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Asteroid Picks–Sedna

Sedna can make one you cry, just by reading the myth. Sedna is an easy one to apply as her life is linear. This is unlike many of the myths which the character does so many things that the Astrologer must really struggle to make it practical. Sedna is a story of betrayal by men.

One can feel Sedna’s innocence, at the beginning of the story. Sedna lives with her father. He is not good to her and she wants to marry to get away. This is so like modern times. A wonderful looking man comes to court her. She accepts his marriage proposal and becomes his wife. He changes into a mean monster. She lives in a tiny cold hut that smells of fish. He treats her terribly and she tries to escape. She escapes back to her father’s home.However, her father is afraid of Sedna’s husband who has powers over the weather. Sedna’s father tries to escape by boat. Sedna swims up to the boat, begging for her father to take her aboard. Her father cuts off her fingers as they pry onto the sides of the boat. Sedna dies and falls to the bottom of the sea.

I make a Sedna Asteroid pick if someone talks about betrayal by men. In the case of the Sedna Asteroid, the betrayal would have to be a life theme, not a one time event. When I hear a story that mirrors the above, I will make an Asteroid pick for Sedna. I have always been right, so far.


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  1. amiannKanwal

    Ami <3

    A daughter of my family friend has this natally. She just came out of a bad marriage. Her parents are now looking for another match 🙁 Let's see what happens.

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