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Asteroid Aura (1488) and Asteroid Kaali(4227)

576812_378188112241383_261675019_nI was fortunate to study to be an acupuncturist. I did not take the test for a  license  but took the course of study.  I have been treated  with acupuncture, too. Hence, I have a feel for the energy body. It is fascinating. We all have one, of course. It is very real. People can undergo surgery with just acupuncture needles. Hence, we are not talking about airy-fairy here.  I say all of this to say that the aura is the outward manifestation of the energy body.

The Asteroid Kaali is the energy body, itself. Kaali has a very distinct manifestation in the natal chart. I have found this through doing charts. I think I am the only one saying this but I am not sure. Kaali is the energy body, as I said. We are each energy, at the core. Hence, our energy body is a highly important part of each of us. If Kaali is too close to the surface, vital energy seems to leak out. The person cannot help it. These people feel very drained from being with others. A simple party or event may drain them for days.

Kaali conjunt the ASC would probably be the hardest. However, there are other places where one could have a similar “energy leakage” These would be the MC, DSC and North Node.  One”s energy body is best when it is not a conjunct a personal point in the chart. The more exterior the personal point, the worse. However, in this case, the Moon is not good, either.

In synastry, if one’s Kaali conjuncts the personal planet or angle of another person, the Kaali person will have an energy leak into the other person. I am sure you have experienced times when you feel your energy rushing out  into another person and leaving you tired and drained. Go to the charts and check the Kaali. We could add the subject of Energy vampires, here. I am sure that Kaali is a factor.

Aura is the outer manifestation of Kaali. I do not think that one’s aura leaks energy. It is simply the outward placement of the energy. It is quite easy to see auras. I can do it. Each aura has a different color. Some are spiky and some are soft. It is an interesting area of study.  If you stare into a mirror at the top of your head and relax,  you can probably see your own aura. Sit on a comfortable chair and really try to relax your focus. You may need to sit there for some time or practice on several occasions. The last time I did it, mine was bright green. It was an amazing experience. If you do it, write to me and tell me!

The Aura Asteroid will show us what the native communicates to the world, unconsciously. If Dejanira is conjunct Aura, the native will have a sense of being a victim. It is not the person’s fault, of course. If Apollo is conjunct Aura, the person will be put on a pedestal by others. Apollo gives a sense that the native is very special and should be honored and revered. If Nessus is conjunct Aura, the person may have the feeling of an abuser. One knows the feeling when one meets a person and “knows” that the person is an abuser.  If Eros is conjunct Kaali, the person would have erotic vibes. If Sedna is conjunct Aura, one would have the vibe that one has been betrayed. If you want me to write a whole list of these,  I will. For now, I hope you understand the basic workings of Kaali and Aura. I look forward to your Comments, as always!




45 thoughts on “Asteroid Aura (1488) and Asteroid Kaali(4227)

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Do you believe that you can acess a persons’ nature from their
    Auric color?
    I’ve read books that that help you determine what your aura color is.
    I am “Crystal.”

  2. amiannLesley

    My Aura is conj the Moon by a 3deg orb. in the first house. I have had my aura read before in colours, which I associate with the vibe a person gives off. I am not sure how it can relate to the planets.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would make your emotions close to the surface and easy to be read by others, Lesley. Your Moon is unaspected and so it may be that people can see how sensitive you are to everything. Is that true? xx

      1. amiannLesley

        That is it EXACTLY. I can’t hide anything from anyone. There are many times when I wish I could. (Mainly ,the negative emotions with embarrassment being at the top of the list. With this I have to be alone until the feeling passes.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      This would make your emotions close to the surface and easy to be read by others, Lesley. Your Moon is unaspected and so it may be that people can see how sensitive you are to everything. Is that true? xx

          1. amiannLesley

            Yes, I don’t like being in love, as I conform to his ideas, wants etc. I also feel a lot of anxiety when a man shows interest and vice versa, almost a sense of unworthiness. That is my undoing. I don’t like being in love (did I already say this?) (LOL).

