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Jupiter Retrograde

A pool

It is hard to get a feel for Jupiter Retrograde. One reason is, probably, because it is rather rare. I have talked to people with this placement, but yet still have a hard time making it concrete. I will write what I think and then I ask for your input, so we can learn together.

Jupiter is a complex planet and not understood as well as some of the others. To me, Jupiter is conscience. I am interested in empathy in the chart. This is because I grew up with a mother with little empathy. Hence, I have the burning desire to understand why.

I have studied the charts of sociopaths. I have friends who are sociopaths. Some people are born sociopaths. Some people are born with a tendency to be a sociopath, if severe enough abuse is added.Some people could never be a sociopath. I think I am in the latter group. It is not because I am better than anyone. It is because my chart does not allow for it.

A sociopath will have an afflicted Jupiter. An afflicted Jupiter is several hard aspects to Jupiter. In two of the charts of the sociopaths I know, Jupiter is in hard aspect to every planet but one. In one case, it is Neptune. In the other case, it is Uranus

I think this is a defining trait in the chart of a sociopath. If one’s Jupiter is not afflicted, I don’t think one would become a sociopath. Do I know this for a 100% fact? No, but it is my opinion from doing charts.

Jupiter is also a joy, fire and optimism for life. If one has Jupiter conjunct the ASC, one will have a joyful vibe. One will, usually, be charismatic and popular. Jupiter is a fairy godmother. It bestows blessings. It helps to mitigate struggles.

Let’s see if we can use the above to understand Jupiter Retrograde. The native may struggle with his joy for living. He may not feel an upbeat attitude toward life. He may tend to be dour.I would say that he would struggle to have a joy and optimism for life. However, at the end, he may find more optimism than other people who have not struggled.

In terms of conscience in the Jupiter Retrograde, I really don’t know. I really cannot ever speculate. I call on you for your insight.



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    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok, she has the opportunity to go into the water but she holds back. Jupiter Retro is about opportunities and timing. She seems to be holding back from the next step which is entering the water.

      1. amiannBiblea

        oic! I thought it was something in her expression. I think it’s kinda befitting well as jupiter is a good, faithful, foolish person full of joy. You overturn that and you get a dark jokeresque personality. I think her purple hair and sombre yet daring expression are quite befitting of jupiter gone wrong. However I wish the water wasn’t the focus here. Water is more of pisces I think. But you do have a point, Friend.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, Jupiter Retro would recycle Jupiter. It would not be a straight forward expression of Jupiter but I appreciate your input as you are one of the most creative people I know, B.

          1. amiannBiblea

            thanks A. I still have not got a feel of Jupe retro, I guess in this instance. You need to do a writeup A.

            Is Jupiter retrograde a sad person? cuz jupiter darkly is the opposite of spritely. Perhaps its gunna recycle soon and she will be happy again, therefore she has not yet drowned herself.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I didn’t want to ask too much of you, B. You do enough already with your great pictures, so I deleted it. B, Remember you were helping me with my Live chat. Well, what happened was that the chat is no longer offered by the company or something like that, so I may have to get Skype. They are working on it but if I show myself, you have to, too!

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            This is my live chat issue, B. People could come on without having Windows or anything. They could just come and talk. That got taken away and now people have to sign up for windows or my Forum to chat. I want to make it simple for people who are not on Windows or even FB. That is the challenge but I am not going to accept less. If people may money for a live chat, they don’t want to have to do a lot of other things. Some people are not computer literate like you and I :/

          4. amiannBiblea

            I think it’s compatible with iMac and the iphone too, A. Well if they don’t have windows, they could always do the old telephone thing.

          5. amiannamiann Post author

            Even for foreign countries? Does the other person have to have an IPhone, too? My desire is for ease of the other person.

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            Thanks B
            I admire you. You are your own person. I am striving to be. I am getting a lot of hate, lately. I feel very upset.

          7. amiannBiblea

            Thank you, A. Hate from who, btw? It all comes with the territory of being high profile, B. I think you are used to it already and know it shouldn’t bother you.

