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Asteroid Pholus

I have named Pholus the “Ape in the China Shop” Asteroid. Pholus explodes on the scene. He can explode with whatever emotion is bothering him. He emotes, with little sensitivity to his environment. After he explodes with emotion, he does not have a sense of the havoc he has wreaked. Then, he, usually, blames someone else. Pholus is not manipulative, as much as childlike. If he wants to emote, you can be sure he will: the devil may care.

A woman had a man’s Pholus conjunct her NN. Indeed, it was an explosive relationship. It was not violent, per se, but high drama.

One thought on “Asteroid Pholus

  1. AmiLu

    Hi Ammian!
    I have some doubts… If phollus explode what it touches, how would be if in a synastry, my phollus conjuct with the saturn of someone?
    But it’s no exactly a simple saturn, because In his birth chart, there are conjuctions in the MC, involving:
    MC/saturn in 7a
    MC / sun in 7s
    MC/kiron in 2a

    How would it play out if my phollus conjuct his saturn in 4a in a synastry?

    My phollus (aries, 2th)
    His saturn (aquarius, conjuct MC)

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