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Is The Chart Fated?

Everyone wonders this. I never had the expertise to address it, before.I am not saying I am a master, as I am not. However, I have done enough charts to weigh in on the question, with my humble opinion . I think the easier way to explain what the charts are, is to say that they are the blueprint of a person . A house has a blueprint. It shows the various parts of the house such as the electrical system, the plumbing and the air conditioning and heating systems. A plumber or an electrician looks at the plans when there is a problem. The construction of the house is shown, also. So, in essence, we have a battery of medical diagnostic tests on the house, or a person, of course. The chart is unique in the content and depth to which it shows the layout of the person. It is breathtaking, as a matter of fact. It is awe inspiring. Each chart is it’s own treasure trove. The Astrologer is allowed to make a sacred journey with the client.

Down to specifics, though, and to my question of whether the chart is fated. I think there are some things which are a given in the person such as in a house. One house may be brick. Another may be stucco. One house may be French Provincial . Another may be modern. These analogies apply to the chart. Certain things are fated. One person may be gracious and charming in her outer mannerisms. One may be shy and retiring. One may be loud and raucous. In the sense of fated, one could say that the outer manner of the person is fated. When we talk about the outer appearance and mannerisms of a person, we are talking about the Ascendent. I have an article on the Ascendent. I talk about how each Ascendent looks and acts.

If we want to explore fate more, we can look to the various planets. One’s Sun Sign is the most identifiable part of a person. That is why the cliched, pick up line, “What is your Sign?” came to be. When one knows a little bit about Astrology, one can pick out Sun Signs. It is a fun endeavor to ask unsuspecting people their Sun Signs.It always makes for fun at any party. It always breaks the ice. The larger question remains as to HOW an Astrologer can guess an unknown person’s Sun Sign. Is the person fated to be like his Sun Sign. The answer is yes. The Sun Sign could be like the style of house. One house may be a humble ranch style. This may be a Taurus Sun.One may be a sleek, modern. This may be a Gemini Sun. One may be a haunted house. This may be a Scorpio Sun. Yes, one’s Sun Sign defines one, to a great extent.. Would you call that fated? I would.

Lets look at the Moon, in terms of being fated. One’s moon is the deepest, most interior part of oneself. For a man, very few people see his moon: his dog, his child and his lover. With woman, they tend to open their hearts, easier. Back to the Moon. A person’s Moon is very distinctive to that person. It may not be an outer layer as is the Ascendent and the Sun. However, when one gets to know a person, one gets to know his moon. Intimacy is moon touching moon. Falling in love is moon getting to know moon. Each Moon is very different and very distinctive. For the Astrologer, he/she can guess the Ascendent, Sun and Moon quite often. The Pisces Moon is very sensitive. He picks up vibes in any group of people in which he finds himself. He is a sensitive, gentle soul. The Aquarius Moon is much cooler: more aloof and detached,. He may respond with his intellect, rather than his feelings. The Capricorn Moon is the Machavellian Moon. He is the moon most likely to marry for money. He may plan logistics when it comes to love. The Cancer Moon is tender. The Cancer Moon could not be a very mean person or a bully, as this moon has a natural empathy which cannot be denied. A Scorpio Moon is called the “Monster in the Closet” Moon. He can simmer in his emotions as a pot of soup. His emotions may pull him under the water as in a literal whirlpool. He may seem to be at the mercy of them as his emotions are very deep and tend to go to dark places such as obsessions and dark passions. You can see that each moon is very different. Is this fated? I think it is.


We can look at each remaining planet in the same way. Venus is what we find beautiful. Gemini Venus loves words. Taurus Venus likes comfy home cooked meals and comfy chairs in which to curl up and watch TV. Leo Venus likes glam. Scorpio Venus likes black lace and some kink. Each Venus is very different in what it find to be both beautiful and erotic. Is it fated, again? Yes, I think it is. We can go on with Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. We can see the House placements in Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Chiron as the house placement is all important with these planets. I go back to the question of fate, which is our subject. I have not looked at aspects, which is the working for good or evil, between the planets. Evil is a loaded word. I do not mean evil, per se. I mean ease or difficulty. Difficulty can make for evil. I say that to err on the side of truth, not political correctness, as I abhor political correctness. I must add that one can choose evil, though.One can choose God. One can choose right or wrong. However, it will be harder or easier for a person, based on the chart: that person’s blueprint.


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