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Be Radically Real

Want to bust depression? Want to bust boredom? Want to bust lethargy? Say what is on your mind.Say what is on your heart. Scream if you are angry.Cry if you are sad. Hugsomeone you want to love. Tell someone they mean the world to you. Shine out your unique star. You were not made like anyone else. Why strive to be the same?

5 thoughts on “Be Radically Real

  1. amiannmaria criselda

    yes..i agree that we were not made like anyone else..we are unique in our own ways.i know..wat we are going thru in lyf is GOD’S way of reminding us that HE is our saviour.that we are nothing without HIM.and everything is possible if we are with HIM..lets live our life according to his will…and we will never go wrong..lets love life

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