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Asteroid Picks–Algol

481987_306453709450358_1873654673_nAlgol is a Fixed star, not an asteroid. I have not picked it, per se. People have told me that they have it and I have tried to feel that person out.I don’t think one could feel out Algol conjunct anything but the ASC, Sun or Moon. In other cases, one may need to know the person quite well. I am referring to Algol conjunct Venus, Mars or Mercury, here. However, I think one could feel out Algol conjunct the ASC, Sun or Moon.

People who have Algol conjunct the ASC, Sun or Moon seem to have a propensity for evil.If they do not do evil things, they want to. They are drawn to evil and dark things as a moth is drawn to light. It is not their fault. It is the nature of their chart.

Recently, I talked to a young man with Algol conjunct the ASC. He thinks he is a sociopath. He says he does not have much conscience. He said that he has a really bad temper and when it gets going, he could really hurt someone before he could stop. He has done this.

If we could call something the Fixed Star for serial killers, it would be Algol. Fixed stars are powerful. Does a person have to be a serial killer if they have a prominent Algol? No, however, they will be drawn to the dark parts of life. They could do evil easier than someone without this. That would be my conclusion on the matter.

I wish I could add more of a practical nature. I don’t have more. I wish there was more information on the web, of a practical nature. I ask for your experiences, once again. That is how we all learn.




27 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks–Algol

  1. amiannMel

    There is a powerful business leader I know- well enough to know the exact time of his birth, but not enough to say that he is a friend or acquaintance.
    He has Algol conjunct his sun. Exact.

    I don’t have any personal experience with the guy. He’s a Taurus with Scorp Moon and Mars in Aries… I would imagine he could be ruthless about going after the things that he wants. And this is true, judging by what he has accomplished.
    Potentially at any cost though as Algol would suggest.

    Could Algol create illusions as to what is “evil” or “exploitative” ? I would imagine that being unburdened by such trivialities would aid in financial domination. Do they always know what they are doing or thinking?

  2. amiannDiana

    I have the sun one degree from Algol. Sorry, I don’t have even one evil bone inside me. Dishes may be flying when you push my buttons, but I wouldn’t hurt you. And I think that’s more to do with my mars square pluto. Friends have told me that they are amazed at how much suffering I can tolerate in order not to hurt anyone. I would not hesitate though to punish someone who did something evil, like hurting an innocent. I think Algol can only play out when there is other factors in the chart that support this tendency to evil. Then again I am drawn to “dark” and mysterious things when it comes to Art, Music, Interior, Clothes even people, but never evil πŸ˜‰

      1. amiannDiana

        Yes Ami, but definitely not to “evil”!!! In fact I strongly dislike anything evil. What draws me to the “dark” is the raw, primal, intense energy.

  3. amiannBlackSeraph

    Algol has this propensity to draw me in, period. In my natal chart Algol is conjunct asteroids but not fixed points or major planets, however I do have a few experiences with people/things that do. I also tend to use a 2 degree orb for Algol (only other stars I use more than 1 deg orb tend to be Scheat and the Behenian stars (the list escapes me atm though).

    As for asteroids:
    – 14917 Taco (24

      1. amiannBlackSeraph

        There indeed is a Taco asteroid! I was surprised when I saw it myself.

        Depending on the toppings, they can be. Especially with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese. Could partially explain the waistline hit. Salsa’s good with them too.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is interesting that you ask this, tmo. I asked the guy with Algol conjunct the ASC to send me a pic and he did. He looked really sexy in the way that vampires do lol

  4. amiannTiffany

    * Algol is conjunct my panacea and paine and is opposing my ascendant .
    I know panacea gives us the power to heal ourselves
    * Algol is also square: Hylonome which shows where you will make the ultimate sacrifice, who and what you will die for and Apollo representing (True leadership)
    * In synastry Algol is conjunct the other person’s sun.

    Hopefully these interpretations will help in the translation πŸ™‚

    Give me a description of both.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      * Algol is conjunct my panacea and paine and is opposing my ascendant .
      I know panacea gives us the power to heal ourselves

      You may struggle with feeling you want to do evil impulses but it is a struggle and a tug of war.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        * In synastry Algol is conjunct the other person’s sun.

        I would not want this. I would be afraid of abuse. I can’t really follow the others, Tiffany dear.

  5. amiannzakiahakakatie

    I just found out I have Algol conjunct Venus by four degrees. I am not evil, I hate evil and what it starts but I am human and I do have a dark side. It comes out when I lose my temper(I assure you, that doesn’t happen a lot) and I become scary. I could not live with myself if I murdered or hurt someone; but I wouldn’t have a problem seeing someone punished for a terrible crime such as murdering children and the like. I am quite protective of the people I love and will not hesitate to stand up for them; I can come across as a bit scary and intense when I do so. My mom once made a comment about me being a tiger and not being afraid to bare my teeth if I have to lol

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