  3. amiannjennifer

    Hi Amiann
    In my natal chart
    Aura in the 5th house in Sagittarius
    My 5th house also includes a stellium (neptune,uranus,jupiter and vertex)

    Aura conjuncts neptune 2 degrees
    Aura trine sun 4 degress
    Aura sextile pluto 1 degrees
    Aura trine midheaven 4 degrees

  4. amiannLon Spector

    The people at the TCD website, pretty much revile me. They have made a
    pledge to freeze me out. Usually, my posts get through. But not always.
    Most of the posters are women aged 50 or over. They are ENRAGED at the
    misscarrige of justice, and are waiting with bated breath for justice to catch up
    with Casey, and her family as well, who they believe knew all along about
    Casey’s activities, enabled Casey, and have tried to profit off their
    granddaughter’s death.
    George and Cindy Anthony might lose thier house. The irate posters want it to
    happen. Casey’s parents ARE helping her survive. So the people believe that
    if G+C are placed on the street Casey will follow. I don’t necessarily think so.
    They have friends and extended realitives to help them.
    The TCD protesters are enraged at this outrageous injustice, and would do
    ANYTHING to make Casey’s life as misreable as possible.
    The GREATEST injustice of ALL TIME was the crucyfication of Christ, but, even
    then, it HAD to happen, and the ULTIMATE results were good. The death of
    Christ has enabled both Casey, her daughter and ALL humanity to be saved
    from their sins.
    BTW, are you aware that O.J. Simpson was convicted of the crime he was
    ultimately sent away for THIRTEEN YEARS TO THE DAY that he was acquitted
    of killing Ron and Nichole? Thirteen is a karmonic number!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I did not know about the 13 years. he should have taken that fake verdict and run for the hills. It goes to show that that gift was not enough. Oy, mankind is so bad.

  5. amianncatman90

    Ami if I have asteroid Conscience conjunct Kaali by 32 minutes and Madhatter conjunct Kaali by 55 minutes how would that work out ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not sure, CM. What do you think? Can you relate to feeling everyone is making you crazy by twisting your reality? That is how I see the Madhatter. Do you feel your conscience leaks out lol

  6. amianncatman90

    I do think my conscience has a habit of bursting out all over the place yes.
    Im not sure if its true or not about everybody twisting my reality although there have been times where that has happened to me.Sometimes I just have bad luck,just happen to say the wrong thing or am In the wrong place at the wrong time and people misread me then out come the pitch forks and torches and we have ourselves a witch hunt.

  7. amiannCrystalAura

    My Aura opposes my Moon 2° and Mars 0°
    My Kaali conjuncts my Venus 1°, widely–squares Uranus 3°

    I am highly sensitive, intuitive, and have a Crystal Aura.
    I am literally like am energy sponge lol

  8. amiannLesley

    I don’t think so. My Venus is in Taurus at 15deg and Saturn is in Capricorn at 28deg. The signs are trine, but the orb is at 13deg. Of course, Saturn and Capricorn can be a little cold and hard. That’s all I can think of. And, if a man likes me who I am Not attracted to, I feel an immense dislike for them, almost an aversion.

  9. amiannkindredcayce

    I have Kaali conjunct sun (2 degree orb) in my 1st house, with Kaali 8 degrees from my ascendant. I also have a 7th house pisces moon. I can’t figure out which is more draining, or do I have a double whammy energy leak?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Kaali conj Sun. I would not like that. The 8 degrees from the ASC is too wide. The 7th house Pisces Moon would not be as bad as the Kalli conj Sun, in terms of an energy leak, per se imo. Please, tell me how the Kaali conj Sun feels to you? xx

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Kaali conj Sun. I would not like that. The 8 degrees from the ASC is too wide. The 7th house Pisces Moon would not be as bad as the Kalli conj Sun, in terms of an energy leak, per se imo. Please, tell me how the Kaali conj Sun feels to you? xx

      1. amiannkindredcayce

        I don’t think I like Kaali conjuncting my sun either. I’m not sure, considering that my sun & moon are in exact opposition, it’s a bit hard for me discern between the *psychic sponge* aspect of a pisces moon, and kaali conjunct my sun. I feel incredibly drained being around people, and can only handle small doses. I certainly need my alone time. I have a hard time being invisible, if that makes sense… I don’t like being the center of attention, but I seem to attract attention anyway…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I bet learning this has freed you some, K. Has it? The asteroids seem to do that for people. They, finally, understand themselves and their lives in ways that just the planets did not complete.

