visible place in society. Yes, Uranus is out of the box. Modeling may really work for you. You look like you were made for it and if it is your heart’s desire, God puts things in our heart because it is our path. Do you know Land’s End? I see you in a lands End catalog lol

          1. amiannLuke

            Modelling would be really fun i would imagine :), i would get to travel the world, use my skills to sell products, and then after all that i would perhaps like to become an activist. I know the agency i am going to sign up with is linked with the Breast Cancer Foundation, so i think it would be nice to go out and raise awareness about things :). If i actually do get fame i would like to use it for good, but i can’t predict how my life will turn out :P. I have never heard of Land’s End either :). My hearts desire since i can remember was to be an actor, but now i think having a mixture of both would be nice :). Models are actors anyway, they just tell a story with a photo though :).

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            WOW God have you your heart’s desire so trust it. I will look at your chart, probably, tomorrow, as my mind is tired and I need a clear mind.

  13. amiannalex

    Hello Ami,

    Would you have some interpretation for moira conjunct nessus in natal 11h ( almost 12H). This conjunction is also square saturn and pluto, oppose vertex and trine juno and lie..

    Is my fate to be abused and lied to by my partners?

    Thank you.

  14. amiannalex

    Quit tight except for pluto.moira conjunct nessus 0.9 . Moira square saturn 0, square pluto 3, trine juno 0 , trine lie 0. Nessus square saturn 1, square pluto 4, trine juno 1, trine lie 1. Vertex oppositions are wider moira 4, nessus 5 .

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