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Asteroid Numbers

Here are some asteroid numbers for your ease of use.

Greek Theme Asteroids:5731 Zeus
103 Hera
2101 Adonis
399 Persephone
46 Hestia
1108 Demeter
2 Pallas (also called Pallas Athene)
881 Athene
433 Eros
16 Psyche
1388 Aphrodite
1862 Apollo
3361 Orpheus
80 Sappho
201 Penelope
1943 Anteros
2101 Adonis
108 Hecuba
4450 Pan
74 Galatea
88 Thisbe
14871 Pyramus
875 Nymphe
499 Venusia
60 Echo
1036 Ganymede
3671 Dionysus
1809 Prometheus
258 Tyche
128 Nemesis
5 Astraea
19521 Chaos
638 Moira
273 Atropos
97 Klotho
120 Lachesis
57 Mnemosyne
600 Musa
22 Kalliope
84 Klio
18 Melpomene
27 Euterpe
62 Erato
81 Terpsichore
30 Urania
23 Thalia
33 Polyhymnia
14827 Hypnos
10 Hygeia
2878 Panacea
1027 Aescualpia
3063 Makhaon
4086 Podalerios
5261 Eureka
5450 Sokrates
5451 Plato
6123 Aristoteles
193 Ambrosia

Love, Sexual and Relationship Asteroids:

3 Juno (Roman)
103 Hera (Greek)
5731 Zeus (Greek)
399 Persephone (Greek)
26 Proserprina (Roman)
h57 Proserpina (Roman)
4 Vesta (Roman)
46 Hestia (Greek)
1 Ceres (Roman)
1108 Demeter (Greek)
2 Pallas (also called Pallas Athene)(Greek)
881 Athene (Greek)
433 Eros (Greek)
16 Psyche (Greek/Roman)
763 Cupido (Roman)
42 Isis (Egyptian)
1923 Osiris (Egyptian)
1170 Siva (Vedic)
4227 Kaali (Vedic)
2847 Parvati (Vedic)
1388 Aphrodite (Greek)
1862 Apollo (Greek)
80 Sappho (Greek)
201 Penelope (Greek)
1943 Anteros (Greek)
2101 Adonis (Greek/Babylonian)
108 Hecuba (Greek)
3361 Orpheus (Greek)
4450 Pan (Greek)
78 Diana (Roman)
5 Astraea (Greek)
10 Hygeia (Greek)
43 Ariadne (Greek)
875 Nymphe (Greek)
7328 Casanova
1036 Ganymede (Greek)
2063 Bacchus (Roman)
3671 Dionysus (Greek)
3989 Odin (Norse)
2155 Wodan (Norse)
77 Frigga (Norse)
76 Freia (Norse)
4484 Sif (Norse)
74 Galatea (Greek)
3497 Innanen (Sumerian)
7088 Ishtar (Babylonian)
672 Astarte (Assyrian)
88 Thisbe (Greek)
14871 Pyramus (Greek)
2832 Lada (Slavic)
1387 Kama (Vedic):
2060 Chiron
447 Valentine
1221 Amor
4386 Lust
3811 Karma
1585 Union
37452 Spirit
7558 Yurlov
499 Venusia
1487 Boda
4950 House
306 Unitas
868 Lova
73511 Lovas
61342 Lovejoy
6583 Destinn
Spiritual theme asteroids:


3811 Karma
12472 Samadhi (Vedic)
14827 Hypnos (Greek)
55555 DNA
1488 Aura
5239 Reiki
37452 Spirit
6583 Destinn
3561 Devine
1252 Celestia
11911 Angel
5264 Telephus
33154 Talent
490 Veritas (Roman)
9770 Discovery
5261 Eureka (Greek)
227 Philosophia
5450 Sokrates (Greek)
5451 Plato (Greek)
6123 Aristoteles (Greek)
8990 Compassion
8991 Magnanimity
8992 Solidarity
7899 Joya
7707 Yes
2878 Panacea
4955 Gold
5325 Silver
151 Abundantia (Roman)
19 Fortuna (Roman)
258 Tyche (Greek)
193 Ambrosia (Greek)
2815 Soma (Vedic)
25290 Vibhuti (Vedic)
390 Alma
2791 Paradise
1282 Utopia
9500 Camelot (Anglo Saxon)
2598 Merlin (Anglo Saxon)
9499 Excalibur (Anglo Saxon)
1198 Atlantis
279 Thule
1309 Hyperborea (Greek/Norse)
251 Sophia (Greek)
7 Iris (Greek)
167 Urda (Norse)
1130 Skuld (Norse)
1260 Walhalla (Norse)
638 Moira (Greek)
273 Atropos (Greek)
97 Klotho (Greek)
120 Lachesis (Greek)
3235 Melchior
52301 Qumran
634 Ute (Native American)
2938 Hopi (Native American)
8275 Inca

