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Asteroid Varuna

I apologize, in advance, for being a novice with this asteroid. I study the information out there, and do charts. Then, I try to hone down the asteroid to it’s core, so it is of use for the person. If not, why bother? Varuna seems as if it gives one charismatic leadership ability. The person can convince others to believe by the sheer force of his personality, bearing and charisma. I picture Martin Luther King when I picture Varuna.

6 thoughts on “Asteroid Varuna

  1. amiannnick

    TO be honest I am yet to fully discover its influence in my life, but people say eris is the god of discord it seems to me from reading different articles to have a mars/pluto attribute to it. I guess sometimes I think chaotically or write really mean chaotic vengeful things on FB. Im gonna have to do more research on it. there`s not a lot of info out there.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am the Eris picker in people. I can spot Eris a mile a way. I hate to be so honest but Eris is just what you say, a picking fights kind of thing. It is an irritating kind of energy. I think someone “Erised” ,e today on FB. I wrote my article and the person said i was gender biased. I wanted to slap him but I was nice. What is the best way to get rid of an enemy? Make him a friend 😀

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