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The Fixed Star Betelgeuse

SW belly buttonI have Betelgeuse conjunct my Gemini Sun at 28 degrees Gemini. Betelgeuse is like Aldebaran in that it can give you great honors but you can fall to disgrace if you do not exercise wisdom and integrity. Many fixed stars have this quality. Some Fixed Stars are pure gifts. Others are just bad. Many confer gifts but exact a price. That price is personal integrity. Betelgeuse is in the latter category.

Betelgeuse will make you a star. It will allow you to be a star, is a better way of saying it. It will give you qualities you can use to shine. You have to use them, as is the case for everything in the chart. One must use one’s potential. This may be one of the hardest things in life, feeling like we have¬† a lot to offer. One seems oneself too closely. One sees one’s flaws with a front row seat. However, if you have Betelgeuse in a prominent place, you can shine, if you try.

I have not really used Houses with Fixed Stars or Asteroids, simply because there are so many other things to consider that I put the House second. However, I have Belegeuse conjunct my 9th House Gemini Sun. The 9th House seems to be the one in which I express my inner self and where I am able to make an impact, so I think I need to add houses to the Fixed Star Mix. Let me know what you think if you have this Fixed Star. I wish I could write more but I need you to help me with your experiences, so we both can learn.




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