7 Iris
307 Nike
40 Harmonia
55 Pandora
43 Ariadne
79 Eurynome
105 Artemis
407 Arachne
52 Europa
212 Medea
34 Circe
100 Hekate
69230 Hermes
114 Kassandra
432 Pythia
4341 Poseidon
382 Dodona
342 Endymion
157 Dejanira
1009 Sirene
1309 Hyperborea

??(1221) Amor
?(11911) Angel
??(1388) Aphrodite
??(1862) Apollo
??(7328) Casanova
??(4580) Child

Vedic/Indian/Hindu/Tantric Theme Asteroids:


1170 Siva
4227 Kaali
2847 Parvati
20000 Varuna
2629 Rudra
2415 Ganesa
5863 Tara
4106 Nada
12472 Samadhi
2815 Soma
25290 Vibhuti
1387 Kama

?? (763) Cupido

Roman Theme Asteroids:


3 Juno
4 Vesta
1 Ceres
93 Minerva
26 Proserprina
h57 Proserpina
16 Psyche
763 Cupido
78 Diana
2063 Bacchus
19 Fortuna
151 Abundantia
490 Veritas
1930 Lucifer

???(6583) Destinn
???(3671) Dionysus
?? (433) Eros
?(42) Isis
??(4227) Kaali
??(1181) Lilith
??(4386) Lust
??(1923) Osiris
?? ?(16) Psyche
?? ?(80) Sappho
??? (447) Valentine

Valentine 447

Apollo 1862

Nessus 7066

Proserpina 26

Child 4580

Dejanira 157

Achilles 588

Actor 12238

Candy 3015

Champion 8732

Chaos 19521

Dejaneria 157

Echo 60

Wisdom 3402

Pandora 55

Medusa 149

Eris 136199

Hekate 100

Tantalus 2102

Kaali 4227

Child 4580

Quaoar 50,000

39 thoughts on “Asteroid Numbers

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are very welcome, Kenna. Thanks for reading. I have a new Forum. I would love you to register and talk about anything you would like. It is free, of course xx

  1. amiannAnya

    I`d like to thank you for your posts. I`ve had a chance to read them and I`ve found them very interesting and useful.
    Please, can you tell me something about asteroid Fortuna (19) located at almost the same degree as the fixed star Regulus (on MC) and what about Venus on ascendant in conjunction with the Cupido and Tyche asteroids (in natal chart).
    Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Anya
      Thank you for reading and being a part of my website. I do not know all the asteroids or Fixed stars. I would love your or anyone’s help to come on my Asteroid Forum and research some Asteroids or Fixed Stars in which you have an interest.
      I invite you to come and register. It is free, of course.

      I do not have experience with Fortuna or Regulus. I would love to learn, though!

      I do not have experience with Tyche, either.
      As far as Venus conj the ASC, you are very attractive. Cupido, there, may make you, somewhat of a player. You may act as if you care about men when you don’t. You may do this for your own ego or needs. Does this ring true?

  2. amiannAnya

    Well… about Cupido, or the “Look Of Love“ I just can say BINGO!
    One thing that makes me worry is Kaali (Kundalini energy) in conjunction with the natal Sun also near the ASC. Hope it`s not dangerous, as well as Nessus in conjunction with Eros and Juno.
    Thanks for the invitation dear, your posts are great!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok The natal. So, you have the Sun and Kaali near the ASC. How close are these to the ASC? Nessus conj Eros and Juno.How close? I have to have a tattoo on my chest” HOW CLOSE?” 😀

  3. amiannAnya

    In some synastry charts I`ve got my ASC, Uranus, Venus & Mars etc… in hard aspecs with the other one`s Nessus. I`ve been warrned about some serious danger of violence according my chart, mostly after Algolic DC (with the Moon) “revealed“ itself. Whatever…
    In any case, I`m trying my best to be as careful as it`s possible.

  4. amiannAnya

    Kaali/Sun about 1 degree orb in conjunction with the ASC also conjoined with the 29 degree Venus and Uranus. And if we also count the aspects between the Jupiter near Regulus on the MC in the tight conjunction with the NN (also on Regulus) and… Juno (29 degree Cancer) there might be something really out of ordinary methinks. Hm… Tatoo? What a great idea! ; )

  5. amiannAnya

    BTW I LOVE Tattoos and some ppl say, that there are some “Astral“ Tattoos or the marks on the native`s skin. Literally the “signatures“ of the fixed stars, or the signs of their activation.
    As I`ve heard the signs are valid in the Horary Astrology.

