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Is Everyone Psychic?

I would say this question would be the same as “Is everyone musical?” The short answer is yes, but from there one needs to asses several factors. One factor would be one’s inherent sensitivity. Astrologically speaking, one would look at Neptune. One would also look at the ‘water content” in a chart. Water is sensitivity. Being psychic is being sensitive to the next dimension. Everyone has felt vibes about a person. Everyone has sensed that one person is creepy and another person is kind. These are psychic feelings, as they did not come from one of the five senses. However, people differ in how attuned they are, just as people differ in musical ability.

Putting all this aside, there are things you can do to become more psychic. It is the same as musical training. One must apply oneself. One thing that will allow you to make a HUGE leap in your psychic ability is to have OBEs( Out of Body experiences) People who have OBEs and NDEs greatly, greatly increase their psychic abilities. One cannot make oneself have an NDE, as it is a literal death. However, one can cultivate OBEs. I will say, straight out, that it is not easy for most people. One must have an unstoppable passion to stick with it. I was this way. I was going to stick with it until it happened and it did. It will, if you stick with it. I have an article on how to have an OBE. I will link it.

People who have NDEs report that electrical appliances act strangely around them. This is because the NDE changed their electromagnetic make-up. Quantum Psychics has made psychic phenomena explainable by current psychics. This is amazing and wonderful but those of us who have experience it do not need science to support it. We KNOW. One must take this journey and know for oneself. At any rate, I was discussing ways to become more psychic and I will continue.

One must learn to listen to that still, small voice within. One must discern what is oneself, one’s worries, mental imaginings etc and what is truly psychic. One will be able to discern this, if one sticks with it. It is a considered examination of one’s thoughts. It is stepping out and telling someone what you think and then being wrong, at times. When this happens, you think back on how that wrong feeling felt. You will learn to distinguish what is your monkey mind and what is true intuition. As in all things, nothing comes without putting oneself out there and seeing what happens. There is no success without failure.

I would say that the biggest factor to developing one’s psychic abilities, if one has the basic chart for it, would be the singular unstoppable desire. If one has a strong Neptune and a strong water component, one could do this. If one does not have a strong Neptune and strong water component, it would be much harder. Could it be done? I would say that in this case, one would need to develop OBEs as these heighten your energetic body to discern vibrations. All life is made up of vibrations. It is not airy fairy. It is modern Psychics.

I hope I have give you some insight into developing your psychic abilities. It is not the last word. It is just some of my ideas and experiences. As always, tell me what you think on my Comment Form!





12 thoughts on “Is Everyone Psychic?

  1. amiannJim

    Nice article ami 🙂 i read that the houses of respective water signs would be important as well , i noticed my chart is Waterish and the planets that i do not have in water signs are in Water houses.
    Right now im trying to have Obes but no success yet , im just questioning myself constaly (like you mentioned) if i am dreaming , if this is reality?” hope it happens in my dreams, as well im making a dream journal to write my dreams lol , hope i can have an obe one day,

  2. amiannGwyn

    Nice article and waiting for the how-to-OBE’s…
    Neptune Rising, Mercury in Cancer in 8th house. But mostly Earth planets, water, second most. I am trying to meditate to gain inner knowledge as some would say but I almost always fell asleep, so I guess I need more practice.
    If I see myself elevated from my body while on my way to sleep, is that OBE? I experienced this and before not lately but more than once, I will wake up from a dream and I can’t move my body and my eyes were closed but I can see my room.
    I have had some not ordinary experiences. When I was praying really hard about this issue I have and beg God, to talk to me, something happened and I got the answers to my questions…I know I pray hard for it, I beg God to talk to me and when it was given to me, I questioned it, is it really the truth? did it come from my angels or guides? I suddenly became skeptic like what if some naughty spirits is playing on me. Then I just remembered the feelings that I had while it was happening. I was happy, I was being cared for, then maybe it was my angels reminding me that they’re always there for me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have an article on How to Have OBEs. God can talk to you, as you describe. He is there every minute of the day. He wants to be close to you more than you do!!

  3. amianncatman90

    I have been interested in subjects like this but i have never had an obe before.I sometimes wonder if my abilities were damaged.When i was younger i suffered a concussion and a couple of years after it I suffered from Encephalitis.When i was going through an unstable part of my life i regrettably became interested in occult and psychic matters. No matter what i tried i couldn’t get any answers or any sort of feedback .Not from God,any guides or angels not even any evil spirits or anything like that.I sometimes wonder if God prevented me from being able to do things like have obe’s.I think its quite strange that i didn’t experience anything because im sure their might have been times that i was vunerable to otherworldy forces.My chart is made up of mostly earth.I do have Pluto in the 1st and Venus and Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th.Venus rules my 1st house and Jupiter rules my 3rd house.I also have Uranus and Neptune in the 3rd.Do you think its odd that i don’t seem to have any sort of pyschic sensitivity.

      1. amianncatman90

        I seem to think i can read people quite and situations quite well.I don’t think i have any psychic senses though.A lot of the time i get told by different people that i overthink and overanalyze things or that im parnoid.

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