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Born Mentally Ill?

Is someone born mentally ill? What a topic? What a subject? Yet, it bears asking. Environmental factors are not enough to determine mental illness in every case. Sometimes it is. However, one must go to the charts to see the map of a person. Thankfully, God provided the charts. To me, only a God of Divine Love would have given us such a road map of ourselves. I will be shunned by 95% of the Christian community for my stance on Astrology but I don’t care. I know I am right.

Back to mental illness. I have a person in mind. She has an exact cazimi of the Sun conjunct Mercury. It is an exact conjunction. The cazimi allows for up to 5 degrees. The person I have in mind has it exact in the sign of Aquarius. What would an exact cazimi do? It makes one unable to get out of one’s own way. It produces a situation in which one is too close to oneself. Picture how it feels when you step back from a situation. The person with the cazimi cannot do that. Everything that happens to his ego happens to all of him.It is a sad state of affairs. The cazimi would be one predisposing factor, perhaps. However, if one was born with a strong disposition to mental illness, there would need to be a plethora of factors. One’s mind is Mercury. One’s Mercury will show the strengths of one’s mind. One’s Mercury will show the stresses to the mind. The astrologer must look with a fine toothed comb at Mercury. Neptune is the planet of deception and distortion.One must look at Neptune in the same way as one looks at Mercury. Uranus is the planet of “out of the box” creativity.Uranus can produce intellectual brilliance.It can, also, lead to mental or emotional instability. Uranus is the planet of electricity. Electricity was a great boost for mankind but it has the power to kill . Uranus is a wild card in the same way. A classic aspect for mental instability is Uranus square Mercury. The square is the most locked up aspect of all.It is a fixed energy It is very hard, if not impossible to extricate oneself from a square. The best one could do is build up other aspects so as to compensate. For example, one may build up one’s outlets for emotions such as having a good sense of humor. The opposition of Mercury and Uranus is easier as one may go from pole to pole in a kind of balance. The conjunction may be the hardest with two planets that have an inherent intensity. In the case of Mercury and Uranus, the conjunction is hard. However, it is an aspect of genius as well. Uranus conjunct Mercury is the planet of the mind melded to the planet of creative genius. It can go either way, it seems to me. Then, we come to the subject of Jupiter. Jupiter is conscience. If one were mentally ill with little conscience, what would one have? Someone who could hurt others with little to no feeling. What if we had mental illness aspects and a strong Jupiter.One may be mentally ill with a strong conscience. I think Jupiter is a tremendously important factor when looking at a chart in terms of conscience or lack of it. I believe people can be born mentally ill. I know it is a controversial stance. My heart goes out to anyone effected by mental illness in themselves or a loved one.



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