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Did you know that there are more than 2000 Asteroids. Some are common names. Many are names taken from mythology.

Did you know that Asteroids show your uniqueness even more than planets. I say this because everyone shares the same planets, but each person has unique asteroids.

You can sometimes find the asteroid with your own name or someone you love in a prominent place in the chart, down to the exact degree.

The chart has 360 degrees. When an asteroid hits a specific point, there would be one chance in a quarter of a million of this. When you multiply the number of asteroids in to the equation, you have one chance in many, many million that this could be by chance.

How wonderful if God knew the name of the man who was meant to be for you? How wonderful if God knew your name or your nickname.

This happened to me with a nickname, which was not common at all.

Can you see why I love Astrology so much?

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