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Asteroid Vesta

I seem to specialize in dark asteroids, so it is nice to do a light asteroid. Vesta fits the bill, as it is a wonderful asteroid. It gets it’s name from the Vestal Virgins who were receptacles for others, as odd as that sounds. Vesta holds what it touches, with devotion. The surrogate mother is a picture of Vesta. Her womb holds a child for a woman who cannot have one. Keep this in mind, and you will understand Vesta. In the charts, Vesta holds what it touches, with devotion, as I said. One must see what Vesta touches to see it’s role. I will tell a personal story, as it is how I learned about Vesta and it illustrates this asteroid. I do many, many charts for people on my Astrology Board. One member pointed out that I had Vesta conjunct Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 9th house. What this means, to those who are not well versed in astrology is that Vesta holds Uranus, which represents astrology, with devotion and an outward desire to give to others. Jupiter enlarges what it touches with joy and optimism. This conjunction is in the 9th house, which is the house of Astrology and all forms of higher thought.When you look at a chart, it is important to see what Vesta touches, as I said. In what it touches, you will give devotion with selflessness.

13 thoughts on “Asteroid Vesta

  1. amiannti**********@gm***.com" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">Astraea

    I’m really not sure. I was hoping you could tell me! Haha. I’ve seriously thought about PR work. As a child, I wanted to teach or be an artist. As a teen, an architect or fashion designer. As an adult, a child. 🙂

    But seriously, if I could get paid to daydream and be a housewife, that would be ideal. Only because there is so much to do at home with a husband and three kids. And I hate trying to play catch-up on chores. I need serene, clean environments to recuperate in after contact with the outside world.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, as far as your career, I would need to go back to the chart to look. Bump up your chart and ask me the question there. Copy and paste this and I will see what I can see. It may be later today or early tomorrow though, A!

  2. amiannadele

    in synastry…a double whammy of vesta conjunct descendant……does this mean taking sacrifices to be with each other?

  3. amiannLu

    I know the bad fame of pluto…
    If pluto conjunct my vesta, can it turns my vesta into something bad?
    Pluto conjunct my vesta (4s), also mercury (3s) and trine my AC (1s).
    My pluto in in my 8th house in libra and I know it is very powerful placement to him.
    Also my pluto conjunct mercury (8s) and jupiter (5a).

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