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There is a dearth of information on Chiron. I will take a stab at explaining Chiron from my personal reading and doing charts. Chiron’s myth is that of the wounded healer. Chiron,itself, never heals his own wound. Some Astrologer do not like painful myths and try to sanitize them. I don’t like to do this. I try to honor pain and angst, as it is part of life. If one is to live life in an honest way, one must be honest. As such, Chiron never heals his own pain, but his pain makes him a beacon of healing for others with the SAME pain. Chiron is more important by house than sign.It stays in signs for a long enough period of time that many people have Chiron in the same sign as with a generational planet such as Uranus , Neptune or Pluto. In these latter instances, the house becomes more important, as well.


Chiron is the wounded healer, as I said. It’s house placement shows the sphere of life in which we will have pain that does not heal. We, all, have a Chiron. In that way, we are, all, equal in having to deal with it. The sphere of life will be what differs. Chiron in the first house may have a wound which one must wear on one’s sleeve.One must go in to the outside world with a prominent wound. This placement seems to get bullied, more than naught. I have seen it so much that I ask the question, now. It is usually the case.Chiron will go though the twelve house causing pain in the area which the House rules. I will do a separate article on Chiron through the Houses.

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