          8. amiannamiann Post author

            I had a way that I saw the world and it is all crumbling. I couldn’t sleep last night because all my old ideas seem to be falling down.

          9. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww B. I love talking to you and I mean it <3

            Well, everything has started to fall down like everything I thought was real or was taught was real. I will try to give examples

          10. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, my greatest desire is to just be who I am, to express myself as *I* am not how I am supposed to be.This will take me time to write. It is not easy to figure out what I want to say and I appreciate your time and care, so want to use it wisely.

          11. amiannBiblea

            ok, also, please let me know, how does your skin feel after using Avene thermal spray? I am sorry I told you it was O2 spray, the other time. I must have read wrongly. However, it is best used chilled.

            I saw an O2 spray the other day, from Sephora, but the branding did not sound too heard of so I was just wondering if it’s any good.

          12. amiannamiann Post author

            Thank you, B. I am going to take my time. It may take a while but I appreciate you hanging in there with me. I have a Christmas party tomorrow night so my mind is scattered but it means a lot to me that you are there!

          13. amiannamiann Post author

            It might take me a few days, B. It comes out little by little but I feel better now, so thank you. I am always here for you, too

          14. amiannBiblea

            you know, i’mma head down to sephora to get the too faced pouf brush, Ami, thank you for recommending me this brand. It is the best brush I have ever felt! And it’s also cruelty free.

          15. amiannamiann Post author

            I still have not watered. I have to tell you how to make an amazing potato. I just made them. Well, I use Padres olive oil. You soak oregano for 3 months and it is amazing but you can use regular olive oil. You cut the potatoes like slices in them but keep the potato shape. You drizzle olive oil and sea salt. Bake. They taste just like French Fries.

  1. amiannMelanie

    Ami, I used to obsessively read your blog a few months ago before taking a break, so I just found this entry.
    I might be able to help. [Exact deg/orb for your reference]

    I have (Jupiter 8Leo 25’21” Rx) with a (Moon 9Leo37’24”), (Circe 9Leo 13’56” Rx), and (Lucifer 9Leo 55’12” Rx). All in 10th house.
    My Sun is in a loose opposition to this Retrograde Jupiter (Sun 9 Aquarius 49’42”). Mercury (20 Cap 6’28”) & Saturn (29 Cap 7’14”) 4th house- again, “loosely” opposed. Uranus and Neptune are in the 3rd house…so I think those are safe from aspecting Jupiter.
    Also relevant: Nessus (15 Libra 43’33” Rx) in the 12th house is barely 1 deg. from my ASC and a Scorpionic Mars (2 Gemini 0’22”) in the 8th house (harmonious to Saturn, I might add).
    Also-also relevant: Alma (9 Aquarius 10’10”) and Poseidon (9 Aquarius 23’44”) conjunct Sun. Abundantia (14 Capricorn 53’16”) conjunct Neptune (15 Capricorn 12’10”)

    I would say that I “had a tendency to be a sociopath”
    That I was given the choice to become evil- I’ll explain

    I am a believer than any psychological affliction (Sociopathy included) is part Nature (natal chart) and part Nurture. My father was emotionally and verbally abusive. Neglectful, argumentative, and had little respect for appropriate boundaries when it came to his “favorite” daughter (ie. myself). As a child I was largely isolated, bullied, outcasted, and delayed in forming close peer relationships. I acted out, had trouble focusing (8th Mars FYI), and got in trouble for fighting a few times. I would internalize my anger and eventually began to explode on said “friends” during my high school years. I earned the name “Cold hearted B****” for it. I swung between wrath and depression for a few years before finally shutting down that emotional part of myself. Had I not learned to detach from my father and outlet my rage, I believe that I would not have been well-equipped to deal with the true Sociopath I eventually encountered. I could have played his game as well as him, but I didn’t. I was very close, something held me back, likely something in my chart. I could be cruel and manipulative, but it wasn’t as satisfying. I eventually moved on, suffered more than a few humbling shocks, and found a nice bunch of Water and Earth friends. No more interest in that business!

