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Asteroid Narcissus

This asteroid goes with its pair, Echo. Narcissus is a sad asteroid, especially, if one has it with a parent. Narcissus has no empathy for the child. It is all about his ego, his mask, how he looks. The child exists as his possession. He wants to make the child in to his trophy, an homage to him. Heaven forbid if the child makes Narcissus look bad. Narcissus has fury when he does not appear perfect. In the myth, Narcissus is staring in the pool of water, at himself. Echo is in the background, staring at Narcissus. Echo loves Narcissus. Echo will give up his life and his identity for Narcissus. He must. That is the only way Echo can have a relationship with Narcissus. One man had his Narcissus on his son’s Venus. The man tried to produce a model of the perfect son. The son tried to live up to it until the son could not and the boy killed himself. Narcissus is VERY bad in a parent/child relationship.

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