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The Fixed Star Aldebaran

A veil 2People are asking me about Fixed stars a lot, lately. I only write about things when I have had experience with them, either in my own chart or the charts of others. I have personal experience with Aldebaran because I have it conjunct my Venus at 9 Gemini.

One thing seems to be true about the Fixed stars, as well as many asteroids. It is hard to make them practical. If I research an asteroid and come upon a website that has gobblety goop about something, I feel frustrated. I feel angry. I don’t think people should write about things if they can’t make them clear. I think it is disrespectful to the reader.

With the Fixed Stars, it is not so much that it is confusing. It is more that they seem impractical. There are all sorts of allusions to violence, royalty, knife fights, drownings and death by a husband who finds you with a lover. It is hard to extract a practical meaning from them.

I have two Fixed Stars that are prominent. Hence, I have tried to see how they play out in my life. One is Aldebaran conjunct my Gemini Venus, exact. The other is Betalguese conjunct my Gemini Sun at 28 degrees Gemini, exact. I can feel out the Aldebaran better, so will write about that.

Aldebaran is a fixed star that could go either way. Some are all good. Some are all bad. Some are good IF one acts with integrity and wisdom. This is the nature of Aldebaran. Aldebaran promises honor, riches and prestige. However, if you do not act with integrity, you could have a commensurate fall.

One day, I woke up to the meaning of  Aldebaran.  I could have made a very dumb decision about love. My Aldebaran conjuncts Venus. That indicates that my fall may be in the arena of love. In fact, I would have fallen  if God had not intervened. The time lapse  allowed me to assess the situation. I am chilled to think of the trouble I could have brought to myself. This is one reason I do not judge people. There for the grace of God go I.

At any rate, I could see how I could have gotten the very worse that Aldebaran had to offer. One does not want Aldebaran on a bad day, if you will. One wants to stay on the good side of Aldebaran. He will reward you if you are good, but you will pay if you are bad. You will pay in the way of shameful public disgrace or even death.

I know John F Kennedy had it prominently. I can’t find where he had it. It may have been the Sun. I am not saying that Aldebaran was the reason he met such a tragic death. I am just saying that Aldebaran gives gifts and one must respect the power of them or they may  destroy you.

21 thoughts on “The Fixed Star Aldebaran

  1. amiannPingp

    WARNING: Have nothing to do with Ouija boards, table lifting, seances, fortune tellers, astrology, witchcraft; these things belong to the kingdom of darkness. The Bible says,

    “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness….” Ephesians 5:11

      1. amiannRachel

        This is the type of thing that keeps me from going to church even though I have Christian beliefs. How do you feel about the texts in the bible condemning astrology? I always had mixed feelings about it.
        Lovely post by the way! My fiance has aldebaran conjunct his sun. Here’s an article I enjoyed on the subject.. Hope you are well, Amie.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Thanks Rachel, dear! I don’t go to church because if I get hurt and screwed over, I don’t want it to be from Christians.

          I know that may sound bad but I have gone to church for many years and I find it to be fake. I am sure it is just people are people but I find it depressing. I have close friends who are Christians and they are my church. The Bible says a church is 2 or more people talking about God, so I believe that lol

          The Bible condemns witch craft. Astrology is a science of the energy of the universe. It is not spiritual, one way or another, as I see it, anyway. Thanks for the article, Rachel!

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I don’t do tarot. That seems like a tool of darkness to me. Astrology is a science. I see it that way. Most Christians disagree but I feel Astrology is a science and not spiritual in the manner that electricity is not spiritual. Anyway, that is my POV and many people disagree and that is kewl with me.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Yes, you said you knew me on LL and I did tarot. I don’t. Please, don’t imply I am a liar. I have one rule on here. People can say what they want but don’t insult people and that includes me, too. Anyway, care to move on 😀

          1. amiannJlea

            I know but don’tyou ever get sick of astrology and need a break once in a while? Astrology does get to its saturation point and its also disrespecful to uncover secrets when they were meant to be hidden. God has mentioned not to touch anything of these sort. You don’t need to eat so much from the tree of forbidden knowledge, but just enjoythe life that God bestowed upon you.

  2. amiannMarble

    What is the orb you would use with fixed stars? I’ve heard some people saying 1 degree is the maximum, and some use just half of that.. Aldebaran is conjunct my DC by 1°03′..

  3. amiannMarble

    Interesting.. Using stars from Astrodienst “additional objects”-list, I have within 1 degree MC/Spica and Mars/Regulus conjunction; within 2 degrees also DSC/Aldebaran, ASC/Antares, Sun/Betelgeuse, Moon/Castor, Mercury/Pollux/Procyon and MC/Arcturus -conjunctions. I have very little thoughts about fixed stars working in one’s chart though…

    Btw, yes, Kennedy had Aldebaran cj Sun. “With Sun: Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers and a violent death.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you about Kennedy. I am gonna add your comment as a footnote. Would you be willing to research Spica and Regulus for me. Try to make them practical and we can see how they work in your chart. We both can learn a lot that way!

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