      1. amiannkindredcayce

        Yes it does… 🙂 I’m learning that I need to take better care of myself, rather than letting others just *take* my energy.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          It is SUPER hard to go against these energy kind of placements. I am not sure how you can deal with this other than the Bible which is the answer for everything anyway lol

  10. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    I have a crystal colored as well. Are you accquainted with the book
    “Life Colors,” by Pam Oshea?
    Being a Crystal color is very tough and lonely. You can only handle sustained
    human contact for so long, then you have to get “far from a maddening crowd.”
    Do you have to be physically present with the person. to see what color the
    Aura is? For example, if you were watching a criminal on T.V., could you SEE
    what color thier Aura is, or do they actually have to be sitting in front of you?
    Catman, I have NEVER been diagnoised with Aspergers, but I have MANY
    simular problems that you have.
    I never got the impession that people liked me very much, or wanted me
    around. This was even in my home. I always seemed to bring out the worst
    in my Sun and Moon in Virgo father. He was also born in the year of the Rat,
    so there was NO pleasing him. A hyper-paranoid, obsessive compulsive type.
    He had been physically beaten by his own father, so he resolved to be better.
    The only problem was, he took all that physical agression, and transfered it to
    his mouth. Is that what a hyper-critical Virgo/Virgo would do? BERATE his
    victim? He has absolutely no memory of doing it. It was second nature. It was
    much better then HE was treated as a child, so he thinks. He NEVER resolved
    his childhood issues. An unresolved childhood issue ONLY festers.
    My mom was the percise opposite of my father. It isn’t unusual to be attracted
    to, or marry your opposite. You think they “complete” you. But how can they
    “complete” you, when they need “completion” themselves?
    An introvert marries an extravert. Does that make the introvert into an
    extravert? Nope. They grow to hate one another! Why can’t you change for me?
    Why can’t you change for me? At first, the differences create exciting stimulation.
    But then, as time passes, the novelity dissapears. “Been There, done that!”
    They become boared and depressed. “Is that all there is?” I’m married to this?’
    So they find a way around the barrier. They cheat, physically or emotionally.
    They begin to hate the person who’s holding them back. But is the other person
    REALLY holding them back? Or, is it their fear to claim their own freedom?
    Blaming other people for our own faults is the easiest thing in the world to do,
    and most people do.
    The only answer to the problems of this world, is to get out of the world, and
    accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.
    But where do you go afterwards? Who do you associate with afterwards?
    I’m sorry to say, I don’t know. I really don’t.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I can see auras when people are around me if I meditate on it quietly, usually. It is not spontaneous, most of the time. I would need the person to sit next to a white wall and let me meditate and then I could.

  11. amiannLon Spector

    Read the book “Life Colors.” Don’t rule it out just because it’s
    “different.” Casey Anthony, is a “Yellow” incidently.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Daniel

      Well, I think the sign would matter a great deal here as well as any conjunctions to the MC from other planets( or close other aspects such as trines, squares etc) 3 degrees is wide for an asteroid to the point that it may be ambient, too.

  12. amiannMimi

    Omg I just checked these two in my chart and I have Aura conjunct my mercury and swindle. Merucry is at 4*30 degrees, swindle is 3*30 and aura is 3*03. Does that mean my intelligence + swindle is easily seen by others? I don’t really think people think of me as a swindler but often people tell me, specially older people, that I’m intelligent but I don’t see how they see intelligence in me. Maybe it’s because of the Aura.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, people see what is in your aura. I won’t invite you over for dinner. You may steal the silver.

      PS It is cheap stainless that doesn’t match 😀

  13. amiannMimi

    Lol! But to be honest, people think I’m innocent and vulnerable at first glance. They usually trust me with stuff. It’s because like you said, I’m a people pleaser. People take advantage of me easily, specially with money. It’s my own mistake tho. Can it be that people are the one who swindle me?

  14. amiannAsuka

    This is very interesting, Ami!
    I have aura connuncts my Venus. Would that make me have a loving feeling? (I’m not sure what I’m saying here lol)

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