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Echo Asteroid

Echo is paired with Narcissus. I wanted to write about Echo, alone. One woman’s chart had Echo conj the ASC. The ASC is the part of oneself that one takes out in to life. This is as opposed to ones Sun( basic identity) and Moon( deepest heart and emotions). The ASC is a not as deep a part of the person as is the sun or moon. The woman with Echo conjunct the ASC was thwarted from having her own identity by a Narcissistic mother, who humiliated the girl whenever she tried to form any kind of identity separate from the mother. The girl became an echo of other people, mirroring what she had done with her mother. People will repeat old traumas, as a matter of course. They do not want to. This “compulsion” is unconscious. Astrology helped this woman to see what was her “fate” and hopefully, change it. That is the power of astrology. It is like no other tool I have ever seen except the Bible and God, of course, which trump all things.

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