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Easy Fixed Star Calculator

197746_518174651552391_350404448_nEveryone asks me about Asteroid Finders but I don’t have one yet. Here is a Fixed Star Finder. I hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Easy Fixed Star Calculator

  1. amiannLon Spector

    It’s extremely important to understand what Christianity is all about. Most people
    haven’t a clue.
    Many people see Christianity as one of the three “great” religions along with Judism and
    Islam. It is no such thing. Christianity is NOT a religion. Let me repeat: Christianity is NOT
    a religion! What is It then? Christianity is a PERSUADTION!
    People who subscribe to the Christian persuadtion are transformed beings, what the Bible
    calls “New creations in Jesus Christ.” How does this come about? By undergoing the
    “born again” experience. Can anyone undergo this experience. Theoretically. But it has to
    be understood that no one can create this state through their own faulty efforts.
    Man can strive to be good. And that is commendable. But it is NOT by human efforts that
    one is reedemed. It is only by the PERFECT works of Jesus Christ through GRACE.
    So what should one do? What attitude should one efface? One should be HUMBLE and
    REVERANT before God. You should assume the idenity of a student. You should be
    receptive and open to learning and never be closed minded. One should NEVER assume
    that learning ever ends.
    Unfortunately, this is NOT what most orginized religion tells you. From childhood on they
    inculcate you with their inflexable creeds through repetation and memorization. They
    “program” you with useless, dead pablem. The purpose is to create good warriors for the
    cause.. People who would be more then happy to kill anyone who proposes contrary viewpoints.
    Some “Christians” claim that this blog is of the Devil, simpally because of it’s title, and the
    advocasy of Astrology. What they fail to understand is that Astrology is mentioned in the
    Bible 1,000’s of times. Zodiac symbology is all over the Bible and can even be seen in the
    life of Christ. Jesus Christ was born on the Jewish new year (Sept. 11) 2 B.C. (Virgo) And
    He was born of a Virgin. He was opposed by the Devil (Scoripo). He was judged (Libra.)
    He was pierced (Sagerturious).
    The wisemen (Magi) that read the astrological signs heralding Christ’s birth were from Iran
    (Persia.) They weren’t following some supernova type star. The were plotting the couse of a
    conjunction between Jupiter (The “king” planet) and Regulas (The “king” star) It was this
    astrological symbolism that told them a King was to be born who would rule the world.
    King Herod had his own court astrologers and confirmed the information. That’s why he had
    all the male children killed up to the age of three.
    So, just continue the work that you do, and ignore the misinformed. They may hate and
    oppose you, but you know things they don’t!

  2. amiannNyx

    Ami, do you use whole house or placidus? I’m soooo confused by the two @w@ in one system I have my sun in the 6th in another it moves into the 7th. ALL of my planets move into another house. It’s razy! haha

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Nyx

      Well, I use the system that is default on I think it is Placidus. However, if a person does not feel his placements are right, he needs to find the system in which they are. This is not very hard to do if you know basic Astrology or can find someone who does. If you post your chart in my Personal Readings Forum, I will try to help you!

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