  6. amiannAnya

    I can`t say that I need some energy supply or something. Some even say that I`m more like the energo donor, nor the vampire. LOL But, to be more clear, I`m kinda curious about this Kaali “thing“ indeed. Hope it`s under control somehow, but I`ve really got some attacks of weakness (or the lazyness) in my early childhood. BTW some say that this is something extraordinary, it`s like to be destined to something great out in life with the Kaali/Sun/ASC, but I really have no idea about it.
    Anyway, thanks for your attantion.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, to break it down. Kaali is like an open energy vein or artery. It is one’ basic life energy. That is JUST what it is. It carries no judgement, no coloring, one way or another.. Now, what makes Kaali is what touches it. You have it conjunct the ASC. In another client with this placement, she LOST her vital energy to the environment. You have the Sun there, too, so that complicates it. Honestly, I would need you to tell me. Come and discuss it, in the Forum, if you want to discuss it. You can discuss it, here, too, if you would rather. Let me pick your brain. I learn from the people with the aspects, such as you.

      Let’s start with the Sun. Do you have lots of confidence, especially when people first meet you?

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Let me throw out a few thoughts. Kaali conj the ASC would give off it’s energy to others, as in “being drained” by the outside, in my experience of seeing it in charts. However, wehave the Sun in there, so it may go either way, now. With Kaali conjunct the Sun, YOU may have a lot of energy to give others. What do you think?

  7. amiannAnya

    Well, what I`ve got about Kaali is that this is the one of the most powerful energy sources connected to the Collective Unconscious (by Jung), as well as this is the pure mystical substance connected with the human DNA. Some kind of the so called “Philosopher`s Stone“ activated on the different levels via higer realms. Kaali manifests itself mostly when it touches the planets (or the angles) of the client transforming them into the extraordinary “Wild Cards“ and this process is partly (or fully) out of control. By some sources, this is the highest magical energy more like the Eloptic Black Light (of Sirius). Kaali is also considered as the premordial creator of the archetypes (mostly the female ones) of our reality (btw, Madame Blavatsky also mentioned this energy in “The Secret Doctrine“). This is the one of the most powerful forms of the Shakti energy.
    What`s my own experience? Hm… it`s not easy to describe. First of all, I`m used to be treated as the “uncommon“ one (fortunately not in some bad way ; ). “The Natural Leader“ this is the most common viewpoint about the ones with the active Kaali. But, to be honest, I`m not the one who loves to “act“ some leaderlike figure at all.
    BTW, Kaali as well as the fixed star Regulus is also connected to the Royal Bloolines and is considered as the most common signes of the so called “Blue Blood“ (the Royal DNA) mostly, with the RH- (recessive). This may be the one of the reasons why the others are expecting too much from the ones with the Natal charts of this kind.

    P.S. Kaali is more like the “Lips & Tongue“ of The Rolling Stones. ; )

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, to me, Kaali is the Kundalini energy, which is our basic life energy. What touches Kaali is “in our energy system” I studied acupuncture so the energy system is real, to me. Kundalini energy is our life force, energy wise. That is how I see Kaali.

  8. amiannAnya

    I`ve also mentioned above Kaali as the Kundalini energy, I just described the nature of it somehow.
    I have some really interesting position or linkage (by Magi) of kaali in synastry. My Kaali/Sun/ASC in the exact conjunction with the Kaali/Moon/MC of the another person (!) and… just imagine the conjunction of the asteroids Briede & Groom double whammy! I`m just curious what it`s all about. ; )

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, it is complicated. This kind of complicated aspect propels a person to really study Astrology. When I do a natal chart, it takes me 4-5 days. When I do a synastry, it make take me a week. That is how complex a chart is. I cannot give all the details in this venue, as I would have to start from the very beginning and work my way outward <3

  9. amiannAnya

    I was more than surprised when I`ve received the synastry chart from this person. It`s like he`s been saying “It`s written in the stars…“ The chart also including the great amounts of really shocking aspects (some of them are even double whammy!) as well as the loads of karmic aspects and the angle conjunctions (all angles are connected). The synastry chart with the Alma+Alma and the Valentine+Valentine conjunctions including the basic planetary/asteroid aspects etc…
    Anyway, thanks for your time and attention dear. <3

  10. amiannRosella

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you offer.
    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
    Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh Rosella
      Thank you so very much. I am honored and thanks for taking the time to write! I have a Forum if you want to come and put up your chart! There is no charge. Hope to see you there 😀

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  13. amiannMarissa

    Hey Ami. I tried using Magnanimity (8991) and it showed up as Solid on my synastry chart…

    The correct number for Magnanimity is 8992. 🙂

    By the way, I am really loving this list.You’ve greatly helped me by filtering out the most used asteroids. 😀

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Marissa
      ASteroids have to become like friends to me before I can use them. Then, as you use them, you see their twists and turns. There is little out there on them, so each Astrologer is an explorer. Let me know what you find. How and join my Fourm, if you would like. You can put your chart up in my Personal readings and ask any questions you would like.

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