    When is comes to my Jupiter Retrograde, I have absolutely no idea where I want to go in life, or what I want to do. This could be characteristic of someone lacking in empathy. They just jump from cheap thrill to cheap thrill in order to elicit some feeling of emotion. (More importantly, emotionally grandiose people live more fulfilling lives.) There is something of a lack of fulfillment here. Jack of all trades, master of none. I know what I like, I know myself well, I just can’t put my finger on it. Jupiter in 10th house of career opposes my 4th house of family. I *know* I will likely end up working for myself. I will self-employ in the mystical or occult arts. And my family will never accept it. I have 6 years until my first Saturn return. So there is much soul searching to be done until then. I have a true appreciation for my pain and abuse, having finally come out of it. It has made me a fierce protector and fiery leader. Although depression and motivation are a constant struggle for this lazy Leo.

    I knew a Scorpio woman, Libra moon and Leo rising. She is also 4 years older than me- 2 years away from her Saturn return. She has Jupiter in Pisces Rx in the 9th house and is currently trudging along through nursing school. And you can kind of tell that her heart really isn’t in it. The problem is, she doesn’t know that yet. And so she marches on.

    I knew a Taurus man, Moon in Pisces and Virgo rising. His Jupiter in Sagittarius Rx fell in the 4th house. He had 5 major planets Retrograde total. When I met him he was 29. He knew what he was good at occupationally. He thought he knew what he wanted in life. He was good about getting what he wanted. Sun, mercury and mars all fell in Taurus. Eventually going after what he “wanted” (in his case, cheap thrills, to distract from a larger problem) ended with him falling flat on his face and forced to rebuild and reconsider.

    I knew a Pisces guy, Moon in Scorpio with Libra rising. His Jupiter retrograde fell in Leo, 10th house. He was very good at the natural sciences and had a philosophers mind. There was a lot of darkness in him though. His mother died young. Much grief and bitterness from his parents. He needed to explore, there was something he was looking for that university structure couldn’t give him. So this past year he dropped out of college (1 year prior to finishing) and has determined that he will go on a walk about. Something only another Jupiter retrograde can appreciate and understand the necessity of.

    I knew a Capricorn woman, Moon in Capricorn & Gemini rising. Her retrograde Jupiter is also in Leo, but 3rd house. She has a heavy 8th house stellium, with Sun, Moon, Neptune and Uranus all present. Her pain of Patriarch rejection began early and has remained “deflowered” ever since this early slight. She does not trust easily, lest of all, herself. And she has those angry predatory eyes when confronted. Thank the 8th house for that. She associated her self worth with what she does. For a time it was the military, and then it was immersing herself back into college. She’s still looking for something though and not quite sure what it is, or what book to find it in.

    I think with Jupiter’s association to higher knowledge, the inconsistent Piscean need for soul’s purpose, and the Sagittarian restless urge to explore and expand, Jupiter retrograde gives you a restless spirit that is difficult to pin down and understand. And the individual will eventually have to figure it out for themselves.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I just read this, Melanie. I am honored that such a brilliant and insightful woman as you was addicted to my blog. It really touches me deeply. Thank you so much for sharing and being so open about your life. I would love to discuss your chart more with you, if you would like. I have a Forum where people can put up their charts. For me, seeing the visual helps me to give insights to people. If you don’t care to do that, you have told me quite a bit about your chart. You have some very soulful asteroids conj your Sun like Alma( soul in Spanish) and Poiseden( deep, psychic kind of insight) These are prolly the kind of things that kept you from being a sociopath. What a life you have had but you seem to be owning it and that is very brave and strong of you! I am honored that you are a reader of my website. Melanie dear! xxx

      1. amiannMelanie

        Ami, I registered and posted my chart today in the Readings section. I’ll post again in there with my prominent asteroids 🙂
        Thank you for the kind words!

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