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Asteroid Picks–Echo

light cig girlI recently called an Echo pick on a person who is as clueless about herself as is……. I don’t know an analogy, but clueless. She got very angry, but I was right. There was Echo smack dab in the middle of her chart. She asked me to explain what Echo would mean to her. How could I explain self introspection to a clueless person? This is one of the things one has to deal with. Most people who study Astrology are willing to look at themselves, but you will find the few who are not. I do not argue.

How did I pick Echo for her? How do I pick Echo in people. Echo is a super codependent. If a person seems totally fixated on relationships as the panacea for everything, I will start to think there is a strong Echo. However, most people are codependent, so there is more. Echo will usually parrot the opinions of others but be very arrogant, at the same time. It is kind of an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.

The story of Echo is one of voicelessness. Echo’s story is quite easy to understand. Echo thought she needed Narcissus’ love to be an authentic person. Echo thought the key to HER sense of identity was the love of Narcissus. Narcissus was in love with himself. When we say this, we do not mean a healthy form of self love. We mean a one sided love that was a prison. People think the narcissist is happy but he is not. He cannot find himself in that pool of water. He is forever looking. That is his myth.

For now, we are looking at Echo. Echo cannot speak from her own heart. She can mirror, only. This is her prison and one from which she never escapes. Fortunately for us, we can escape. The person with a strong Echo must endeavor to find her voice, no matter the cost. I have Echo conjunct Saturn. Saturn makes obsessive what it touches. Hence, I am obsessed with finding my voice, as comes as no surprise to the people who read what I write.

13 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks–Echo

  1. amiannamiann Post author

    You know what, B? It does not go here. It was so pretty and I appreciated you offering it to me that I put it up, but it is not the right picture, so I will save it for Libra Venus or something 😀

  2. amiannMel

    Great article, I love learning about asteroids.
    Do you think the sign ruler or house is more important when it comes to this placement? I ask because I have Echo in Taurus in the 8th house. Time to find out what it means!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Mel! No, I don’t think the sign ruler or house is as important as an exact to 3 degree conjunction, with asteroids. Second to the exact conjunction would be 1-2 degrees in other aspects such as the square etc if Echo does not conjunct something personal in your chart, it is not an important asteroid for you. By personal, I mean the ASC, Sun, Moon,etc.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Shen dear
      I don’t work with POF so can’t really tell you. Why don’t you research POF and come back and tell me what you find and we can see what we can ascertain about your placements.

      1. amiannShen

        hi Ami, these from doing research
        “The Part of Fortune (Pars Fortuna) is a sensitive point in the horoscope of personal importance.

        Take a look at the Part of Fortune in each chart in your file. In the case of relatives or friends or business associates, I think that you will be surprised to find direct associations and, possibly, a new tool to use in Synastry. You will gain added respect for the Part of Fortune and the information that it reveals.”

        “If the Part of Fortune is in good condition, the relationship between the native and the physical and social world in which he or she lives is one that supports the native and enables the native to live well. If the Part of Fortune is in poor condition, the native has a harder time living in relationship with the world that supports the native.

        As a modern astrologer I would have to say that such indications do not mean poverty or bad health so much as they mean that the native will have to work harder or has a narrower range of possible routes to success.”

  3. amiannMimi

    I have echo conjunct my ascendant by 4-5 degrees in pisces. My ascendant is 16*03 degrees and echo is 20*50 degrees. I feel that it’s true because I can’t express my feelings in everyday life. Like for example, if I’m feeling bored, sad, happy excited etc, I can’t say that out loud. I feel kind of invisible. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for my social anxiety. And the thing about arrogance and inferiority at the same time, is also true. Sometimes I feel it’s good I don’t engage with other people because I’m too good for them or because my feelings/voice are supposed to be heard at a more higher level but then I also feel pathetic for being so invisible everyday.

  4. amiannadele

    If i have Echo in my 8th house conjunct my Maniac, Eros & Vesta…
    would this mean that i have trouble letting my sexual preferences/activities/strong urges be known or dealing with them is near enough impossible. This would be true for me. I’v alway had a huge sex drive and get of on intense stuff most people wont try. Plus i got Nymphe on my libra ASC and Lilith in scorpio…a boy once accused me of being a nympho once…but im not! :\

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